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Manager Plant

Tampa, Florida, United States
August 21, 2018

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Stephen P. Grimes


**** **** **. *. ***.1800

Bradenton, FL. 34210


Seeking company in need of aggressive, skilled Plant Manager, Production Supervisor, Production Manager, with extensive background in Facilities Management and Maintenance.


By hiring me you will get a very aggressive, dependable team player, with over 30 years of valuable management, maintenance and production experience. With the knowledge to improve production methods, output and efficiency.


1985 Graduate of Manatee High School in Bradenton Florida

Lettered in Baseball, and Basketball, President of Interact(Service Club)- Top Service Club for the State of Florida 1985.


10/85-12/97 Assistant Supervisor

Tropitone Furniture Company Inc. Sarasota, Florida

Assistant Supervisor of the Cutting and Sewing Department, In charge of 22 employees. Job duties consisted of scheduling the daily work and distributing it to the appropriate areas for completion. Responsible for the hiring and firing of employees and their performance evaluations. In charge of all training of skilled cutting, sewing and production jobs. In charge of managing yearly budget of materials and labor cost. Responsible for doing spreadsheets and time studies of

all products, which included material usage, and costing of all items. Responsible for the maintenance and repair of all cutting and sewing machinery

1/98-8/99 Production Supervisor, Purchasing Manager, and Night Shift Plant Mgr.

Superior Furniture-Casual Creations Inc. Sarasota, Florida

Supervisor of Cutting and Sewing Department. In charge of 10 employees. Job duties consisted of being responsible for all Outdoor Patio Furniture accessory production. Responsible for all hiring and firing of employees, and their performance evaluations. In charge of all training of skilled cutting and sewing production jobs. In charge of purchasing all materials and supplies, and working with sales reps, on all new products, and cost analysis. This also included price negotiations, based on predicted usages. Responsible for receiving and inventory control of all materials, this also included invoice approvals. In charge of all new product of Furniture accessories. Plant Manager of 2nd Shift from 3/99 to 8/99. Managed the Machine Shop, Welding, Paint Department, Inspection and Finishing Department, which consisted of 25 employees. This also consisted of securing the building, etc

8/99-8/00 Production Supervisor

CFI Manufacturing Sarasota, Florida

Supervisor of Sewing Department. In charge of between 45-50 employees, within the department. Job duties consisted of coordinating and setting up the work by ship date, and assuring that everything was processed and completed by those ship dates. Responsible for all hiring and firing of employees, along with their evaluations and performance reviews. Responsible for all maintenance and repair of all sewing machines


8/00-8/01 Production Supervisor

Ameritex Technologies Bradenton, Florida

Responsible for the Sewing production of Marine Accessories, Canvas Systems and Interiors. Responsibilities also consisted of the coordination of all completed items, and the packaging of these items for shipment.

08/01-07/08 Facilities and Maintenance Mgr.

Anchor Industries Bradenton, Florida

Responsibilities consisted of the management of our 45,000 square foot production facility. This entailed all electrical, air, plumbing, lighting, interior and exterior of the plant. Job also consisted of maintaining all of the maintenance and repair of over 100 production sewing machines, along with numerous grommet machines, cutting equipment and Kabar RF welders. Responsibilities also included the opening and closing of the plant on a daily basis.

07/08-Present Assistant Plant Mgr. and Maintenance Mgr.

Aer-flo Inc. Bradenton, Florida


Steve Grimes-Asst. Plant Mgr. Responsibilities and Duties


*Open buildings in the morning, along with access doors and open main air valve, and make sure compressor is up and running. Along with, when the plant hours change, setting the timers for when the compressors turn on and off.

*Responsibilities associated with the Cutting Area, are to take care of any maintenance and repair of the End Cutter and Rotary Cutter. Keep scissors sharpened when needed, and to make sure that their fans are running, and repair or replace when needed.

*Responsibilities associated with the Sewing Area, are to fix any sewing machine issues, whether it is the machine itself, the motor, or electrical issues. Sharpen scissors and snips when needed, and make sure their fans are running, and repair or replace when needed. Along with fixing the machines, I also instruct the sewers on occasion on how to thread oil and clean their machines. This helps with preventative issues that may require maintenance in the future. Machines used are Consew 339RB-3, 339RB-4 and 339RB-25

*Responsibilities associated with the Grommet Area, are to fix any grommet machine issues. This includes the cleaning oiling and greasing of machines. Making sure the air pressure is set correctly and that the machine is being used properly, so that any future issues don’t arise, because of misuse. Sharpen scissors when needed, and make sure fans are running properly. Machines used Edward Segal 92GW.

*Responsibilities associated with T7 and T4 Area, are to fix any machine issues. Which include making sure the operator has the wedge (T1) and Hot Air (T4) set correctly, and we are getting a good seal. And all other issues that may arise along with the preventative maintenance required. Machines are Miller T500, one Hot Wedge and the other Hot air.

*Responsibilities associated with the Master Roll Area, are to fix any chain stitch machine issues and fan folder adjustments or problems. This also includes fixing the folders when they break or need to be adjusted properly. I also fix any issues with the hoist and rewind machine, to make sure they are running properly. Sharpen scissors and make sure fans are running ok. Master roll machines are Singer 300W.

*Responsibilities associated with the Slitter Area are to address any maintenance issues with either slitter, whether it has to do with the roller adjustment, or air shafts and electrical problems. This also includes the saw for cutting down the tubes. Sharpen scissors and make sure fans are running ok. Slitter is a Pinnacle slitter.

