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Electronics Engineer

Jalandhar, Punjab region, India
3.5 lacs
August 24, 2018

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About Me

Sagar Arora is Bachelor in Technology in field of Electronics and Communication

Engineering. He has a strong background in technology complemented with leadership qualities. He has a keen interest in Embedded System and Internet of Things, Networking. He has developed more than 10 projects. He is experienced visioning and executing projects from inception to launch and is able to provide a structured framework to analyze complex situations into simple strategic imperatives. Education

Year Course University/School Percentage/CGPA

2014-2018 Bachelor of Technology


Guru Nanak Dev



2013-2014 Class XII Science





2011-2012 Class X LJN DAV Model





Five months internship in Sensor Development Area at Space Applications Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Project Title- Design and Development of Drive Electronic for Six lines and 12,000 pixels CMOS Image Sensor.

Six weeks trainee in Embedded System at Enjoin Technologies Private Limited, Jalandhar, Punjab.

Project Title- Infrared Sensor based Robot using Arduino micro-controller and run thru a standard 38 kHz TV remote.

Four weeks trainee for PIC/AVR microcontroller studies from Skill Tools, Jalandhar, Punjab.

Project Title- Development of Digital Clock using PIC microcontroller and Seven Segments Display.

Technical Skills

Microcontroller and Software-

Arduino, PIC, AVR, PSoC, FPGA, Arduino IDE, mikroC Pro for PIC, Proteus, Eagle, Libero SoC, NImultisim, PSpice, MATLAB, LABView, PCB designing, TurboC++ Operating System and Protocols:

Window XP, Window 7, 8, 10, Android (Jellybeans-Nougat), SPI, I2C, RC5. Sensor and Modules:

Humidity Sensor, Smoke Sensor, Infrared Sensor, Temperature Sensor, IR Emission and Receiver, Reed Switch, Ultrasonic Sensor, Flame Sensor, Light Dependent Resistor, PIR Motion Sensor, 7-segment Display, Buzzer, Relay, Switch, Keypad, Joystick, Touch. Projects

Design and Development of Drive Electronic for Six Lines, 12,000 pixels CMOS Image Sensor- Aim of this project was to design the drive electronic for E-O characteristics of six lines and 12000 pixel CMOS image sensor and to evaluate performance of the image sensor, various electro-optical (E-O) parameters of sensor are measured.

Internet of Thing based Smart Farming Stick using Arduino micro-controller and Cloud Computing- Aim of this project was to propose a novel smart Internet of Thing based agriculture stick assisting farmers in getting live data for efficient environment monitoring which will enable them to do smart farming and increase their overall yield and quality of products.

Infrared Sensor based Robot using Arduino micro-controller and run thru a standard 38 kHz TV remote- This project has ability to run on a standard 38 KHz remote using arduino microcontroller. The data is received by an IR sensor (at the receiver end) interfaced to arduino. Each time a button is pressed it sends a specific coded data in infrared range.

Development of Digital Clock using PIC microcontroller and Seven Segments Display- Aim of this project is to design and develop digital clock for commercial use, the digital clock is interfaced with seven segments display and PIC micro-controller. Development of Dark Detector Circuit using Light-Dependent Resistor and Operational Amplifier- This helps in saving light and energy when not in used. As the aim of project is to save electricity and know about the property of LDR. Line Following Robot (LFR) using Arduino micro-controller and Infrared Sensor modules- A homemade IR sensors modules are implemented in this project using arduino technology for autonomous robot and it can run on the black and white lines. Half Wave Rectifier Circuit Board-In this project a homemade HWR is developed in such way to know about the property of diode and rectification process. Accomplishments and Awards

Got first prize in circuit simulation at Novato2K17 organised by Guru Nanak Dev University, Jalandhar.

Secured third position in Balloon-o-Car competition hosted by Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.

Got a Certificate of participation in I M ENGINEER, Tractor pull organised by Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.

Attained second position in singing competition organised by All India Mahatma Hansraj, a zonal youth festival.

Got Third prize in Qwali hosted by All India Mahatma Hansraj, a zonal youth festival.

Attained second position in cartooning painting at Talent hunt finding competition organised by LJN DAV model school, Jalandhar.

Areas of Interest

Embedded System, Integration and System Testing

MATLAB, 3D printing, Drones, Circuit designing, Simulation

Project management, Production and Quality Assurance

Internet of Things, Python, Cloud Computing, Research and Development

Autonomous Robotics and Vehicle Technology

Electronics and Digital electronics, Digital signal processing Personal skills

Good communication skills, Passionate, Energetic.

Quick learner and Creative thinker, Positive mind.

Caring and Confident.





Personal details

Email Address-

LinkedIn ID- Address- House Number 51, Sodal Nagar, Near Nagar Nigam Children Park, Jalandhar City, Punjab.

City- Jalandhar, Pin Code- 144004

Nationality- Indian

Date of Birth- 08/09/1995

Marital Status- Unmarried

Gender- Male

Contact Number- +91-750*******, +91-904*******

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