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Engineer Electrical Engineering

Claremont, CA
September 11, 2018

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James Yiu

**** ********* ***

Pomona, CA *****

626-***-**** (M)

Purpose: An Engineer with Electronic Warfare, Hardware/Software Integration experience looking for new job opportunity.


Jan 2017 – Present Jariet Technologies, Redondo Beach, CA

Sr. 5G Software Defined Radio, HW/SW Integration Engineer

Involved in development of Digital Millimeterwave Serdes Chip of ultra high speed,consisting of time interleaved ADC, millimeter wave Sample Clock synthesizer, Digital Downconverter, Capture Memory and Channelizer

Developed software based test platform to debug and differentiate software and hardware issue

Participated in system bring-up, hardware/software system integration and debug/troubleshoot

Created algorithm for hardware tuning, data processing and error correction

Compiled test cases using software to perform data mining against specification

Delivered scripts for Software Engineer to integrate into API for market release

Designed evaluation board to implement off chip deembedding, power sequencing, testability, SPI communication

Reviewed the software driven calibration algorithm to optimize the ADC performance

Sept 2016 – Jan2017 Broadcom Limited, Irvine, CA

Staff Engineer, RFDVT/IC Design

Involved in 60GHz, 4-channel FEM for the 802.11ad standard

Created Python scripts to perform automated testing/characterization/data processing

Completed software and hardware integration, troubleshoot and debug

Synchronized the register setting to the test program based on simulation and optimized it based on test data

Optimized the chip under operating in loopback mode

Performed HFSS modeling and simulations for singled ended and differential signal traces for eval board design

Brought up evaluation board and integrated it to test software/firmware

Performed budget analysis and created test bench for the Rx chain using Matlab RF toolbox

Nov 2015 – Sept 2016 Quinstar Technologies, Torrance, CA

Senior Millimeter Wave DVT Engineer

Designed the circuit, bench tested set-up and test procedures for Q band power detector and tuned to optimize performance

Created Python/Labview script with UI to automate characterization, design verification and production testing

Conducted a survival test for Ka band transceiver on the Rx chain to validate the protection capability against high power pulses

Designed and validated a 2W, W-band, 4-way Tx HPA driver to optimize biasing, dimension, gain, output power, return loss and IP3

Performed PCB design, MMIC selection and BOM generation for V/W band transceiver module for Airborne system

Performed failure analysis and troubleshooting for non-functioning modules

Performed HFSS modeling and simulation for bond wire in MCM package to tune performance

Oct 2014 – Oct 2015 Tubis Technology, Pasadena, CA

RF DVT Engineer

Developed high-power and precision RF measurement techniques, procedures and bench set-ups for testing key components in Ka Band phased array antenna

Verified functionality and RF performance for RFICs on wafer, flip-chip on board, wire bond packages and at system level

Performed wafer-level characterization for key subsystem components such as multi-stage power amplifier, buffer amplifier, variable gain amplifier and switches to identify critical performance metrics and correlate to model and simulations

Developed the test platform for a 3-stage GaAs LNA using PNA-X, achieving 23dB gain and 1.8dB noise figure in band

Validated the line and load regulation of CMOS regulator and supported integration with GaAs LNA

Validated the performance of digital controlled phase shifter and analyzed the phase error, insertion loss variation of 16-bit states

Reviewed and analyzed Tx/Rx antenna PCB layout to eliminate error and optimize performance

Developed and updated LabVIEW code to automate step angular rotation for antenna testing and data collection

Debugged and verified the read/write functionality of register in LTCC antenna-PCB module, using TI microcontroller

Jan 2011 – Oct 2014 Abracon Corporation, Irvine, CA

RF Applications Engineer

Maintained company portfolio including product datasheets and application notes to make sure customers received accurate component specification for their design

Successfully maintained and supported RF/microwave products

Organized, supported and followed-up on manufacturer PCNs, and conducted failure analysis and process product end-of-life activities

Created a cross reference of existing products with major competitor’s offer

Supported lab measurement and simulation results per customer’s request, such as s2p files, radiation patterns, group delay, VSWR and gain

Trained a FAE and provided support at trade show

Oct 2007 – July 2010 Broadcom, Irvine, CA

Staff II RF Product Engineer

Drove multimedia processor chip from development phase to production and monitor production yield through life cycle

Completed product ATE characterization and qualification before production release, analyzed data using data conductor to ensure decent CPK and test margin; edited test limits according to characterization result

Completed diagnosis on customer returns within 48 hours and worked to reduce product defect rate; provided feedback to customers if defect is discovered

Performed ATE-bench correlation to ensure adequate test coverage for customer samples

Transferred production ATE program and load board to offshore vendor for volume production; interfaced with vendor for program checkout and correlation to ensure correct hardware set-up prior to production

Identified the testing or design factors limiting product yield and reliability; follow-up on corrective action to fix them prior to production

Correlated performance to process parameters to determine the product process window, interfaced with foundry to constraint production wafers within process window for manufacturability


MS, Electrical Engineering, University of Irvine, Irvine, CA, 2007

oSpecialization: RF/Microwave Circuit

BS, Electrical Engineering, University of Irvine, Irvine, CA, 2005


Design/Simulation Software: Cadence Allegro, Altium Designer 17, ADS 2016, HFSS17.0, Matlab2017

Python Code Pattern: Singleton, Prototype, Factory, Adaptor, Decorator, Façade, Proxy, Command, Interpreter, Iterator

Programming: Python (including packages such as Matplotlib, Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, PyQt, Tensowflow, Scikitlearn), Java, C/C++, XML

IDE: PyCharm, IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, IPython, Notepad++, CLion

Deep Learning: Models such as Logistic Regression, KNN, NN, CNN, SVM

Test Interface: TCPIP, GPIB, RS-232

Communication Protocols: JTAG, SPI

Test Equipment: PMU, Signal generator with low phase noises, high speed digital oscilloscope, curve tracer, RF probe station, Keysight PNA-X, RF power meter, Signal Source Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, programmable attenuator, and PID based temperature controller

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