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Project Medical

New Delhi, Delhi, India
December 30, 2018

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Seeking assignments in Software Development with an organization of repute


Around 9+ years’ experience in Software Engineering and Development in the IT sector which includes 5 year of Experience in Salesforce technology.

1.5 year of Onsite experience with nPower Client at United Kingdom.

Currently working as a Technical Lead with Wipro Technologies.

An energetic, self motivated Team Member with experience in programming skills, requirements gathering, application integration and customization and project management.

SKILL SET Technologies(Cloud Technology): Apex, Triggers, Visual force, SOQL, Batch Apex, sites implementation, Workflows rules, Validations rules, Customer Portal, Profile, Roles, Security Settings, Reports, Dashboard, Approval Process, Data loader, Eclipse, Packaging and CRM Customizations and Configurations, Communities, Sites, Visual Work Flow.

Salesforce Lightning (Mobile): Lightning components, Locker Services, Lightning App, Lightning connect, Lightning process builder, Lightning communities.

Salesforce Certification: ADM 201, DEV 401, App Builder, Platform Developer 1, Service cloud consultant, Salesforce Application Architect.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1.Interaction with team member on daily basis and resolve their issues and queries.

2.Worked on both Agile and Waterfall model methodologies.

3.Direct interaction with Stakeholder in order to get the clarification and build the technical and functional design and finalized the approach to avoid the minimal changes during Sprint demo.

4.Work on Functional and Technical design document and kept them updated on regular basis on the basis of any new change or changes in existing functionality.

5.Participate on Sprint retrospective session and discuss on any existing development process that needs to improve.

6.Appraise team member based on their performance on current Sprint level.

7.Direct Interaction with third party in case of their project rely on our implementation and set up the project strategy and timeliness.

8.Create project plan so that product could be delivered in timely manner and have clear view of day to day task that needs to be completed by resources in order to deliver the product.

9.Set up resource management plan so that risk could be mitigate and client should be aware about resources and backup or any shadow resources.

10.Set up risk management plan in case of any unforeseen challenges during product development or any dependency.

11.Help resources who are part of development team regarding their training that are required in current project scenario before kickoff and Help team in case of any functional or technical challenges they are facing during development life cycle.

12.Send the monthly billing sheet to Senior Manager on the basis resource availability for T&M based project.

Programming and Scripting Languages: Apex, Visual force

Tools: Eclipse, Data Loader, SFexplorer

Professional Experience

From November-2017 to till date Echo Managed Service, Noida as Salesforce Consultant

From April-2013 to November-2017 Wipro Technology, Noida as Salesforce Consultant

From April-2010 to April-2013 with Birlasoft (India) Pvt. Ltd., Noida as Software Engg.

From Feb’08- April’10 with CDAC-INDIA, Chandigarh as Project Associate.


Project Title: Atlas

Role: Salesforce Consultant

Organization: Echo Managed Service

Team Size: 12

Technology:,, Eclipse IDE, Apex, Visual Force, Lightning Component, Git, Clayton,AWS,Heroku


Aptumo built natively as a Salesforce AppExchange product for utility Industry as a CRM solution and Provide billing functionality using Billing engine built on Heroku platform. Aptumo, a highly configurable, regulatory compliant and future-proofed billing solution, provides the tech platform for utilities to re-establish positive relationships with their customers, dramatically improving the experience of billing, with services that can be personalized to consumer needs. Aptumo can be deployed as a standalone billing system, or easily integrated with the client’s choice of CRM package.


Analysis of the product requirement and planning.

Provide support in the design preparations of Functional Design Documents and Technical Design Documents.

Adaptation and development of Lightning framework and Trigger framework.

Development of product modules.

Self-Review and Peer review of the Developed Code.

Review code for AppExchange Security Review.

Version control using Git.

Project Title: RWE Npower Ltd.

Role: Technical Lead

Client: Npower (U.K)

Organization: Wipro Technologies.

Team Size: 6

Technology:,, Eclipse IDE, Apex, Visual Force


Smart Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP) is a national programme to roll out Smart Meters across Great Britain. Npower is an active player within the SMIP. Npower, has embarked on a series of activities to ensure that they meet specific licensing conditions to operate with the DCC, by October 2016. The Smart Programme was started early 2011 with the identification of scope items that were necessary to meet these conditions. Subsequently in February 2014 there was a prioritisation event which was used to map those scope items to specific releases - R3, R4 and R5.The High Level Design phase kicked off with a series of end to end journey and level 3 business process workshops where requirements and open issues were identified and documented in the Business Process Steps (BPS).The Detailed Design phase is kicked off with a series of end to end journey and level 4 and 5 business process workshops where the detailed requirements and open issues were identified and document in the Business Process Steps (BPS).

What are your specific job responsibilities in the project *

Analysis of the project requirement and planning.

Understand customer requirements and translate it into appropriate working solution.

Provide support in the design preparations of Functional Design Documents and Technical Design Documents.

Development and coding of reports and Dashboards.

Self-Review and Peer review of the Developed Code.

Prepare the Release Notes, Deployment notes and Execution Guide.

