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Nurse Manager

Westville, Illinois, United States
September 11, 2018

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CAREER OBJECTIVE: To obtain a position utilizing my nursing and computer and organization skills with an opportunity for advancement.

QUALIFICATIONS: I am a Licensed Practical Nurse with over 38 years of experience. I am a conscientious and caring individual.

I have a professional manner and strive for excellence in my nursing judgment. I interact well with physicians and with the administrative staff. In addition, I am a very strong advocate for the patient and his or her respective needs. EDUCATION:

2010-Present – Danville Area Community College

Parkland College 1994-1999

Millikin Institute Successful Team Leading LPNs

1990 – Teachers Aid Certification

1977-1979 – Danville Area Community College

1974-1977 – Danville High School

*Medcor Inc.

4805 Prime Parkway

McHenry, IL. 60050


From: January 2010 to Present day. Full Time over 80 hours. My Title: Medical Administrator for McLane Midwest Grocery Distribution. Medcor places nurses in the larger Distribution Centers Like Target to decrease the Workers Compensation costs.

A kind of Structure provided to assist these companies and eliminate soaring Workers Compensation costs.

In January of 2010, I was blessed to open the New Medcor Clinic in McLane Midwest. I endeavor to provide outstanding nursing care for all Patients. My Nursing judgment is cognizant and my demeanor is professional. Implementing for McLane Midwest their Drug Screen Matrix. Last Year I completed 887 drug screens, Hair, Oral Swabs, DOT Federal, and Forensic. We have a Preferred Provider Carle Clinic.

Which I have establish a congenial rapport with the Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Staff. Medcor has an established their own proprietary standard "Point of Care Guidelines" A valued tool to provide professional quality care. Workers Compensation is a difficult concept even for the Providers.

Working in this environment I illicit direct communication from them and bridge the gap for my Team- mates as an advocate.

The hourly, daily and monthly tasks are achieved through a methodical ritual I have self taught with un- wavering enthusiasm.

My computer skills are Proficient, with Excel, PowerPoint and Word. I actually built my last computer an, Intel I7 with Newman Architecture, NVIDA Graphics card, Seasonic 550 Power supply, 2 LG Super Optical Drives, 250 SSD Samsung HD, 2 TB Western Digital HD, and the Gi- gabyte Mother Board with a Boot time of 32 Seconds. I maintain a Strong Work Ethic. I accommodate the need. I adapt to whatever is required. I enter all the claims into Stars Reporting (FNOL). I order all the Chains of Custody for the entire Distribution center and some for Ohio and Glenwood- Chi- cago.

I send complicated wounds to Carle Clinic for Treatment. I start the morning with Teammates, performing Stretch and Flex! Stretching our bodies to meet the days demands and prevent injury. Safety Observations are conducted daily.

Floor Time allows me the luxury to indulge myself and converse with Teammates and Supervisors. Any and all questions or concerns voiced are addressed.

"Project Immunize" A Flu Clinic I established annually. The Flu Vaccines administered #101 in 2016.

“Project "Summer” Walk" was a Wellness Objective I developed. A three month walking program with pedometers, and prizes given. Heights, Weights and BMI calculated. A 10.5 lb. loss was the average using means/extremes. I attach the Med-Files to Drug screens, Workers Compensation, Restrictions and HIPAA Authorization. I consistently document (ARIES) Style in the Med-Files the care given. When perplexed I solicit direction from my supervisor. I treat all levels of staff with respect.

Medcor approved over the counter analgesics, non-drowsy sinus medication, and Chewable Pepto tabs are offered.

A patients Medical history, Med Allergies and Medications they are currently on are documented on the log and in EMR.

Jump bag for injuries, EPI Pens, Oxygen, AED and Hemocue are utilized. Spider bites, URI, Foreign bodies, Contusions, Sprains/Strains and Lacerations are evaluated and treated. Supervisor: Linda Weeks 217-214-***-****

*Danville Healthcare

26 W. Newell Rd.

Danville, IL 61834.

Phone: Sue Cook RN BSN 1-217-***-****.

Thomas J. Pliura, MD., JD., PC.

Physician & Attorney at Law

210 E. Center St.

P.O. Box 130

Le Roy, IL 61752

Ph. 309-***-****

Fax 309-***-****

MARCH 2007 thru September 2009. Full Time usually 80 hours sometimes more.

(I was Laid off in Sept. 2009 till January 2010.

I worked PRN for the Surgery Center as much as I was allowed.) Duties Included: I assisted the physicians with processing and treatment of patients at the Surgery Cen- ter for both preoperative and post operative care. Tubal Ligation's, Colonoscopies, Setup the C Arm for Dr. Fischer the Podiatrist for surgery. Setup the Lab and Maintained the Appropriate Waiver for Hemocue. Setup the calibration on OSCAR(audio booth).

