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Software Engineer Electrical Engineering

Royal Oak, Michigan, United States
August 24, 2018

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Royal Oak, MI 48067




Solid capabilities in state-of-the-art software engineering and computer systems applications. Demonstrated expertise in design, development, integration and testing, with proven accomplishments in hardware/software evaluation, project planning, testing, and documentation. Experienced in signal and image processing, data acquisition and control, automated testing, graphics, networking, databases, and web development. Creative self-starter with documented success in troubleshooting problem situations.

Key Strength Areas

Systems Engineering

Quality Control

Documentation & Technical Writing

Engineering Analysis


Specification Development

Software Design/Development

Testing Operations & Equipment

System Design/Development

Representative Accomplishments

Technical Lead

Advanced Systems and Designs

2/00 - Present

Served as technical lead / project manager for a new development group. Technical activities included tool evaluation, research, architecture, design, development, test, and establishment of coding and test guidelines. Tools included Visual Studio, CVS, Visio, and SQL Server. Methodologies featured agile (XP), object-oriented design and analysis, design patterns, and refactoring.

Project management activities included requirements analysis and management, project estimation and tracking, and task assignments, defining software positions, posting and processing resumes, and face-to-face interviews.

Designed and developed a Statistical Process Control (SPC) application for Windows NT/2000 using UML. The program interfaced to the server and MSDE versions of SQL Server 2000 and employed a Web-based interface, featuring charting, and data grid ActiveX controls. Authored several COM/ATL components and ActiveX controls using C++ and Visual Basic languages.

Implemented the web server portion of the application with Internet Information Server, ASP, ADO, and JavaScript. The web front-end was coded with DHTML, CSS JavaScript, and jQuery. The database schema was designed using Access and SQL Server tools such as SQL Server Management Studio. T-SQL was used to code stored procedures, views, functions and triggers.

Rearchitected the SPC product in 2002 for .NET 1.x using Visual Studio 2002/2003 as a hybrid application capable of standalone and web-based operating modes using C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, and CSLA.NET. The new architecture featured the ability to map logical application layers to physical tiers, depending on customer host environments. An MVC pattern was implemented.

Developed the coding and unit test guidelines for the team and selected tools for development, including CVS/Subversion, NUnit, NCover, FxCop, CruiseControl, and SourceForge issue tracking.

Server interfaces featured remoting and web services, and XML. The Smart client application featured a combined ASP.NET 2.0 Web Forms and Windows Forms 2.0 user interface. Windows Forms was used for client side controls and standalone utility applications.

Implemented a Windows 2003 Server and IIS 6.0 hosting environment.

Migrated the database to SQL Server 2005 and implemented SQL Server 2005 Reporting and Integration Services.

Migrated the SPC application to Visual Studio 2005/.NET 2.0 in 2005 and converted to an MVP ASP.NET WebForms architecture. Ported to Vista in 2006. Employed XML/XSLT/XSL transforms as an optimization for the web interface.

Implemented WCF (.NET 3.0) in 2006 as a replacement for existing web services and binary remoting interfaces.

Applied WPF and Silverlight (.NET 3.0) in 2008 to build client side controls for the user interface.

Implemented client-side user interface enhancements using ASP.NET AJAX and JQuery.

Migrated the SPC application to Visual Studio 2008/.NET 3.5 in 2008 and designed an ORM solution using LINQ and the Enitity Framework. Migrated to SQL Server 2008, including Reporting Services and Integration Services. Integrated Team Foundation Server 2008 and Sharepoint 2007 into the development tool chain. Ported the application to Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7.

Upgraded the SPC application to Visual Studio 2010/.NET 4.0 focusing on Entity Framework 4.0, WPF 4.0, and ASP.NET MVC 3.0. Migrated the unit testing framework to MSTest and Moq to support TDD.

Upgraded the SPC application code to Visual Studio 2012/.NET 4.5 focusing on MVC 4.0, Web API, JQuery, and JavaScript libraries to support mobile web clients. Provided the application with a client side interface using WPF, and a thin, browser-based interface that supports mobile platforms using JQuery Mobile, HTML 5 and CSS 3.

