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Developer Oracle

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
$45/Hr on W2
July 20, 2018

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LEV VAYNBERG **** **nd Str. West, Saint Louis Park, MN 55426

Cellular 612-***-****,


Experiened PL/SQL and Oracle Forms Developer with PL/SQL of 15+ years, Oracle Forms 7 years, 1 years Linux and 5+ years Unix, 2+ years Oracle E-Business Suite at Old Country Buffets Inc. and others,, 2 years of DBA of Oracle Case Designer repository at MnDot. Experience in database SQL*Plus, Toad scripts, triggers, stored procedures, troubleshooting, debugging and performance tuning of the SQL queries and PL SQL scripts. Experienced in MS Excel Macro programs, background in MS Word macrocommands.

Background in Project Management included working on 3 projects just at General Mills as a team member with users to define data requirements; research and collection data from a variety of sources. Worked on projects charter with PM, passed an online class on Project Management. Experience crosses the full software life cycle including systems analysis, development, testing, and production support.


Databases – Oracle 8i – 12c, SQL Server 2000,Access

Application Development tools – Oracle Forms 11g/Reports 11g, Opencobol, JDeveloper

Database Maintenance Tools – Toad, SQL Developer and Navigator, Visual Studio

Programming Languages – PL/SQL, Unix Scripts, VBA, JAVA, COBOL

Operating Systems - UNIX HP11MS Windows

Database Applications – EBS 11i AR, AP, GL, Services,Archway GEM,

eRMS, Oracle-Retek Supply, McKesson Health


Skill Name Skill Level Last Used Experience

Oracle Forms Expert Currently 10 years

Pl/SQL programming Expert Currently 15 years

Unix/Linux Bash Shell scripts Expert Currently 5 years

Trace, Tune SQL Performance Expert Currently 5 years


ITS 4 PL/SQL Developer Non-Classified Temp, St Paul, MN 11/2016 – 05/2018

● Develop & improve MNSURE enrollment application functionality PL/SQL on Oracle 11g/12c. Perform the requests of BA team supporting eligibility, renewals. Find out if error in 3 party transaction between METS – MN Eligibility mainframe DB2 views, IL/Integration Level – PLSQL layer to reformat data into MQ messages, MMIS MN Medicare sharing payments between MNSURE subscribers coverage, based on eligibility messages, and County Financials Responsible/CFR happen due to bad logic, data error inside of IL. Debug, add new logic, user test of fixes made, cooperate with QA for System and User Tests .

Sales technical support part time, Macys Edina, MN 5/2015 - 10/2016

● Non IT low rate Job to supplement my retirement income.

VBA,Oracle PL/SQL,Java Contractor, Seagate Bloomington, MN 11/17/14 – 2/6/15

● Consultant of McKinley Inc. used, customized existing PL/SQL packages, Interviewed Excel User of QA testing results, improved quality of VBA program to transfer data from multiple files into a single output creating charts used by inhouse utilities to send these records and images to Enterprise Data Warehouse and Transactional databases. Developed Java Multiviewer for ODS and EDW users. DB Development in Oracle 11g.

Oracle Pl/SQL Developer, General Mills Golden Valley, MN 1/6/14-5/2/14

● Consultant of Aequor Inc. in NJ, extended twice by another month. In the 1st project analyzed quality PLSQL packages called by for Web Price Lists Pages using Visual Studio for formatting or PLSQL source code and searching. In the 2nd project was part of the team working on introducing new dimension hierarchies, levels and attributes into horizontal hierarchy. The 3rd project Price Per Container developed staging incoming data using Data Services Designer SAP tool. The staged data queries fed dashboard for data visualization. Was part of the team discussing breaking aggregated data into dimensions and data facts.

Pl/SQL&MVS Cobol Dev, American Family Insurance Madison, WI 4.2013-8.2013

● Independent Consultant of Intercurve in DE, and Exacta in WI, used Excel VBA and formulas to

synchronize exported data facts from various sources like Cobol DB2 tables, Apex, MQ

Messages into Oracle Hub Best Version of Truth. Ran MS Word macrommands to create label reports

to send Unix emails spelling out errors. The current projects include working with

PLSQL packages to update queries to determine duplicates of fuzzy entries from different

sources. These packages feed results to Informatica Power Center merging the duplicates. The

Oracle 11G is hosted in .Net environment on Mainframe. SQL Developer tool logs into

production environment to monitor all failed merges, also used to develop the changes and

promote to different environment layers before convert to production. They use Agile Clarity

and Rally tools to track the progress of projects. Also I need to synchronize records from Cobol

DB2 environments. MVS/390 Job Control Language starts Oracle and DB2 processes.

Oracle PL/SQL/Forms/Reports/Talend Developer, Archway Rogers, MN Jul.2011 – Feb.2013

● Performed numerous projects on core Oracle Forms and Reports, MS Excel reports and automation in

Windows DOS environment, setting up new clients e-stores infrastructure and customizing

GEM Back Office Application screens and reports per new clients or business partners’ needs.