Run the lab Calibrations for the Hemocue, urinalysis machine. I checked pregnancy kits for expiration, rapid tests for Strep and Mono too. I would run the appropriate labs for any of the nurses who had a needle stick and the patient involved. Send them to Quest Labs. Cataract Patients we would run two rooms with Dr. Dillman. The norm was approximately 35-40 Cataracts and 35-40 Yags on Mon. and Wed. Dr. Dillman Started at 08:30 AM and worked straight through till about 3:30 PM. Every 5 minutes I would have a post operative cataract patient arrive on a cart. Usually an elderly individual, I would apply 1 gtt of Vigomox and 1 gtt Econopred to each eye before transferring them to a Geri Chair.

The overhead Vital Signs panel would read out BP, Pulse, Respiration's and 12 lead EKG. I would Document as time allowed.

The patient always had juice or coffee and a muffin before leaving. I had previously printed Aftercare Instructions that I went over with the family member who drove them. After 15 minutes I would walk them out to the car. The instructions had the next day appointment time and the Appropriate Eye Drops with the Sunglasses provided in a zippered case.

In E-Care we treated all age groups.

Walk in treatment for Urgent Care patients.

I would first obtain the patients Height and Weight. Take them to a suite, a Medical history would be documented. I would document the medications they are currently taking. Any Medication Allergies are noted on the EMR and Paper chart. Then I would tell one of or Providers he had a patient and classify what the issues were. He would proceed with his exam. After Dr. Geade finished his assessment. I would provide the RX Script or Injection for instance Solu-Medrol or setup for an Incision and Drainage on a 10 year old Diagnosed with a Brown Recluse Spider bite. I Setup Nebulizer Treatments, Peak and Flow obtained prior to starting of the Neb. Kept the Crash Cart up to date. Checked the batteries, meds. Etc. As the Occ-Med nurse

I would call each respective company and talk with the Human Resources Manager. I would arrange an onsite meeting in regard to their specific need. I had met with many of the Businesses and developed a professional rapport. Often a company would contact me to perform a Medical Surveillance. A Hepatitis Series, or at Frito Lay The employer wanted each employee to have a Cholesterol Panel drawn for their Wellness initiative.

They had been notified by me what was required prior to the days events. A 14 hour fasting status.

I would often visit Teepak, and Perform EKG's PFT's and Blood draws were completed each Tuesday. I would use the center fuse to spin down the blood. At Freight Car America I not only performed their Flu vaccines each year. I would do preform all the Randoms in the HR office. Cellular One, Pepsi and Bungee were among some of the numerous clients I had lured away from Provena.

Most were Randoms, or Post Accidents.

I would assist Dr. Pliura at Danville High School performing sports physicals at no charge. I would provide Instant Drug screens for sports meets and educate the Coach on how to interpret the results.

I completed the setup for procedures, emergency type care, drawing blood, ordering of supplies and drugs, crash cart, AED and charting and coding.

I would go on-site to do all types of drug screens, oral, hair, as well as urine, DOT, EKG's, PFTs Breath Alcohol, Audios, and other miscellaneous tasks as assigned. I ordered all chains of custody and drug screen kits and maintained the level. When I received the Drug Screen results I would contact our MRO Dr. Pliura. The clinic closed on August 31, 2009 due to economic issues with the State of Illinois. We had received NO reimbursement of monies from IPA. The state of Illinois’ inability to pay the clinic in a timely manner. Resulted in 3 Providers laid off, and one Nurse and one Receptionist. The surgery center is still open and I was working on a strictly PRN basis. Since 2015 the Surgery center was sold to Resurrection Hospital. JUNE 2005-MARCH 2007

* In Home Care,

Hired for Employment by Mary Cade.

Excess Coordinator @ CCMSI

2 East Main Street Suite 208

Danville, IL 61832.

217-***-**** – Phone

217-***-**** – Fax


Full time 40 hours to 50 hours a week.


Patient is 85 year old male DX: CHF, Transfusion Purpura, Recurrent UTI, Urinary Retention Foley Catheter Indwelling. Osteoarthritis, Gout. Intake Output Daily, AD Complete, Care Re-Orient Time and Place often. Bowel regiment Q 3 days Supp. Thicken Fluids Sara Lift to transfers WC bound. Involuntary Bowel-Depends

Meal Preparation TID Medications ordered QID.

Patient is an 82 year old female, DX: Mild COPD, Alzheimer, Dementia Degenerative Disease Cervical Spine.

Intake Output Daily

ADL Complete Care

Re-orient all 3 spheres

B/B Care Incontinent/Involuntary

Sara Lift Transfer.