Unit testing of the Code, Component Integration Testing, system Testing, performance testing and User Acceptance Testing.

Support code migration and Go live of the Project.

Support the Business Admin/BAU team specific to Oracle Form related issues by (providing clarifications to their Queries, Help them in Issue Resolutions) during the Project Hyper-care after the Production Go-live.

Defect tracking and bug fixing in all testing cycles of the Project.

Review of Business Requirement Documents, Use Cases and Test Cases for different Testing Cases.

Assist the project manager in preparing quality documents.

Provide Technical and Functional Consultancy to the other Team Members.

Review with client and define the functional specifications of the application.

Project Title : Varian Medical System Community.

Role: Salesforce developer

Clien: Varian Medical System.

Organization: Wipro Technologies.

Team Size : 3

Technology :,, Eclipse IDE, Apex, Visual Force


Working on community/customer portal of varian medical system. Community can be accessed by Varian internal user and external user as well as guest user.We are using Partner community login licence and create the user as a partner user.This community has lots of functionality like user can access only its own doc where he has access using content version and public groups assignment of user. This community uses the lots of custom pages. Entire community is based on apex and vf pages. Here user can download and upload the doc. We are using federated authentication mechanism to interact with okta where okta sends the SAML information that we use in order to create the community user login credentials.

Some basic feature of community is:

1.Federated authentication for SSO implementation.

2.Download and upload the images in Community.

3.Sends the daily/weekely mails to Customers for any update in community.

4.User can easily register with community.

Project Title : MSSB Recruitment

Role : Salesforce Developer

Client : Morgan Stanley

Organization : Birlasoft India Pvt Ltd.

Team Size : 5

Technologies :,, Eclipse IDE, Apex, Visual Force


Morgan Stanley and its people have helped redefine the meaning of financial services. The firm has continually broken new ground in advising our clients on strategic transactions, in pioneering the global expansion of finance and capital markets, and in providing new opportunities for individual and institutional investors.

The MSSB Recruiting team wishes to migrate the Bonus data to Salesforce and automate the calculation of Bonus records for new Recruits inside Salesforce. Bonus amounts can be based on an FA’s individual contribution or on a group of FA’s contributions.


Ø Creation of Visual Force page and Apex classes.

Ø Created Test Classes for Apex Classes.

Ø Deployment on Production.

Project Title : Hinus Data Systems Sales Force.Com (HDS SFDC)

Role : Consultant

Client : Hinus Data Systems

Organization : Birlasoft India Pvt. Ltd.

Team Size : 8

Technologies :,, Eclipse IDE, Apex, Visual Force


Develop Marketing & Sales application in for HDS. The system should be able to manage Campaigns for HDS. These campaigns are controlled and monitored to record prospects which are routed to Sales Representatives of HDS as leads. The conversion of leads to opportunities is monitored and controlled for new accounts/contacts as well as existing ones. This process uses configuration and customization through Apex coding, S-Controls, Workflows and Validation rules


ØInvolved in Code development process, created the required objects and extensively used the standard objects.

ØImporting Data through Import Wizard, Apex DataLoader and Integration.

Ø Developing Apex classes.

Ø Creating VisualForce pages to develop UI as per client’s requirement.

ØCustomizing the Objects, Fields and Page layouts based on Client requirements.

ØDesigning workflows, approval processes.

Ø Generating reports and Dashboards according to the client requirements


Project Details

Project Name ICE

Client: GE Commercial Finance DANBURRY(CT) USA

Team Size: 9

Company Birlasoft Ltd


It is a credit decision engine which does the auto decision of deals. It interacts with multiple parallel systems like Siebel and mainframe for data and does the decision on the bases of the data and the Business logic. After decision it updates the parallel system also. This software is been used by multiple process in GE Commercial Finance. This is multi tier application deployed on multiple citrix server for user accessibility. The front End is VB .Net Win form based interface and the Business and database layer is in .Net Com+ interface and deployed on COM+ Servers which further interact with database on SQL Server. Besides this multiple batch jobs scheduled which calls DTS packages which intern execute various data feeds and update weekly month and daily. This is one of the major applications that we have in GE commercial finance and total 10 people are supporting and enhancing this app. Our job is to build the changes in the current system as per client requirement.


Requirement Specification Analysis.

Creating Technical Specifications.


Creating CMDOC and deployment

Environment: VB.NET, SQL Server


Client : TMP Worldwide


TMP Worldwide is the industry leader in leveraging search engines (and other pay-per-click destinations) for sourcing and employer brand purposes. Our teams of dedicated professionals have been working in the world of search since the beginning and have installed best practices from the consumer world into the recruitment landscape. Core Features includes:

• Professional, creative design based on your company brand

• Daily refresh of all open requisitions

• Summary web pages created for specific job groups (Example: all Cincinnati jobs or all RN jobs)

• Additional content areas for descriptions of your organization, work environment, benefits, etc Customized and easy generation of reports

• Memorable search engine friendly URLs for individual pages that can be used as destination pages

• Candidate HQ to manage email sign-ups for job alerts or other information


• Working on BERT and Client Communication

• Implement the business logic

• Involved in debugging and troubleshooting

• Service Support and Testing

Environment: .net3.5 and SQL Server 2005.