*Responsibilities associated with the Barrier Area, are to fix and repair any issues with T2,T3,T5,T6 the M100 and the 3P5X Grommet machines. This also includes the Kabar 6K’s and 10K’s. All of these also have routine preventative maintenance done to them. All of the other equipment in this area that also requires routine repair are the Rivet Guns, Leister Hot Air Guns and Drills. Sharpen all scissors and make sure all fans are operational and fix any air leaks or air hoses that need to be patched or fixed and any electrical cords that need to be fixed due to fraying or replacement of plug or connector. Also make up extension cords and air hoses for the floor when needed. Also responsible for the repair of all chain cutters, cable cutters, and crimping tools. The Machines used in this area are Miller T500, T300, Kabar 6K and 10K RF Welders. Along with Edward Segal 3P5X Grommet Machines.

*Responsibilities associated with the Shop and Installer Area are to on a daily basis determine what needs to be done, and in what order it needs to be done in. This includes work orders, or the building of stock. The items that we produce are all of the installers, anchor kits, pvc end connectors, ballast for ballasted windscreens, ZBar connectors for barriers and weed boom. We also do lighted buoy kits and all bars for barriers. All of the above items also require a lot of pieces to be made that go into the finished product, for example. The strongbacks and toggles for pvc end connectors. The handles and caps for end cap assemblies, that go into the installer assembly. All of the items above, we make and put all together until we get a completed product. Other responsibilities that go along with this includes working with Debbie on inventory and ordering of all the materials that we use, to make these items. Responsible for the training of the employees in this area on all of these items and to make sure that the quality of these, are up to mine and Aerflo’s standards, before going to shipping.

*Responsibilities associated with Area 5 and Whse are to fix any equipment, that they may have a problem with this would include the paint shaker and any issues they might have with fans, or electrical problems. The overall duties associated with the Whse area, include fixing the lighting when needed. Checking on a monthly basis the exit and emergency lights, and fix those when needed. At this time we still have T5 and the Prototype grommet machine(sent to Anniston) in the old area 4, that we have already used extensively and I am responsible for the maintenance on those also.

*Other miscellaneous responsibilities included for the Main Plant are making sure all timers for outside lighting and compressors are set and working properly. Checking and fixing all exit and emergency lighting. Making sure the Ice Machines are cleaned and working properly. Changing air filters in all of the A/C units, taking care of any roof leaks. Putting up and taking down racks when needed, moving equipment or Sewing machines when needed, and all the preventative maintenance on all machines. The working on forklifts and pallet jacks. Taking out and putting in of Company vehicles on a daily basis. Any moving of cabinets or furniture in the offices that needs to be done. Making pickups and deliveries when needed or available. Picking up supplies from Wal-Mart, and Manatee Paints along with filling up vehicles with gas or diesel when needed. Getting general supplies for toilet or sink repairs, along with wasp spray or anything else we might need from Manatee Lumber. Other pickups and deliveries include Hughes Supply (PVC) Edmonds (Corner Plates) Grainger and RH Moore for barrier delivery and picking up FW700 when needed and Tampa Pallet. Building shipping pallets for wall pad orders when they are needed. Making sure the floor cleaner and floor scrubber are working properly. Fixing any issues we might have with time clocks or buzzers when they arise. Making sure that all safety measures are being used on all equipment that require it. Keeping up maintenance on all shop equipment, Drill presses, belt sander, grinders and saws. Which includes making sure all the safety guards are set properly and being used. Setting timers for sprinkler system and checking for fire ants and putting out bait for them. Working on the roll up doors and there timing mechanisms, and the middle dock plate when we have issues with it. Also when moving equipment will run new air lines or electric to these areas if needed. When new cutting tables come in, responsible for the assembly of those. Putting fans together when they come in. Doing scrap runs with the chain barrels, and pallet runs when needed. Also working on exhaust fans, usually when the belt break, which has happened quite often. The making of folders for the master roll machines, and any other folders that need to be made. This would include for example the folders for the production of Type 3 barrier on the sewing floor.

*Work with Jack and Deidra in Anniston on all parts that they have to order for all the machinery in Anniston. Talking with Jack to try and find out why the parts are being ordered, and working with him to try and figure out what is the reason for them being ordered to see if it is an operator issue, so it can be avoided in the future if possible. Then I will determine if the reasons are valid for ordering said parts. Then I will get with Debbie in purchasing and put an order in for them. I go through the same protocol in Bradenton, for anything I am ordering for us here, whether it is machine parts or materials for the shop, to produce product for work orders or stock. I also work with Jack and on any machine issues he may have, that they call for my advice on.

I am also trained on Corel Draw X6 and X7 for doing Logos. I have completed around 70 logos for production that have been given to me in the past.

*Training Jose on the maintenance of the Sewing machines, M100, T500, all grommet machines. Plus minor maintenance issues like light bulb changing, air filter changing. Beginning to train him on some of the easier shop order production items.

*End of day routine is bringing the trucks in, securing the back gate to warehouse closing up roll up doors and making sure all fans and equipment are off and turn off the lights, then set the alarm and lock the building when needed.

*Alarm responsibilities include setting up new users with codes and keys for both buildings. I am first on the list of those to be called when there is an issue with the burglar or fire alarms, which also may require me to come in on down hours. Also responsible for making sure the cameras are working properly.

*Responsible for scheduling all building inspections required by the county. They include sprinkler backflow, fire marshal inspections, regular backflow inspections.

*Other items that require outside inspections are the quarterly forklift inspections, and compressor inspections. Responsible for the scheduling of these.

*Other responsibilities are maintaining a running maintenance log, and setting up a current preventative maintenance schedule.

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