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Hyderabad, Telangana, India
September 06, 2018

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Lalita K

Email: Phone no: +91-888*******


Work with commitment and passion in an organization focused on excellence and gain experience while working with the best talents in the domain.


Hands on Experience of total 3.2 years and have been involved in UI, and Angular Projects, which comprises my engagement in Web Development.

Having good knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Angular2, Angular JS

Creating application based on Object Oriented Programming concepts.

Developed UI screens using CSS, JavaScript for validations, and jQuery for animations .

Using built-in services and creating custom services in Angular 2 .

Basic knowledge in Angular 4 .

Implemented user interface guidelines and standards throughout the development and maintenance of the website using HTML, CSS, and Angular js,Angular2.

Implementing $http service to make AJAX call to server for request and response using different http.

Creating components, inject able services, implementing Single Page Application (SPA) using routing concept.

Handling Objects and JSON data and use it in front-end.

Ability to quickly adapt to new technologies


Working as a UI Developer in RADIUS INFO SOURCE PVT LTD, Pune from JUNE 2015 to till date .


B.Tech from SANA College of Engineering, JNTUH .


UI Technologies : HTML5, CSS,JSON

UI Frameworks : Bootstrap, AngularJS, 2&4

Scripting Languages : jQuery, JavaScript, Typescript

Editors : Visual Studio Code, Dreamweaver, Notepad++, Brackets,

Operating System : Windows OS


Project #1:

Client : Delve-labs

Technologies : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular 2, Bootstrap.

Description : Designed with full of responsive mode using web technologies which consist of information about the client and contact supporting pages.


Designed the front end applications, user interactive (UI) web professional manner with using web technologies like HTML 5, CSS, Bootstrap and angular .

Used Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern to decouple the code and to separate concerns

Developed Responsive Web Design pages for various applications compatible for Mobiles, Tablets, and Desktop .

Developed data insertion forms and validated them using Angular 2.

Project #2:

Client : Techplm

Technologies : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap.

Description : This website is for to maintain the employee Details, Time Sheet Management, Apply Leaves and allocation of Projects. There is admin panel also for this to manage portal activities.


Used Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern to decouple the code and to separate concerns

Implemented Angular-JS framework for database connection and result set handling.

Developed data insertion forms and validated them using Angular JS.

Designed dynamic and multi-browser compatible pages using Typescript, HTML CSS and JavaScript using Bootstrap.

Used Angular2 for making AJAX calls (GET, POST) for the backend team provides triggering or fetching data from Restful API.

Participated in bug thrashing sessions to discuss and resolve bugs with developers.

Working knowledge in responsive design, media queries and cross browser compatibility.

Project #3:

Client : Get-e-cart

Technologies : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Typescript.

Description : Web application, which is an ecommerce, based with consisting of event page, administration portal, booking pages developed and implemented.


Designed UI pages with core functionality, CSS and API integration

Use JavaScript and Angular, JavaScript Framework to do the client-side validations.

Involved in developing HTML and Typescript for client-side presentation and, data validation on the client side with in the forms.

Bug fixing of the application raised by QC team.

Created AJAX calls to exchange (request / responses) information with database.

Ensuring high performance on mobile and desktop


I hereby declare that the above-furnished details are true to the best of my knowledge.

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