● Wrote multiple excel templates to improve quality data pasted by users and then imported into database. The templates contained macros, as well as excel forms to launch these macros.

Likewise many Excel templates had exported data from database and combined with new user

data to generate user reports. Trained and used Talend ETL Java based tool for extracts, transform, mapping, loading, reports.

● Worked with several analytical queries to rank sale items and reused complex existing queries

to reuse them as inline views and bring in simple updates to the criteria, which otherwise

seemed too complicated to change existing queries.

● Completed several WEBGEM and E-Store projects, debugging existing JSP (Java Server Pages),

which called DB packages, which created/instantiated Oracle Objects of earlier existing Types,

to accept, process and return back the selection or DML results. Performed Jasper Report tasks.

Oracle Developer 3-weeks contract-RHI, U of M Minneapolis, MN Apr.2011-Apr.2011

● Development maintenance of PAN screens, implemented in Oracle Forms and Reports 10G.

Oracle Dev/Analyst, Ambient Consulting, UHG Minneapolis, MN Aug.2010-Feb.2011

● 6-month Contract as part of a team to monitor, improve performance of long running queries of

IRADS Application.

● Optimized PL/SQL programs by introducing Oracle collections in routine operations of IRADS

maintenance, participated in phone bridges and meetings on un-locking important tables.

Oracle Dev FM Reports/Forms - RHI, U of M IS Minneapolis, MN 3.2010, 6.2010

● Contract for 2 weeks and then another 3 weeks to correct 5 Facilities Maintenance Work Orders

Reports. Added a PL/SQL program unit to eliminate short description of the product, where

long description was presented in database lob – large object column data type.

Oracle PL/SQL Developer – RHI, UCare Minneapolis, MN Nov.2009-Dec-2009

● 2 month contract to completed un-finished by previous contractor PLSQL package with external

organization table to read flat file. Modified Unix Shell Scripts per assigned change requests.

Programmed MicroFocus Cobol intrinsic calls to Image database. Built SuprTool scripts to

extract data from Image database for HP-UX.

Oracle Application Developer II – Buffet Inc. Eagan, MN Aug. 2008 – Oct.2009

● Researched existing Oracle AS J2EE, OC4J and Portal 3.0.9 options to upgrade to a newer

Portal 10.1.4. Looked into PDK-Java and Oracle UDDI Register to add weather control to

portal pages zip codes.

● Modified Oracle eBusiness 11i custom and standard forms, reports 6i, maintained multiple

PLSQL programs using Toad,modified/tested Oracle Financial Analyzer analyst station reports.

● Previously written for US Bank, Accounts Payables positive pay and EFT outbound interfaces,

were changed in order to redirect these interfaces to the new bank different custom EFT format.

Account summary records changed order to precede its detail payment records. Updated

PLSQL to skip empty batches, eliminating 8 years old bug and manual correction of the

returned file controls.

● Created new FA Detail Asset Extract (Excel) PLSQL Package. The package copied paper report

data, produced by standard Oracle eBusiness 11i Fixed Assets report, into Excel. The complex

report had to be well understood before its algorithm could be replicated into PLSQL. This tool

became helpful to perform the fresh assets conversion after company exit from bankruptcy. As

in the report, the inline view, pre-aggregated grain level of the cost transactions data, against

assets, changing stores, during depreciation period.

● Upgraded existing custom Store Master Application form in several of its multiple tabbed

pages. Moved fields from one tab to another, added new fields to the underlying blocks’ views

and its updateable tables. Changed transactions handlers in the form and called out database

package procedures.

Oracle PL/SQL Programmer – Northrop Grumman IT,USPS Eagan, MN 11.2007 – 8.2008

● 7 month contract to developed solution to the existing problem of generating too many 6i

reports into the 9iAS Reports cache. E-mails to the users stopped having already generated

reports. Instead, each Email had in its body a HTML link for send report request to Reports Server. JavaScript subscript within HTML body determined if Report is not overdue to generate. The solution included changes to forms and Forms Server HTML page parameters.

● USPS ITSS contract as Oracle Developer/2000 and 9iAS Developer

● Developed assigned changes and additions to existing eRMS Oracle Forms, Reports

Application. Updated API between eRMS and TACS messages exchange. Trapped system

failures and added more User friendlier Forms Alerts messages. Corrected problem of Form

tabbed canvases being disabled for the users who needed them enabled.

● Developed client’s idea to change an existing DB View to be based on 2 new Materialized

Views, which took turns to provide the snapshot of a long running database query each 30 min.

Oracle Consultant- Logic Information,Inver Grove Heights, MN Jun. 2007 – Oct. 2007

● Jdeveloper search Java Archived Files for certain classes, interfaces, SQL Queries.

● Orscheln client – created DB views, SQL queries for Accounting Department Excel VBA.

● Presentated Pro*C, Pl/Sql, Forms development standards, per Retek recommended manuals.

● Gander Mountain – created a form prototype to administer items allowed for Web Commerce.

Found and corrected PRO*C bug in the program interfacing vendor sku transactions to the

RDW, Retek Data Warehouse, which rolled up facts for 2 dimensions, one of which was wrong.

