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Quality Assurance & Control Manager-QMS

Mabini, Batangas, 4202, Philippines
2000 USD
August 19, 2018

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OBJECTIVE: To manage & establish Company Quality Food Safety Management & Audits, as well as Quality Assurance & Control using my experience & expertise on all fields of Operations, Management and to work in a highly challenging and dynamic environment, which provides for stimulation of intellect and an opportunity to contribute towards a cause that is substantial and fulfilling.

Professional Certification:

Lead Auditor Course No. A17038- I.R.C.A. U.K

Certificate SGS/SSCE/QMSLAC/508109/P/16291-IPC & OHSAS LAC

Lead Auditor Certification – IRCA, U.K accredited – Food Safety Management System (FSMS-ISO 22000:2005)

Lead Auditor Certification – IRCA, U.K. - Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001:2007)

Lead Auditor Certification – IRCA-U.K - Quality Management System ( QMS/ISO 9001:2000)

Auditor Certification – HACCP-SGS Certification Services-Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

Internal QMS (Quality Management System) Auditor –IRCA, U.K. Accredited

Intermediate Course HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Internal Auditor

Internal Auditor Course attended 2x for SGS Inspection Services Dammam K.S.A.

Certified & Trained by: S.G.S. International Inspection Services

Professional Experience:

QM DIRECTOR, & M.R, CONSULTANT & AUDITOR-TRAINING / OPERATIONS MANAGER-F&B / (January 10, 2013 to February 25, 2015-Finished Contract). 2 YEARS

TOPAZ Restaurant (Fine Dining & Chain) & Catering Co. (International Standard) Location: Hofuf, Saudi Arabia, Qatar Road, Al hassa, Hofuf, K.S.A.

Manage the full function and roles of the following areas of Responsibilities and Authorities in Quality Management and Food Safety, consulting & perform Audit, for HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, reports and documents on Non-Conformances, Continuous Improvements, QA, QC, Hygiene, Sanitation, FMCG, Food Manufacturing, Production, and perform training & development for employees and Staff.

Manage and perform Quality Audits, conduct inspection and quality assurance and control of the departments for continuous improvement of the system

Manage direct operations of the restaurants and catering business and Quality Assurance, provide and establish operational system standard in operations and implement the system of International certification for Quality Management System and Food safety management system standard.

Establish Manuals and handbooks for company employee’s staff and management for standard operations system. (Food Safety Standard & Quality Management System).

Conduct Trainings for all food safety and operations standard to employees of the company.

Developed and train Management for the position and managerial skills and enhancement.

Manage the Food and Beverages operations of the Company fine dining, casual restaurant and catering operations.

Design, Establish and implement standard on Food Safety and Quality Assurance of the company


(November 2006 to December 2012). 6 YEARS


(Restaurants /Catering/Amusement & Support Services) – (ISO & HACCP Certified -International Standard).

Location: Al Khobar, Eastern Province, Kingdom Saudi Arabia (K.S.A.)

Plus Taking charge of the following multifunction positions as the Management Representative (M.R.) of the company, Quality Auditor, and Training.

Design, Established and implement the Health & Food Safety Standard System of Operations and Quality Management in Accordance to International System Standard as per HACCP/QMS International system Standard of the Company.

Organized and create new Department for Corporate Quality Assurance and Quality control to monitor and control all departments and Operations of the company

Design and Establish Quality Manual Procedures and Standard for the Company in line with the Restaurant Operational and Training Manuals as well, catering procedures Manual, and Design of Recipe Manual.

Improved and upgrade the System of the Company in all Departmental procedures on

Operations and Policy Standard according to International Quality Management System.

Training of Management team and key personnel and staff employees of the company on operational procedures, Quality and Food safety management

Prepare the company and train the Management in Auditing procedures and for company Certifications to ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP –SQF 2000 / HACCP 22000 Management System Standard.

Develop policies and Operational procedures and standard of the company operations and company business improvement.

Develop Company profit and loss, projections and budget costing analysis, as well as the menu costing and procedures.

