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Electrical Test

Rancho Cucamonga, CA
March 14, 2018

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Summary of qualifications

I am a dedicated individual with electrical/mechanical experience. I am a team player as well as a leader. I enjoy learning new skills that will eventually make me a better asset to your company.


Microsoft word & Excel skills

Avionics/Aircraft Special Skills

Micrometers and calipers

Torque tools

Glue Types and Applications

Lab view skills

Gerber Automatic Inspection Equipment

Testequity1000 series temperature chamber

Dielectric Analyzer

Power Meters


Measuring Devices and Tapes

Data recorders

Pressure transducers

Flow measuring devices


Certified Soldering

Power Drills

Professional Experience

Lavi Systems Inc. Panorama City, CA. AUG. 2015- MARCH 2018.

Specializing in Aircraft Fuel probes and Navy Missile switches.

Production Test Technician .

Perform Final ATP on Military aircrafts Fuel Probes for C-130, KC-135, F-16, and T-38.

Fuel Probes were tested using a Hi-Tech PSD-90 test equip. for Dry Capacitance and Compensator.

PTP & ATP on a Thermostat Pneumatic units for Air Force fuel tanks, Amplifier-Intercom air refueling systems

QTP in prototypes for government products, Electrical, Mechanical performance in Temp. Chambers.

ATP performed in Navy missile sub-assemblies switches, Nose wheel steering external disarm switch, aircraft in-cabin temperature sensors, Blackhawk Helicopter caution panels.

Electrical Bonding Test, Dielectric Strength and Insulation Resistance in all Final ATP products.

Daily and Monthly production and Failure report in a company main data system.

Wavestream Corp. San Dimas, CA. APRIL 2015- AUG. 2015.

Specializing in RF Avionics systems.

RF Test Technician/QA Inspector, contract

Set up and perform Automated Initial and Final Tuning on KA Band 25watts frequencies systems.

Familiar with BUC’s and BDC’s systems integrators for broadcast satellite, mission communication systems.

Understand communication systems components, filter, diplexers, directional couplers, transmitters and receivers low and high bands.

Amplifier Systems tested at 5 different Temperatures Settings, at a Test equity 1000 series chamber.

Hands on experience with RF lab equipment including VNA, power meters, spectrum analyzers, vector signal generators, and RF Simulation and automated Software, calipers, height gages, depth indicators.

Calibration on Low and High Power solid state amplifiers.

Lab view software programs executed in all testing.

Automated and Manual documentation.

Rockwell Collins Tustin, CA AUG. 2014- APRIL 2015.

Specializing in Aircraft pilot controls Systems.

Electrical Test Technician, contract

Perform Final QTP and ATP on Aircraft pilot/co-pilot systems.

Customer witness in all ATP test. .

Integration of systems at Rigging Platforms, Rig pin adjustment at testing.

Performed Endurance, Fatigue, and Environmental Test on aircraft assemblies.

Set up Test Fixtures for Final Test pilot devices: Wheel Column Systems, Rudder pedals systems, Longitudinal

Control Module (Pitch system), Lateral Control Module (Roll System) Familiar with RVDT Tolerances.

Alignment, Torque, Electrical Bonding Test, Dielectric Strength and Insulation Resistance in all systems prior to final test.

Documentation performed, Acceptance test data sheets, Charts and Graphs before and after test.

Lab view software programs used in all tests.

Assist on ATP for Horizontal stabilizer Actuator for MRJ (Mitsubishi Regional Jet) & A-350 (air bus) aircraft.

Build Test Consoles, Cable Harnesses and Interface Test Adapters.

Rogerson / Kratos Aircraft Pasadena, CA OCT. 2013- AUG. 2014.

Specializing in Cockpit LCD Display Systems.

Electrical Test Technician, contract

Set up and perform ATP final Integration test on Heater Controllers and LCD Panels.

Hi-pot testing in all Heater Controllers prior to Cycle Testing.

Set up and perform Cycle Testing in all Heater Controllers and Panels.

Board level testing using Vinculum and Lab view software programs.

Testing video, sound, volume and performance on display panels.

Multi-meters, Oscilloscopes and Tester Jigs used to check for components values, voltages and amperages

Rework and quick fix on defective PC boards.

Charts, Graphs and data sheet reports in all pass and fail units.

Senior Aerospace SSP Burbank, CA. NOV. 2012- OCT. 2013.

Specializing in Products for Structures, Fluid conveyance, and Gas Turbine Engines.

Lab. Test Technician, contract

Set up and perform endurance test for Ball Joints and air ducts, flow (liquid and gaseous) and environmental test.