WC bound

Meal Preparation Medication QID


MAY 2002 TO JULY 2005

*Veterans Administration Illiana Healthcare

2000 East Main Street

Danville, IL 61832

I was a Full time 40 hour + employee

Duties Included: Started at 58-2 Medical Surgical Nursing Primary Care. We had a deodorizer catch on fire. I was able to kick it down the stairs to the outside. The Sprinklers were activated and we transferred the entire floor to 58-3. I received a 50 dollar gift.

Vitals taken each shift, Medications passed via Bar Code Administration, Insulin's and Accu checks. Post op TURP’s on 2nd Floor North Surgical and Tooth Extractions and Cysto’s Etc. Med pass QID plus ADL for All patients.

Each Patient had their care plan for their activity. I would make sure Snacks were passed. Transferring after 13 months to 103-3 Locked Psych. At 12 midnight to 8 AM Charge Nurse Team Leader, Computer, IT designate. Pixus Counted Manually with another Nurse once a week. Infection Control monitored, My Nurse Manager gave me a “Project”. Documenting the Infections control for the 103-3 side. I created a spreadsheet with RX ordered days given.

VS Q shift if elevated notated, any missed doses notated, Peak et Trough (Lab) value applied Effec- tive/Non Effective notated.

Midnight Meds all must be Crushed for Lock Ward. If I had a death, I must go to 58-2 and get the Key to the Morgue. I would assist my aides to get the patient ready and transport patient there. Bar code administration used to pass the 6 pages Typed of Medication. It took from 5AM to 7AM to finish. The Insulin's were all Sliding Scale. So Accu checks needed complet- ed.

I Supervised 4 aides.

I am a GS 6 step 10. Reason for leaving:

The VA closed the 103-3 Psychiatric Unit and 106-6. Mental Health Unit SEPT 2001 to MAY 2002

*Dr. Wrestler's Office,

501 Springfield Avenue,

Champaign, IL 61802.

Full time plus 40 hours usually 48.

Duties Included: Multi-physician office consisted of 4 Providers. Duties Included: Triaging patients, maintaining the sample drug closet. Assisting Dr. Ujolla from UIUC on Saturdays assist with Colonoscopies. Surgical procedures Vasectomies, Cyst removal. Ordering all injectable medications, EKG's, Managing Lab PT. INR., Glucose etc. Clinic Work: VS, History on each patient, HT. and WT. Allergies to Medications, What meds they are now tak- ing. UA sometimes needed, Migraine patients.

Each Patient always gets a copy of their labs when they return in follow. Check with each Provider RX refill calls. Called in RX for doctor at end of the day to Pharmacies. Kids to Geriatric patients. Hyperafactor setup.

AUG 1998 TO SEPT 2001

University of Illinois McKinley Health Center

Med Clinic #2,

1109 South Lincoln Avenue,

Urbana, Illinois 61801.

Full Time 37.5 is all the hours at UIUC.

I worked on Saturdays with Dr. Ujolla for extra money. I am the nurse for Two Providers: A Women's Health and Men's Health Physicians and 2 PAC. We had a Full functioning in house, Laboratory, Radiology Department and Pharmacy. Duties included surgical procedures: Twice a Week I would set up room for Cyst Excision on the labia, Bilateral Toe Nail Removal, and Tampon removal (but once it was not a Tampon). Constant Testing Spirometry Preand Post with RX for the Johnson’s Space Center. Drug screening DOT type, screening for ROTC Aviation. EKG’s. Ear Wash with Welch Allen Ear system. Computer scheduling of appointments. Stocked rooms, Established the Schedules for self appointments. Assisted on Development of Fast Track for URI and UTI. Alcohol Testing, HIV testing. Sigmoidoscopies. We would visit the Residence Halls with Flu Vaccines, Meningitis Vaccines and Rapid Strep tests. E-mailing of our students as well as maintaining the Wellness Program at the Residence Hall. I was selected to purchase a Spirometry Machine under $2000.00 dollars. The old one still had Bellows. So difficult to clean and it was deteriorating. The Spirometry Machine I chose as the size of a laptop PC. PreProgrammed and used for the Johnson Space Center Cadets and others in McKinley. Preand Post Spirometry with What Ever RX the Provider requested. I used a wooden box 8 inch or 12 inch in height to push the very fit adults. Once I hit the target Heart Rate usually 150 beats a minute then a baseline was established. I would block the schedule for 90 minutes with the Exercise Physiologist from Sport well. I was selected the only LPN to teach all the other nurses on the care and use of the machine. I was a member of the World Wide Web committee.

My task to develop a program for our McKinley Website Front page. Frequently asked questions from Parents.

It was a time when Netscape was a search engine you had to purchase the license. Please Note I am relocating to Corpus Christi Texas since my son and grandchilden love it there. I appreciate your attention and have written references that I will fax over. Thank you

Holly J. Mathews

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