Over all in charge of all the company project plans and Operations standard for improvement process and continuous progress as per management needs and requirements.

Oversee and manage all the implementation process of the company according to standard requirements for Corporate and Operations.


Managed and achieved the Company certifications for HACCP and QMS System Project – in which the Company achieved the International Quality Certification from SGS Certification Services Company.

Certified ad passed the requirements of International standard system and obtained the Certificate for HACCP – Food Safety & QMS (ISO 9001:2008).

Managed (5) Five Profitable Restaurants with different concepts and Outside Catering for maintaining the highest QUALITY FOOD SAFETY STANDARD as well as the corporate office management standard procedures and company policies.

Managed the central warehouse and central kitchen production as well as the purchasing Department to obtain Food Safety Standard

Developed, established and achieved good training and development with classic Training rooms for the company for all types of training and development of all employees and Management Staff.

Established and Implement the QMS & HACCP Manual to the company with complete Procedures and standard applied.

Implement, developed and design the Profit and Loss System in the company with complete analysis and forecasting procedures.

Increase and upgrade the company system procedures and standard in each function for Management and staff.

Achieved 2x awarded for the Saudi Excellence Tourism Award for BEST FINE DINING RESTAURANT of Saudi Arabia (Al Sanbok Restaurant – deluxe fine dining Restaurant for the year 2012 & 2013.

Achieved the SAUDI ARAMCO certification for Outside Catering and Facilities for any functions and service.

OPERATIONS & QA MANAGER / ISO-HACCP-SQF AUDITOR/ MANAGEMENT REPRESENTATIVE (M.R). (June 2004 to August 2006-Finished Contract). 2 years

Al Hajri Chain of Restaurant & Catering Company Ltd.

Filfilah Restaurant & Catering, (ISO-HACCP-SQF Certified) International Standard

Location: Dammam & Al-Khobar, Eastern Province, Kingdom Saudi Arabia (K.S.A.)

Direct and manage the full Operations and Quality Assurance of the Company

Provides recommendation and implement regarding the development and administration of human resource policies, standard procedures and programs.

Create new Business Proposal and its Implementation to the Executive body for continuous improvement and process of the business.

Performs general Office support functions and Assist General Manager in managing Program/ Project Activities.

Conduct Training / Seminars for Operations Management Team & its Employee Development.

Responsible for the overall recruitment and hiring of employees in the company for Management and staff.

Responsible for the implementation, setting of standard and approving system procedures of the company in which the ISO/QMS and HACCP System is concerned.

Direct and Responsible for the overall operations of the restaurant business including the central warehouse, purchasing and production department.

Responsible for the overall implementation and continuous system improvement of the company to ISO/HACCP/SQF System standard


Handled and achieved the Operations and HACCP System Project – in which the Company achieved the International Quality Certification from SGS and SQF institute of Switzerland.

Handled and implement the ISO/QMS system project in which the company achieved the International certification of quality management system/ISO requirements, achieved international certification.

Managed (4) Four Profitable Restaurants, Central Kitchen and Catering and its Marketing Campaign which result for excellent sales and profit.

Proposed New (Strategic Planning) to the Top Management and managed its implementation

Managed the central warehouse and central kitchen production as well as the purchasing Department.

Managed and perform the recruitment process and employee screening qualification for employment and hiring of Management and staff.

Develop, established and Implement the Operation training Manual to the company with complete Procedures and standard applied.

Implement, developed and design the Profit and Loss System in the company with complete analysis and forecasting procedures.

Increase and upgrade the company system procedures and standard in each function for Management and staff.

Achieved excellent profit margins in each Restaurant operations base on the projections and forecast sales and profit for the year.


(May 15, 1994 to June 25, 2002)- 8 years

MC-DONALD’S International Catering Corporation / Riyadh International Catering Corporation (RICC).

Location: Riyadh, Dammam, Al-khobar - Central & Eastern Region, Kingdom Saudi Arabia

Ensure the Overall Q.S.C. Level of the Restaurant, Optimizing Profit and Continuous People Development.

Conduct Weekly / Monthly & Annual Meetings, Setting Objectives and Action Plans.