Oracle Tester Role-Accenture/Best Buy(BBTG), Richfield MN Dec. 2006 – Jun. 2007

● Tested new Retail Management System (RMS) interfaces to Web Services requests.

● Discovered& SCR defects. Scripted copy large database or UNIX files from production to test.

Oracle Support-Accenture/Best Buy (BBTG), Richfield, MN May 2006 – Nov. 2006

● Performed the on-call duty to monitor RMS Batch Jobs through Maestro Job Scheduler.

● Worked on the error logs created by UNIX shells or ProC programs as well as on Oracle

Database PL/SQL procedures, packages, SQL Loader, and UNIX sed.

● Followed the guides to resolution of the past problems, corroborated with other team members,

as well as came up with new own solutions.

Oracle Consultant - Traust Group, Medtronic, MN Feb. 2006 – May 2006

● Migrated Oracle 6i Reports to version 10g and Unit Testing in development environment.

● The 6i Graphics Graphs in several reports was recreated using Graph Wizard and XML.

● Started transition MOD_PLSQL Web CGI Applications from OAS 4.0 to Server OAS 10.1.

● Completed 2 new Web-deployed Forms 10G and Report development, test and documentation.

Oracle Consultant-Technisource, Carlson Marketing Plymouth, MN Jul. 2005 – Dec. 2005

● Initial contract was to finish at 10/5/2005 and then extended for 3 more months.

● Browsed Financials Concurrent Reports log files for long elapsed time, offered improvements.

● Developed PLSQL programs to process Credit Card Awards users activity.

● Wrote PLSQL program to update a multimillion rows GL table with Canada currency.

Broke primary key range into small ranges, committing smaller transactions for each pass.

● Developed PL/SQL processing the CSSCAN exceptions for migration to UTF-8 Character Set.

● Improved query time by wrapping into a package with REF Cursor returned to Power Builder.

Oracle Software Engineer III – Retek, Inc. Minneapolis, MN Apr. 2004 – Jun. 2005

● Worked with multiple Oracle Forms 6i modules calling large database packages and

procedures to process dynamic SQL queries, as well as Bulk Collect queries followed by

FORALL loops processing rows returned in array.

SQL Server Crystal Report 8.5– Intrepid USA, Edina, MN Jan. 2003 – Mar. 2004

● Supported SQL Server 2000 structures used by McKesson clinical application.

Oracle Developer - Conseco Financial Services, St. Paul, MN Feb. 2001 – Nov. 2002

Monitored web pages with parameters for scheduled reports, as well as updated batch with adhoc reports and/or supported databases to a department or area. Worked with users to define data requirements; researched and collected data from a variety of sources.

Oracle Programmer/Analyst -Delta Dental Plan of MN, Eagan, MN Oct. 1998 – Jan. 2001

Led the effort to design and develop the Pl/Sql gadget to generated 40,000 new bills, shortening other way months long manual enter using form screens.

Discovered bug in Pro*C based on Forms date of entry instead of bill last update date.

Oracle Forms Developer - Koch Industries, Pinebend, MN Feb.1998 – Oct. 1998

Upgraded Railship and Access Control applications from Oracle 7.1.6 to 7.3.3.

Oracle Consultant - Talent Software Services Inc., Minneapolis, MN Sep.1997 – Feb.1998

Supported the "Just In Time" Manufacturing ERP Client/Server Oracle application.

Designed & developed PL/SQL for merging different Pharmacy Benefits software providers.

Oracle Tech Spec 4- State Dept of Transportation, St. Paul, MN Mar. 1992 – Sep.1997

Fixed "Awards and Commitments" Dev/2000 application without new maintenance contract.

Developed Dev 2000 "Business Initiatives" client-server distributed statewide application.

Exported TIS mainframe data, Transformed it using C programming, Loaded into Oracle.

Mainframe PL/1- Business Applications Programmer, Kishinev,Moldova

Developed mainframe PL/1, Adabas. C programming for midrange for 20 years.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING 201605 –Brainbench Oracle PL/SQL assessment, at the Master's Level with a score of 4.01

201605 – Certificate of Building Mobile-friendly Web Experiences –

Capella Education Company & Carrer Builder join initiative.

Training Website:

201507 – Oracle 1z0-200 Self-Test Engine exam "Oracle 11i Apps Essentials".

Self Training – Oracle Applications 11i/12, Oracle 10G Warehouse owned books.

201406 – "Up and Running With VBA MS Access" OED15D Issued by,

WebLogic Application Server, ADF, Forms, Reports Server, Project Management course.

201106 – Exam 1Z0-045: Oracle 10G New Features for 8I OCP: Testing ID: SR4434618.

201005 – Bench Mark Oracle Forms 10G – certificate holder’s transcript ID 2452606

Exam 1Z0-023: Oracle 8I DBA: Architecture and Administration (one of 5 for OCP certificate).

Oracle Master – Application Developer (Developer/2000).

Passed numerous Oracle Database Administrator classes.

B.S., Applied Math/Comp Science, State University of Kishinev, Moldova (CIS).

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