Helium leak detection, Hi and Low pressure valves, cycle testing (hydraulic and pneumatic).

Assist supervisors and engineers to archive proper test methods, using QTP and ATP procedures.

Works with all power equip. like band saws, grinders, drill presses and electrical equip. thermo-couplers, load cell, pressure transducers, high temperature heat exchangers, and degrees of motion angulations.

Applications with recording instruments, micrometers, calipers, height gages and other measurements equip.

Read drawings, schematics and Engineering blueprints, examination of specimens prior to test.

Lab view programs used in all tests performed. Shop mathematics applied.

Space Computer Corporation Los Angeles, CA. FEB. 2012- NOV. 2012.

Specialists in Advanced Processing of Sensor Data.

Electrical Test Technician

Research & Development of military aircraft sensors equipment for space surveillance.

Testing subassemblies for voltage, power, resistance, torqueing and calibration on new systems pre and post testing, upgrading memory cards and circuit boards.

Ability to set-up test stations to perform actual test. Conducts engineering tests and detailed experimental testing to collect design data or assist in research work.

Performs operational test and fault isolation on systems and equipment. Assists in determining methods or actions to remedy malfunctions.

Conformal coating, glues and compounds skills performed in all subassemblies and circuit boards.

Environmental chamber for cryogenics testing of systems.

Updating electronic pc boards and building sophisticated cable harnessing at military specs.

Created and illustrated documents for assembly of mechanical products.

AeroVironment Inc. Monrovia, CA. JUNE 2010- FEB. 2012.

A leading manufacturer of unmanned aircraft systems and aerial vehicles.

Electrical Test Technician, contract

Assisting Electrical Engineering on the 50kw. Output power Systems for Electrical Vehicle Fast Charging Systems.

R & D experience, Build and test prototype subassemblies; installing, wire harnessing, downloading software applications, define and solve developmental problems.

Review existing electrical engineering criteria to identify revisions, deletions or amendments for outdated material.

Trained and certified for High voltage applications and safety hazards.

Knowledge of 480wiring systems, circuit breaker panels, transformers, inductors, rectifiers, PCB, IGBT’s, high current panels, semiconductors ICs, Single line & 3 line phase systems.

Trained by senior electrical engineers to bring systems up to power, Applied EOL & UL Testing Procedures.

Vacco Industries El Monte, CA. JULY 2009 – MARCH 2010.

Engineered Fluid controls and etched products.

Clean Room Test Technician, contract

Building & Testing electrical latching titanium valves for space satellites and NASA shuttles.

Set up equipment for vibration test y, x at vertical and horizontal position.

Set up and operate all phases of processing pneumatic, hydraulic, and electro-mechanical assemblies for an aerospace application in a clean room environment. Samples of fluids taken too determined cleanest of product prior to assemble & test.

Mathematical skills to calculate formulas & conversions. Ability to work with high pressure gases like helium, nitrogen, hydrogen, fluids and cryogenic testing.

The ability to use precision inspection tools such micrometers, calipers, indicators, depth &height gauges.

Experience on electrical test equipment, data recorders, pressure transducers and Flow measuring devices, thermo-coupling, leak detectors. Documentation performed.

Sargent Fletcher / Cobham Inc. El Monte, CA. JULY 2007 – JULY 2009.

Specializing in air to air refueling systems and mission bomb racks.

Electrical / Mechanical Technician

Building, Testing & Installing complex harnessing, fuel probes & electrical covers for Pods & Pylons.

F-22 and C-130 aircraft refueling systems, Internal and external fuel tanks.

Electrical testing on hi-tech wiring u sing power supplies, Power meters, Dielectrics analyzers.

Building & Testing harnesses for small diameter bomb carrier used on the F-15 missions aircrafts.

Used Blueprints, schematics, drawings, power and hand tools used, wire stripers, crimpers, heat guns, infrared heat equip.

IPC specialist J001-S16610 for J-STD-001.

Teledyne Instruments City of Industry, CA. MARCH 2005 – NOV. 2006.

Analytical Instruments, gas and liquid analyzers.

Electro / Mechanical Technician, contract

Assembly of sophisticated test units involved with carbon dioxide, oxygen analyzers, Oxygen monitors & tracer monitors.

Blueprints, drawings apply on wiring units and electrical panels, as well as soldering of subassemblies, tube bending skills. Copper, stainless steel and pcv materials from 1/8” to 1/4” diameter.

Stripping, cutting, routing wires from front panels to back panels. Daily contact with engineers regarding of modifications on prototypes and drawings. Documentation performed.

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