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Engineering Operator

Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
August 26, 2018

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Sam Ganesan

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Highly experienced Senior Executive with an extensive record of customer facing and Product development experience. Delivered multiple solutions to multiple tier 1 customers in the telecom and cable operator space for video delivery systems over HFC and OTT networks. Highly skilled and effective in cultivating, fostering and maintaining relationships with different stakeholders from the customer hierarchy as well as the Engineering and Management organizations both internally and externally. Experienced in growing high power architecture and Engineering teams as well as staying current with modern technology and development methodologies. Self-driven and experienced presenter to all levels of technical and non technical audiences

Skills and Knowledge base

Software and Systems Architecture including Microservices Architectures

Docker and Kubernetes Architectures

Java, Perl, Javascript(journeyman level),C(rusty)

Systems Integration and Partner Integration

Agile methodologies

Engineering Management

M-gates lifecycle mgmt., Six Sigma Green Belt

Video Systems and Video Back Offices

ABR video delivery

STB architectures

Advertising infrastructures

VOIP and Telephony Systems, IMS and other Mobile Telephony arch

Voice and Video Codecs

CDN’s and caching systems; Video CDN’s

HFC cable networks and Architecture

Protocols including RTSP, ISA, LSCP, SCTE, IAB/VAST, SIP, RTP

Familiarity with GCP and AWS

Familiarity with Big Data: Cassandra, HBase, some Mongo and Couch

Product Management

Linux, Unix, SunOS, OSX

Java Infrastructure including Message Buses, MSMQ, RabbitMQ, Voldemort, Kafka, JBoss, Hazelcast, Hibernate, Spring, Quartz etc.

Workflow based systems including automated content management and content processing systems


Cetusnet Inc. Jun 2017 - Current

oCurrently engaged in a contract on Intellectual property review and assessment for a National Operator.

Ericsson Feb 2016 – May 2017

oGlobal Solutions and Architecture Consultant

Multiple Projects on Solutions Architecture for end to end systems

oContent Delivery Project in Europe that involves major Operators and major content providers to redefine the delivery platform.

This project involved the re-coding of the software from the old platform to a fully SaaS based platform on Amazon using the Microservice architectures.

The new solution is in Java running in Docker containers as scalable Microservices. The secondary scaling infrastructure uses Kubernetes to manage the multiple Docker instances. The message bus being used is Kafka.

oProject to define a DSCP marking strategy for packet marking to ensure packet delivery SLA for an operator on the African continent

This project involved outlining the Packet marking strategy for classifying the packets to put them into the level of delivery guarantee that operator agreed to with their customers and involved the routing infrastructure of the operator

oOTT video delivery project involving Single Sign ons.

We defined the SSO platform as well as the integration mechanisms to not only integrate the MSO’s own SSO platform but to integrate multiple third party SSO platforms as well

Cetusnet Inc. Feb 2015 – Feb 2016

oFounder and Principal

Multiple consulting Projects spanning Architecture to Intellectual Property areas listed below

oSolutions Architecture consulting to define the solution for a OTT Video system for an Operator in Latin America to dovetail with their current Cable infrastructure

oTechnical and Expert report on the state of the Video delivery Industry for a large Vendor of Cable equipment in the Americas

oRe-architecting the Product suite to work as one solution for a OTT software Vendor

oPatent analysis for a major Operator in a potential lawsuit against another major Operator; second phase is in the offing for August

oCustom software development with off shore resources for content management and user management targeted at specific customers. Delivered high quality software against tight requirements and tight timelines.

oM & A consulting for multiple companies.

SeaChange International Jan 2012 – Feb 2015

oChief Architect and Vice President of Technology

Sep 2012 – Feb 2015


Chief Software and Systems architect with responsibilities for Customer facing Solutions architecture as well as Software architecture of the Back Office and Advertising Platform

Functioned as a Customer facing Evangelist of the Products

Introduced and implemented the full cycle requirements to product delivery management systems to the Development organization

Managed the IPR generation process for the organization as well as the Open Source Management organization

Software Architecture

Interacted directly with the Product and Program management and stayed engaged in the delivery of all products

Managed the conversion of the base architecture of the Video Back office to the Big data driven SaaS modeled multi-tenanted Cloud Solution as well as to use Web and SOA architectures and REST based interfaces away from the older technology of proprietary interfaces

Introduced Big Data platforms for data collection and the product currently deploys with Cassandra as the back end data source for client facing data for scalability as well as collecting clickstream data

Drove the delivery of the converged data platform for data warehousing and reporting using the Hadoop and hive platforms.

