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Technician Lab

Stratford, Connecticut, United States
June 13, 2018

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Nicholas R. Jenci

Nicholas R. Jenci email-

*** ****** ***. ****: 203-***-****

Stratford, CT 06614

Kelly Services (North Haven, CT) Oct. 24, 2016-April 5, 2017 QC Tech in a Medical Device Company. Testing sutures – visually and using Instron instruments. Posted all results on the computers software. Notify operators when results are not within customer specifications. EHN(Temp. in New York) Oct.11th2014-Nov.18th. 2015 Worked as a Structural assembler for a Aerospace company. Strom Eng.( Texas) Sept.-Oct. 2014

Worked as a Analytical Lab Tech. at a Aerospace company.Ran HPLC,TMA,DMA,DSC instruments testing composite materials.Mostly worked with DSC and DMA.Preping very small samples, checking Thermal properties of coated fabrics for Aerospace parts.

Kelly Services(Temp. in North Haven CT) May-August. 2014 Worked in the Post Market Vigilance Lab at Covidien,testing medical devices.Tested medical devices returned to Covidien that failed.Based on the description of the failure I would use the device on simulated tissue to determine if it was user error or a manufacturing problem.A report would be written on the outcome and sent to a team to determine trends.

Park Advanced Composite Materials November 2003 to June 2012 Eight years doing Composite R&D Technician. My last year was spent in the Analytical Lab. In 2008 was given the additional title of Hazardous Waste Technician.

Composite R&D Technician: Worked with the three stages of developing, making and testing of Aerospace composite materials.


1 Form various resin batch formulas by mixing small amounts to match production formula specifications

2 Mix a new formula or variations on production formulas as directed by Senior Chemist.

3 Tested Specific Gravity Solution Solids and Solution Gel of Resins. B-Stage:

1 Prepared small strips of fabric hand pull through a bench resin pan, set up with bars for setting the gap.

2 Hang resin coated fabric in an oven for staging to get rid of volatiles and reduce tack

3 Made a test panel before bringing it to production which included; Physicals-Dry resin content, Wet resin content, Volatiles, Flow, Prepreg Gel, Tack and Drape of the Prepreg.


1 Made cured panels for Mechanical testing either by Autoclave cure or Press cure method.

2 Worked on Military and Aerospace specifications which included various resins

(Epoxy, Silicon, Phenolic, Polyester and Vinyl Ester) placed on various cloths

(Fiberglass, Carbon, Kevlar and Quartz).

Was responsible for Hazardous Waste in the R&D Lab and then in 2008 was given the responsibility for the entire plant’s Hazardous Waste Inventory and removal. At that time was given the title of Hazardous Waste Technician with an increase in pay and also kept my R&D Technician duties. Also responsible to give annual Respiratory training and then assign respirators to all employees who required them for their job.

Training at P.A.C.M. Certificate of Hazardous Waste Management Certificate for DOT/IATA Hazmat Transportation

Forklift Certification

Certificate of Achievement Supervisors Survival Skills Certificate of Achievement Supervisors Survival Skills II Have a Performance Appraisal from my Chemist at P.A.C.M. Bic Corporation August 24, 2002 – February 14, 2003 R & D Testing Technician (Pen Division):

1 Worked with Project Engineers to determine test requirements for various types of pens. The tests are designed to show a pen writing ability, durability and integrity throughout time frames under different environments. 2 Ran time frames run one week to two years

3 Recorded results in Microsoft Excel Templates (Ink content) (200 Meter Laydown, % Recovery & Mileage – from Writing Machine) (Drop Test)

(Vacuum Leakage) (Shaker Test) & (Mechanical Performance Results – showing all results with observations about breakdowns, damage or Leakage). Equipment Used: Grieve Ovens, Minitek Writing Machines, Nikon Microscope with Visiongage Software, Computer to generate Templates and Reports. Have letter of recomendation.

Circon ACMI Corp. April 16, 2002 – August 17, 2002 Lab Testing Technician:

1 Worked with design engineers and the Q.A. Department 2 Tested all types of scopes, video systems and their parts for durability. 3 Ran up to 400 cycles, checking periodically by visual inspection or mechanical testing for any sign of failure.

4 Make up chemical baths to soak scopes, parts, (NaOH) and (NaOCL) Equipment Used: Eagle 3000 Vacamatic Sterilizer, Steris system 1 Sterilizer, Microscope, Mettler scale, Hoffman photometer

Have letter of recomendation.

Enthone-OMI December 1999 – January 2002

Lab Technician:

1 Mixed batch samples using two components that are first tested for flow rate 2 Screened sample onto a circuit board and then placed into an oven to dry 3 Ran circuit board through UV light

4 Ran tests such as hardness, resolution, step (resistance), and solder making ability 5 Tested raw materials and entered all results into the computer to generate QA reports and certificated of analysis

Q.A. Technician:

1 Tested Gold, Copper, Tin, Silver, & Nickel plating solutions. 2 Reported results back to the customer so they could make their adjustments to ensure a proper plating process.

Equipment Used: Brookfield visometer, grieve oven, colight exposure unit, hand screening equipment, auto-screen equipment, hegman gage, electron microscope, solder pot, Karl Fisher moisture analyzer, autotitraters, UV/Vis spectrometers, TOC analyzers, digital pipettes, PH meters, Hydrometers

Sartomer Company December 1985 – October 1998

Dryer Operator:

1 Operated all aspects of three dryers: (2500-3500 lb. capacity stainless vessels horizontally driven).

2 Applied vacuum to completely dry the material.

3 Manually loaded fifty pound bags of Zinc Oxide powder (600-800 lbs. per dryer). Dryer is now closed until sample time.

4 Shut down dryers when temperature and vacuum parameters are reached, to obtain a sample.

5 Transferred material into tubs when cooling temperature is reached and transferred to the grinding and packaging area.

Lab Technician:

1 Performed various tests to meet customer requirements for a quality product. 2 Zinc oxide and acid percentages are checked for formula accuracy. 3 Checked moisture, specific gravity and compression. 4 Other duties include testing raw material and entering data into the computer. Equipment Used: Forklift, Vacuum pumps, Computer controlled dryer, Autotitrater, Karl Fisher moisture analyzer, Pycnometer, Mettler balance, Muffle furnace, Two roll mill, Molding press, Atti diameter gage, Atti compression gage, Hegman gage Sartomer Training:

1994 Earned Hazardous Material Technician

Certificate (3 day training course, with 1 day annual refresher training)

1995 Received six weeks of Lab Technician training, getting new job title – Dryer Operator/Lab Technician

1995 Attendance at 2 day (10 hour) OSHA Seminar

1995-1996 Trained five co-workers in a crosstraining program Education:

Have an A.S. in Business. Working towards an A.S. in Environmental Systems.They shut down the program.I need 4 more classes to complete the Degree. H.S. Degree Bunnell High School, Stratford, CT

A.S. Degree Housatonic Community College, Bridgeport, CT Also attended University of New Haven working towards a degree in Chemistry during the 1990’s.

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