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Design Development

Reno, Nevada, United States
August 14, 2018

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Barry Iremonger

**** ****** * ****, **** Nevada *9521. Apt#1812.

Cell Phone: 1-775-***-****



I have held the role of: Creative Director, Game Designer, Producer / Art Director in the Gaming Industry over the past number of years. Where I lead and created high preforming Development teams both in the U.S. and Globally.

I also spent a large portion of my 26 years in the: Movie / Live Action & Animation Industry, as a Creative Director of Development and Leading & Building Creative Development Teams. I have worked with: IGT, Bally, MicroGaming, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, and Walt Disney Studios as well as many Independent Movie and Documentary Company’s Globally. My Most Recent Roles.

• MicroGaming International (Betstone Group) UK. & Ireland. My role as Head of Product Globally with MicroGaming International (Betstone group), was to assess their failing markets and depleted market share with a focus on develop a new strategy to regain traction and over a 36-month period, expand and grow that market share with new and diverse product targeted at the regional demographics. (Europe, South and North America and Asia.) I was also tasked with developing a New Creative development team for these markets.

• Bally Technologies, Reno Nevada.

I was first tasked with Recruiting and Creating a Top Performing Team for the company, something I did with great success, resulting with the Reno group ending up with some of the best preforming games in the US. and Global Markets for Bally Technologies over a 7 years period. I then took over three other Creative Groups and merged them seamlessly in to one High Performing Art and Creative Game Development Unit over 10 months period. I developed the Initial Creation Concept for all of our games, Art Direction and worked closely with our Math lead to ensure the game play and bonus elements complemented my overall vision for each game we designed.

I was responsible for the building and training of 6 overseas teams in Bally India, as well as leading 3 U.S. Reno based Game Development Group.

I was responsible for Developing & Design the: Initial Concept, Game Theme. Game Design and Production through to the delivery of the final product of our top performing and high revenue, we averaged between 8- 15 games per year.

I have attached examples of several the high-performance games my teams developed and are now in the field and shown at the G2E Gaming show 2016 & 2017.

I was responsible for the overall vision, concept and design of these games and art with a hands-on approach with all products from start to finish.

• I have attached two links to my current samples of product portfolio:


Creative Director, Producer with over a

26year period in both the Gaming and Movie


Creative Team Builder: I recruit the best talent

from both the movie and gaming industry and

mold them into top preforming teams (putting

your Aces in their places) I have been very

successful in this aspect over my career.

Game Design: I developed winning Class 3,

Class 2 and online gaming products for global

markets while working closely with Sales and

Marketing groups do deliver what the customer

needs and wants.

Concept Development: Conceive Initial

Vision, Theme, and Game Design for products

in the Land based and online Gaming markets,

as well as creation of live action and animated

projects for the Movie Industry.

People Management: I have a hands on

Management approach and ever good

relationship with my team and work associates.

I have lead very happy and loyal team’s, as my

team wellbeing comes first above all else,

“Happy Team Great Product, Happy


I have a High Performing Leadership

driven approach: As a Director, Producer

and Art Director, I have always given above

and beyond what was requested of me in my

past roles throughout my career. (Failure for

me is not an option at any task I am assigned)

• Product Knowledge: I have a very strong creative knowledge of all aspects of Gaming and

entertainment products with a full understanding of what the demographics are looking for and what

external current trends are affecting their likes and dislikes, in all industry fields I have worked. This is supported by my many years with in the Move

and Entertainment Industry, which has allowed me

bring a new approach to the Gaming product

enhancing the entertainment factor in all games I

create, as well as conceiving and developing

Winning License products.


Iona Productions.

Reno Nevada. January 2017 to Present

• Creative Director:

Visual Development R&D group

MicroGaming International. April 2016 to January 2017 Betstone Group (Online and land-based Gaming Company)

• Head of Global Product. Based in the UK. & Ireland. I was responsible for reviewing and driving many global markets, by directing their needs and developing new dynamic product that would be successful for the company with the diverse regional demographics. I was responsible for assessing failing markets and guiding the company to the implementation and development of highly successful product portfolio for all give regional markets globally to regain and expand revenue share. While also developing new creative teams to furnish new product lines for given market areas.

SG/ Bally Technologies. October 2009 to February 2016

• Creative Director/ Game Design /Producer / Art Director of the Creative Game Design Studios. Reno, Nevada.

I was responsible for: Conceiving the Initial Vision and Creative operations and maintenance of both the Visual & Game design of all product I development and my teams produced. I was also responsible with the building of Creative Studio in the U.S. and oversea, (Land Based) which includes all Creative Development aspects, having total creative management control while maintaining a very good working interaction with all Directors and Management within the company.

Django Films.

• Creative Director / Art Director.

Edinburgh, Scotland UK.

Independent Movie: Feature Movie Production.

April 2008 to September 2009

IGT Gaming.

• Game Development Class 3 Group

Reno, Nevada.

May 2003 to March 2008

Hahn Animation Studios.

• Creative Director / Concept Development.

Berlin, Germany.

Independent Movie Production.

November 2002 to April 2003

Art Institute of Phoenix

• Guest Lecturer for B.A. Degree Course

Phoenix, Arizona.

May 2002 to November 2002

Al Collins Graphic College.

• Guest Lecture for BA Degree Course.

Phoenix, Arizona.

May 2002 to November 2002

*Sony Pictures Studios LA. September 2001 to May 2002

• Creative Director /Animation and Creative Development LA., CA. Movie Industry. Animation / Live Action.

*Walt Disney Animation Studios. LA. & Sydney.

• Creative Director Animation Lead & Creative Development Animation & Live Action Movie Industry.

November 2000 to September 2001

*20th Century Fox Studios. September 1994 to November 2000

• Creative Director/ Development & Animation / Department Head. Phoenix & LA. Arizona. & CA.

Animation & Live Action Movie Industry.

*Don Bluth Entertainment. November 1992 to December 1994

• Department Head / Concept Development Dublin, Ireland Special Projects: Animation & Live Action Movie Industry.

*Don Bluth Animation Studios Ireland. September 1989 to September 1994

• Creative Development / Animation / Training Coordinator Animation Teams. Dublin, Ireland.

Animation & Live Action Movie Industry.

Co/ Supervisor of Operations PDT. IRELAND. October 1985 to September 1989

• Supervisor of Operations of up to 300 Team members. Dublin, Ireland.


National College of Art and Design. May 1989

• Fine Art

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.

I attended the National College of Art and Design studying Fine Art over 27 years ago and I was recruited directly from my first year of College to work with:

• Don Bluth Animation Studios Ireland, into a senior position in Creative Development, Department Head and Recruiting Manage new talent for the Irish Studio.

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