Solutions Architecture

Managed a team of Solutions architects to interact with and deliver the customized solutions for Multi service operators

This included the driving of the solutions documents and the design solutions to drive on time delivery of the Video Back Office Products to the Customers. This included the SoW driven extensions to be delivered as part of the solutions

Advanced Engineering

Ran an Advanced Engineering team to deliver new Proof of Concept and demo systems to hand of to main Engineering

Built and delivered multiple new product innovations including a converged Ad Router, Client Service Delivery Platform

Functioned in both Agile and Kan ban models as needed

oChief Architect, Americas

Jan 2012 – Sep 2012

Directed the Americas organization consisting of both Solutions Architects as well as the Product Architects

Customer facing evangelist in the Americas for all Platform technologies

Motorola Inc Sep 2005 – Jan 2012

oDistinguished Member, Technical Staff and Engineering Director, On Demand Video (Part of Motorola Mobility)

Jul 2007- Jan 2012

Functioned both as the Architect as well as ran a multi national engineering development team that spanned USA, China, Spain and Israel

Introduced the Agile model of development to the Motorola ODV group and introduced Kan ban to the Bug fix team of ODV. Designed a model of working that allowed the team of Engineers to be flexibly applied to any part of the system (Fungibility to the development team). Also introduced a team metric based system to maximize productivity and induce the teams to be self improving

Delivered as well as Architected the second generation on demand video Severs by Motorola (Release “Amazon”)

Architected and delivered Release 2 of the second generation of the Motorola On demand video servers in 2011 (Release “Brazos”)

Motorola representative to the nDVR working group at major cable MSO and contributed to the Architecture of the release 1 and release 2 of the architecture specification

Delivered the 0.5 market trial control plane for the nDVR system at a major cable MSO

Architected and Delivered the 1.0 first release for the nDVR system control plane

Was a member of the Open Source Review Board for the Cable division of Motorola.

oSenior Member Technical Staff, Connected Home technology Office (Part of Motorola Inc)

Jul 2006 – Jul 2007

Architected an innovative converged solution for voice video convergence

Represented Motorola at the IETF in the mmusic, avt and SIP working groups for standardization of voice and video delivery protocols

Represented Motorola at ATIS and ETSI/Tispan for video delivery architecture standardization in both the North American and the European Telco Forums

oIntegration Ecosystem Manager, Core Networks Division (Part of Motorola Inc)

Sep 05 – Jul 06

Ran the partner facing ecosystem where all core networks partners were integrated with the Motorola Softswitch as well as the IMS and the Media Gateway products

Iperia Inc. April 2001 – Sep 2005

oDirector of Engineering

Apr 2001 – Sep 2005

Directed the following activities: Sustaining Engineering, Support Services, Deployment, Customer Support, Partner integrations

Was part of the group that followed and ensured standards compliance in the SIP and voice xml realms

Prior jobs

oTechnology Director at major Venture Capital company

oMultiple consulting assignments spanning, IT, Total cost of ownership and business analysis of telephony assets for ILECs and CLECs

oDirector of Systems operations to medium sized enterprises of about 500 employees supporting all infrastructure including, computers, main frames and telephony equipment

oActive developer in multiple languages including C, C++, Java


Ph. D. – University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Bachelor of Technology – Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India


A high level thinker on both Systems architecture and Engineering as well as a forward thinking executive in tune with new technologies and new product lines

Delivery and Operations savvy Executive with proven track record of delivering and maintaining multiple releases of high performance real time software to major cable operators

Programming languages and Service Infrastructures – Object oriented and procedural languages and Actor based computation methodologies as well as Service Infrastructures like Apache, Tomcat, Spring, Jboss, Infinispan, Hazelcast, Openstack as well as other cloud technologies

Distributed systems like Openstack and Hadoop/HDFS, Distributed datasources (Cassandra etc Big Data concepts, Architected a Hive based reporting solution and a Cassandra based Operational analytics solution

Cloud and SaaS deployment models of services, SOA architecture, REST based interfaces

Extreme familiarity with CDN architectures and Video infrastructures like VOD servers, Back Offices, Advertising systems

Familiar with both the Agile and Kan Ban methodologies for development and have directed high power development teams at both Motorola and SeaChange

Protocol Expertise with SIP, RTSP, RTP, MPEG, SCTE, IAB/VAST and other real time technologies

Intellectual Property

System And Method For Stream Fault Tolerance Through Usage Based Duplication And Shadow Sessions System And Method For Stream Fault Tolerance Through Usage Based Duplication And Shadow Sessions

Reverse Enum Based Routing For Communication Networks

Location Determination for a Packet-Switched Device for Providing Location-Based Services

Method And Apparatus For Augmenting The Dynamic Hash Table With Home Subscriber Server Functionality For Peer-To-Peer Communications

Method and Apparatus for optimization of storage systems used in network Personal Video Recorders

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