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Manager Software Engineer

Acworth, GA
September 16, 2018

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James E. Patterson 470-***-****

Github: personal, business LinkedIn Online Portfolio

Objective To obtain an entry level position within the software development community. I hope to develop lasting relationships with people, companies, and technology progressing through a long career. I like to challenge myself by learning new skills. A strong belief in effective communication within the workplace. I hope to continue my hard work by developing additional knowledge of front end and back end problem solving skills by learning new and innovative languages, techniques, and technology..

Education Kennesaw State University, Marietta, Ga Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Dec 2016 GPA: 3.71


SSSAJ : Capstone Project, Fall 2016

-A Flask based encrypted file sharing web application that implements 256 bit AES algorithms to securely compare passwords, transfer files, and ensure overall integrity.

-Flask, Python, Sql Alchemy, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Meraki : Internet Programming, Fall 2016

-A social web based application developed using Flask, Python, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Jinja2. The site implements log in and out functions, encrypted file sharing, encrypted messaging, an open forum comments section, profile area for users, and tutorial information on the following programming languages: Java, C++, C#, Python, Javascript,, while HTML, AngularJS, and SQL are in progress.

-Future Implementations: C, Swift, PHP, Perl, and Unity Game Engine (C#)

-Flask, Python, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, AngularJS

Library Management System : Software Engineering, Spring 2015

-A desktop management system written for a small library in Visual Basic; revised for two separate SWE projects.

-Utilized the Agile methodology to succeed in our goal

-Features: Log In/Out users, Check in/out media, register media, register users, enforce fees if late

-Visual Basic, MySQL, HTML, CSS

Metronome : Computer Organization and Architecture, Fall 2015

-A small device designed to cycle through a route of 0 and 1 at alternating speeds; 0 being off and 1 being on.

-Written in an assembly language; designed using a MSP-430 with bread boarding

Course Highlights Application development, Encryption/Decryption, Java/Python/C++/C#/VB programming, Software engineering principles, Database creation/maintenance, Hardware, Front and Back end web development, Algorithm analysis, Ability to learn new languages and concepts, Data Structures, and Information technology.

Languages Most Comfortable With: Java, C#, Python

Additional Languages/Frameworks Used: VB, C++, Prolog, SQL, Javascript, Django, Flask, Jinja2, AngularJS,

Angular 6, Typescript

Front End: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery

Database Management: SQLite3, MySQL Server, Sql Alchemy, Firebase

Software Engineering: Requirements gathering, planning, proper time line establishment, dynamic problem solving skills, proper documentation of projects, and finalization of projects on time. Utilized two specific methodologies: Agile and Waterfall.

App: Xamarin Cross Platform Builds; Utilizes C# and Xaml code to compile into Android, iOS, and Windows.

IT: Database management, Encryption techniques, Web based attack prevention, Hash algorithms

Encryption/Decryption: Public/Private key encryption, AES 128/256/512 keys, digital signatures

Design Tools: Notepad++, Dia, Eclipse, JGrasp, Visual Studio, Netbeans, MS Office,Gimp, Unity, Git

Systems: Microsoft Windows based systems and Linux/Unix based systems


After graduation, my family gifted me a large sum of money to take some time off and study. So, between the beginning of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 I had traveled across the states and all over the continent. Since being back in the Atlanta area, I’ve started my own wood working business to have income while I search for an entry level position within the US. I’ve been relearning what I did in school, new languages, and new concepts that pertain to the IT industry. I’ve always been put into leadership positions due to being a hard working individual, my work ethic, timeliness, maturity, and accountability. I am someone you can rely on, you can trust, and you can be sure will do what he can to get the job done.

Common Questions

Full Name: James Earl Patterson

Work Authorization: US Citizen, No active security clearance

Requested Salary: 50,000 annually

Relocation: Open to any location within the United States.

Open to learning new languages: Yes, I am open to learning any new language, technique, or technology required.

Starting Date: After being hired, I would need two weeks to get affairs in order, move, and relocate if not located in Ga.

Work Experience

Small Business (no worries wood working) 2018 - present

I build custom furniture; indoor and outdoor

Repair and restore older pieces of furniture

Build decking, sheds, and work shops

We can build or repair just about anything with wood

O'Charley's 2005 - 2017

Use of Squirrel’s POS System to ring in orders

Educator through excellence

oTraining of all front of house staff

oTraining of all assistant dining room managers

Manage shifts along with management

oPrimarily handled the presentation of food leaving the kitchen

oKept the people in the kitchen informed of their situation

oHelped cook food if the necessity arose

Serve food and drink

Cook food

Prepare food


Windstone Bar and Grill 2009 - 2012

Used Aloha’s POS system

Bar Tender

Ordered beer, liquor, and drink mixes

Coordinated shifts, money, and servers

Made nightly deposits

Key holder (assistant manager)

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