Implement effective Food safety Training / Policies & Standard Procedures.

Computes and Verify Daily / Monthly administrative function for all areas: Inventory, Purchases / Receiving and Physical Counts & Statistical reports.

Train and develop Management team and their Specialization.

Complete and Forecast P & L statements, Line budgets, reports & Analysis

Handled and Manage profitable restaurant and motivate employees, identifies management promotions and development.

Managing the fixed asset and inventory and adhering to all applicable labor laws, policies, standards, security and safety procedures to all employees.


Lead the opening of Restaurants in Eastern Province of Mc Donald’s

Selected as participants on one of the outstanding Restaurant Manager of the year

Achieve as the Most Profitable Restaurant (Rashid Mall branch) for the Year 1999

3rd Place winner (score 95 %) total rating Outstanding QSC (Storewide Category)

Winner (R.M) as the best Drive-Thru service Restaurant Speed & Accuracy

Achieved 3 Months consecutive as the Highest PAC and Sales target Achieved.

Dean’s List & Archie Awards for (2) Two Training Diploma (BOC / BMC-ERC)

Achieved the 3Consecutive winner of the housing cleanliness competition of the company

Awarded as the BEST TRAINING MANAGER of the company and get the TRAINING RECORD BOOK of McDonalds Saudi Arabia on the field of training.

First place winner on the Customer Satisfaction Survey of the Restaurant conducted by the U.S. McDonald’s International.

Achieved the most outstanding TCS restaurant for the year 2000 (Rashid Mall Branch).

Winner of the employee survey conducted in each restaurant by the company H.R. Department and U.S. human resource Department.

Beeline Foods Corporation – Chowking Philippines

Year March 1993-September 1993

Quality Controller / Trainer

Oversees the day to day activities of the staff and personnel, supervised market stock and Quality of foods/ develops / implement and monitor standard and procedures of quality control in the company.

Performs other applicable tasks within the realm of my knowledge, skills and abilities

Responsible of checking stocks quality and products ordering

Inspecting and tasting test the products complete/finished to be served to customer

Controlling and handling inventories of stocks

Responsible for the overall products quality and receiving procedures base on the Specifications of products.

Business Skills: (includes Direct Operations & Management of Food Industries (all type) Food & Beverages, Quality Auditing &Quality Inspections Training, Quality Control & Quality Assurance, Human Resource, Administration, Purchasing, Consulting, Food Safety, Health & Safety and Monitoring / Analysis)

Manage direct operations-F&B and Quality Assurance of the company business with more than 800 employees

Manage training and development of all employees of the company and motivation to meet company standards and procedures and its implementation

Manage, consult, design and establish the System Standard of the company in: QMS/HACCP/SQF/FSMS.OHSAS system International standard

Conduct company Quality audits and reviews for the system and Management Program improvement and development, Training

Design, establish and implement standard training system and policy to the company

Design and implement Operations and training Manuals, Procedures and S.O.C.

Conduct awareness training on ISO/HACCP/SFQ/OHSAS and FSMS system in the company

Design Profit & Loss Statements / Projection for Food Processing / Retailing Business of the company

Design Menu Recipes, Costing and standard menu specifications

Conduct and train Basic and Advance Food Safety Training Modules ( HACCP / SQF 2000 )Food safety Management System

Conduct Effective Food Cost Control Training Methods

Make Analysis for all Restaurant/Outlet and production statistical Reports / Data Analysis

Well versed in Microsoft Office 2010, Great Plains and PAR system

Design & Implement Management and Employee Motivation & Enthusiasm Activity

Create good business relations to customers, employees, and improve customer service and satisfaction.

Conduct suppliers / procurement audit and review evaluation performance as per standard

Management Skills: (Manage direct operations, includes corporate level and Office Management, Quality Management, Operations Management and technical Management).

Managing complete direct operations and Food & Beverages of the company

Managing all types of foods business and Franchise Restaurants industry – Fine dining, Fast Food chains, food productions, and caterings and food retailers.