Title : Beta-Esanjeevani

Role : Application Developer

Technologies used : ASP.NET 3.5, C# 2005, AJAX,SQL CE,.Net CE Framework

Version Tool : Source Gear Vault

Website :

Client : PGIMER, Chandigarh

About Project: This Project is based on Health and Informatics Domain. That allows healthcare professionals to perform live and interactive medical examinations on patients in remote locations. This project contains several modules related to Dependent Doctors, Patients, and Independent Doctors Information etc.

Its feature includes Electronic Patient Record (EPR), Clinical Reports, Storage of Medical Images (MRI, X-Ray, and CT-Scan), and Real-time Doctor to Doctor Consultation and Patient to Doctor Consultation.

Image enhancer facility available for medical images like MRI, CT-Scan, X-Ray etc.

It makes use of advance security features like https security protocol, preventing SQL injections, forms and role based authentication etc.

Facility for generation of various medical reports is provided by making use of SQL Server2005 Reporting Services.

Facility for Generation of Reports in Mobile using SQL CE


Worked as a Product Developer for the offshore client.

Interaction with the offshore client.

Analyze Clients Requirements and propose feasible solutions.

Design, Coding, Code Reviews.



Client : PGIMER, Chandigarh

Role : Team Member

Technologies used : ASP.NET2.0, C#, Ajax’s, Server 2005, SSRS

Website :

About Project:

E-Sanjeevani is the next step in the evolution of Telehealth that allows healthcare professionals to perform live and interactive medical examinations on patients in remote locations.

eSanjeevani is a web based 3-tier architecture application being built on Microsoft.Net Platform using C# Language, Microsoft Sql Server 2000 as database and Sql Server 2005 for designing Reports.

Its feature includes Electronic Patient Record (EPR), Clinical Reports, Storage of Medical Images (MRI, X-Ray, and CT-Scan), and Real-time Doctor to Doctor Consultation and Patient to Doctor Consultation.

Image enhancer facility available for medical images like MRI, CT-Scan, X-Ray etc.

It makes use of advance security features like https security protocol, preventing SQL injections, forms and role based authentication etc.

Facility for generation of various medical reports is provided by making use of SQL Server2005 Reporting Services.


Development and testing of the Various Modules

Development of the interfaces to provide communication between the modules.

Taking the responsibility of adding features and fixing the defects in the base code.

Helping other members of the team understanding the module and providing complete technical guidance for the same.


Title : Health Care Management

Organization : CDAC, Mohali (Ministry Of I.T And Comm.)

Team Size : 6

Role : Team Member

Development Tools : ASP.NET using C# with Ajax1.0 Database : MS SQL Server 2005

Description: SD Health Management is a web based application following 3 tier architecture, developed using 2.0, C# and Ajax1.0 technology, is platform independent and can be accessed by any client satisfying the authentication constraint. The Various modules include subscriber, agent, consultant, administrator, Up loader etc.

Module: Subscriber -Subscriber can register with the application, Upload the data with the help of up loader and can view and consult to the doctor at their own end.


Title : Online Image Enhancer

Role : Project Associate

Organization : CDAC, Mohali (Ministry Of I.T and Comm.)

Technologies used : ASP.NET 2.0,C# 2005,Sql Server 2005,JavaScript

Scope : The scope of the project is to develop the interface for the

User which includes

1.Write any thing on the images.

2.Can do drawing on images.

3.Includes Blurring and sharpness of images.

4.Includes grayscale of images.

5.Includes negative of an image.

6.Includes file information.

7.Online zoom in /zoom out of images

8.Online image cropping.


Title : Sehaj-Ehealth care system

Organization : CDAC, Mohali (Ministry Of I.T and Comm.)

Client : Wipro Technology

Role : Team Member

Technologies used : ASP.NET, C#, Sql Server 2005

Scope : The scope of the project is based on rural health care. This Project contains the several modules like cardiology, pathology, oncology, patient-doctor consultation, patient to patient consultation.


Title : Online Placement System.

Organization : Lovely InfoTech.

Client : Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar

Role : Team Member

Technologies used : ASP.NET, C#, Sql Server 2005


Master of Computer Application (M.C.A) with 75% From Punjabi University, Patiala

Passed with 64% from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar

Passed Senior Secondary School exams from Punjab School Education Board 59%

Passed High School Exams From Punjab School Education Board 58%.

Industrial Training

TITLE: Online Shopping

MOTIVES: TO Achieve online shopping

BRIEF INTRODUCTION: This project is used to achieve online shopping by selecting the items from the cart .The cart may be of different category. So the user will select the particular item according to his requirement and pay for the item through PayPal and others tools etc.

Personal Details

Correspondence Address : E-91, Sec-52,Noida(U.P).

Permanent Address : H.NO 70, Street no. 6, Ferozepur Cantt, India

Date of Birth : 25th May 1984.

Marital Status : Married

Sex : Male

Passport No. : H6772952

Declaration: I hereby solemnly declare that the details furnished in this resume are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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