Added Web API 2.0 and SignalR 2.0 interfaces to the SPC data service using Visual Studio 2013 and .NET 4.51 featuring a RESTful JSON model with Odata support. Integrated the Kendo UI and Angular JS frameworks into the front end using TypeScript. Upgraded to Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6.1.

Senior Software Engineer

Applied Automation Technologies

1/97 – 12/99

Converted C/DOS application code to 32-bit C++/MFC using Visual C++ 4.x/5.x/6.x tools.

Designed and developed a 32-bit Windows machine control and graphics program using multithreading and object-oriented technologies. Graphics were implemented using OpenGL and GDI interfaces.

Wrote MFC and Win32 DLLs for machine control and core application functionality.

Setup a modern software development system, including source control, coding standards, test guidelines, and release and support procedures.

Implemented DCOM and Automation interfaces and wrote several ActiveX controls and containers.

Exploited the WindowsNT/Intel architecture to optimize application performance. Implemented several kernel-mode device drivers. The drivers used serial, parallel, TCP/IP, GPIB, and custom communication interfaces.


MacroSoft (Contract)

1/96 – 12/96

Designed and implemented numerous upgrades to commercial imaging products using the 16-bit Visual C++ tools in C. Worked with sales and tech support groups to maintain existing product lines.

Assisted in converting several C/Windows-API projects to C++/MFC. Planned and implemented a state-of-the-art 32-bit development system for client/server software projects.

Implemented several database interfaces using ODBC.

Test Software Engineer

Ford Motor (Contract)

1/95 – 12/95

Designed and developed PC-based programs to test engine control modules using a Microsoft Windows-based test system. Implemented testing algorithms in C++ using Borland and Microsoft tools and libraries.

Interfaced with GPIB test instruments and automotive computer bus systems. Increased test system reliability by 30%. Developed post processing tools to decrease test data analysis time by 100%.

Software Engineer

Jabil Circuit (Contract)

2/94 – 11/94

Developed assembly-level device drivers, interrupt handlers, and BIOS routines for IBM-PC production systems. Authored DOS- and Windows-based hardware test programs in C and Intel assembly languages using Borland and Microsoft tools. Created software interfaces for several bus controllers, as well as video and hard disk sub-systems.

Tested production PC systems for software compatibility using OS/2, Windows-NT, and UNIX test programs. Configured systems for network and peripheral-hardware testing.

Software Engineer

McDonnell Douglas

4/90 – 12/93

Designed and developed real-time software for an embedded "black box" unit for production with double the previous performance capability. The unit performed video tracking, motion detection, object recognition, image enhancement, and graphics processing on TV, infrared, and laser video data. Accomplished these tasks in 75% of allotted time.

Assisted in design and development of real-time device drivers and libraries for embedded unit utilizing assembly language. Ported Fortran processing algorithms to C, targeting VAX-VMS and PC-DOS systems for test and simulation. Improved and enhanced C-language computer vision algorithms for production unit.

Developed special knowledge of VAX-VMS, SUN-UNIX and PC-DOS-based software development tools and operating systems. Also gained expertise in several embedded CPU architectures, cross-development systems, and real-time multitasking operating systems. Ported production software to several RISC and DSP based CPU boards for testing and evaluation.

Designed an automated production test program for a classified military project. Wrote software in C and Intel assembly languages to control test instruments and unit under test.

Integrated hardware and software to develop a PC-DOS based data acquisition system. Gained specific expertise using computer controlled test equipment and software, C and assembly level programming skills, and digital, analog, and RF circuit interface techniques.

Maintained corporate information systems used for accounting, personnel, and engineering. Eliminated backlog of system trouble calls and decreased response/turnaround time by 50%. Also established new procedures for automating support processes and streamlined existing methods. Performed troubleshooting and administration on RS-232, Apple, TCP-IP, and IBM networks.


M.S., Electrical Engineering

University of Southern California, 1993

B.S., Electrical Engineering

Michigan State University, 1990

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