Managing Corporate Level Quality Audits, Quality Assurance and Quality Control of the company

Using Management by Objective methods

Project Designing, Establish, Planning and Implementation

Equipment Evaluation, maintenance management and Procurement

Managing International Quality Management System (Strategic Management)

Manage HACCP and Food Safety Management System (HACCP/FSMS/SQF Standard)

Managing Occupational health and Safety Management System - OHSAS

Manage Profit and Loss (P&L) and budget controllable of the Restaurants, Units and Outlets of the Company

Trainings and Seminars:

F&B Operations Director – attended the Gulf Food exhibit and seminar for world Food Business in World Trade Centre Dubai – Year 2013 Feb. & 2014 Jan.

Lead Auditor Course (LAC) / FSMS–ISO 22000:2005 - Food Safety Management System, IRCA,U.K. accredited – SGS Certification & Inspection Services, Saudi Arabia – July 2010

Lead Auditor Course (LAC) / OHSAS 18001 – Public Health and Safety Management System – IRCA, U.K accredited – SGS Inspection Services, Saudi Arabia – April 2009

QMS-ISO 9001:2008 Transition Training class – SGS Inspection Services – Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia – March 2009

International Standard Food Safety Symposium Seminar 2008 (in cooperation by SASO) – June, 2008, Jeddah, Kingdom Saudi Arabia

Lead Auditor Class Course (LAC) / QMS – Quality Management System -SGS international Inspection services – (Accredited IRCA, U.K) Saudi Arabia - November 2007

Internal Auditor Class Course – Refresher Class -SGS International Inspection Services (QMS) Quality Management System – October 2007

Foundation class course – QMS ISO 9001:2000 - SGS Inspection Services – Saudi Arabia - October 2007

HACCP Intermediate Class course (Advanced Food Safety) RIPH-U.K Accredited, BOECKER International Food Safety Company and Consultancy – DUBAI – May 2007

Basic Food Safety Hygiene Class Course – Boecker Company, Dubai – April 2007

SGS international Inspection Services QMS Internal Auditor Training – January 2005

SGS international Inspection Services QMS Foundation Training – January 2005

HACCP Project Leadership Awareness Training

Team Building – Chamber of Commerce Training Program

ISO/QMS system Awareness training

Project Leader and Management Representative for ISO/HACCP/SQF awareness class Training course.

High Performance Leadership Seminar – September 2005

Business Training and Seminars on Harnessing Entrepreneurial Capabilities of OFW’S

Refresher Course (Advance Management) McDonald’s International Corporation - August 2000

Pre Advance Operation Course Class –Mc Donald’s Int’l. Corporation – Riyadh, K.S.A. - (February 2000)

Intermediate Operations Course (IOC) – Mc Donald’s Int’l. Corp.- August 1998

Basic Management Course Class and Equipment Regional Course Class Training (BMC – ERC) – Riyadh, K.S.A. - April 1998

Basic Operations Course (BOC) – Riyadh, K.S.A.- April 1997

Local Sales Marketing / Sales Building Workshop – Al Khobar, K.S.A. - Year 1998

Serve safe Managing Food Safety training course


University of Batangas (UB) Batangas City, Philippines

Course: Bachelor of Science in Commerce

Major in Business Management

Batangas State University, (PBMIT) Batangas City, Philippines

Course- Electrical Technology

(H.U.) Hamburger University McDonalds International, Dubai (Accredited)

Advanced Management and Operations Course/ RLP

International Correspondence School (ICS)

Post graduate: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Secondary: Saint Teresa’s College –Secondary School,Bauan,Batangas City

Primary: AS-IS Elementary School – Balayong, Bauan, Batangas City

Personal Information

Address: Blk 25, lot 15, camella Homes Subd. Sambat, San Pacual, Batangas/

# 230, Balayong, Bauan, Batangas, Philippines

Age: 46 yrs. Old

Sex: Male

Nationality: Filipino

Date of birth: May 08, 1971

Place of Birth: Balayong, Bauan, Batangas. Philippines

Contact no. Cellphone: 006*-***-**** 967/ 092*-***-****


Available upon request



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