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Engineer Manager

Beirut, Beirut Governorate, Lebanon
March 11, 2018

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Personal Information:

Name: Tammam Hajj Chehade

Place and Date of Birth: June 1, 1983 – Lebanon

Mobiles/telephone: +961********


Language: English, French & Arabic (Fluent speaking, reading &writing), Turkish (basic),Spanish (intermediate), Russian (basic)


Telecom & IT Expert Engineer since 2006 with diversified experience in mobile Telecommunication & Networking (Ericsson, Huawei, NOKIA, Motorola, Win 2K3, Active Director, Unix, Shell scripting …) and different domains and Technologies (CN, 2G, 3G and 4G; Win2000,win2003 and win2008) looking for a career path in a professional environment where I can learn and Develop


11.5 years of Experience in Telecommunication domain (2G, 3G & 4G)

Excellent experience in LTE, LTE-A and VoLTE

Excellent experience on Nokia LTE networks in different projects

Excellent experience in 3G/4G Radio Network Optimization, idle & dedicated modes Design, integration, O&M, SW Upgrades, Field maintenance, Drive Test and Acceptance Test procedures

Flexibility in working day or night, under low or high pressure, & flexibility in flying overseas if needed

Attending weekly operations meetings and preparation of presentations, technical documentations, audit reports, traces analysis for the customer C-level people, HoDs, Managers and Team Leaders to discuss the existing network status & probable/planned actions and defining action points

Excellent knowledge of Huawei, Ericsson & Nokia HW/SW Levels, features & characteristics

Excellent experience in DT logs Analysis, Parameter & Neighbor optimization and KPI analysis

Excellent experience with Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson RAN equipment

Excellent Communication Skills with customer with diversified culture due to different projects worldwide (24 projects so far) for last 11 years (TogoCell_Togo, Alfa_Lebanon (3 times), Avea_Turkey, Mobilis_Algeria(3 times), Touch_Lebanon, Liban-Telecom_Lebanon, Turkcell_Turkey, Orange_Jordan, Umniah_Jordan,, Zain_Sudan, Tigo-Milicom_Tanzania, Batelco_Bahrain, AT&T_USA, MTN_South Africa (2 times), Zain _SaudiArabia, Egypt_Ireland, Vodacom_Mozambique, Vivacell_Armenia and SyriaTel_Syria)

Tools Expertise:

Excellent experience with Nokia tools such as NETACT, OPTIMIZER, PLAN EDITOR, OMS EM, BTS SITE MANAGER, Data WareHouse, Iris optimization tool & site tool, information browser & NED

Excellent experience in DT tools such as Actix, Nemo analyser, TEMS Investigations; TEMS Visualization & TEMS Discovery Device Professional

Excellent experience with Ericsson tools such Moshell, MCOM, RNC Dimensioning tool,, MCOM, STATICS, Citrix, OSS-RC, Business Object, Eniq, Web Intelligence Rich client, Cygwin, FileZilla, Secure CRT, Reparenting Tool, xml wizard, Element Manager, SMO, Common/Network Explorer, Putty…

Excellent experience with Huawei tools such as GENEX Probe, Nastar, LMT, M2000, Trace Viewer, Huawei Learning Cloud and HEDEX

Excellent experience using ATOLL 3.3, Mentum, & Aexio Xeus planning tools

IBWave Design

Aircom ASSET and DataSafe planning tools

Astellia, MapInfo professional & WireShark

FACTS & BMC Remedy

Taken Trainings:

i-Nokia Training (FL16A):










10-LTE timing advance

ii-Huawei Training(eran11.1/eran7.0):

LTE System Overview ISSUE; LTE Air Interface ISSUE; LTE eRAN7.0 Idle Mode ISSUE; LTE eRAN7.0 Intra-RAT Handover Feature ISSUE; LTE eRAN7.0 Power Control Feature ISSUE; LTE eRAN7.0 Scheduling Feature ISSUE; LTE_eRAN7.0_Carrier_Aggregation_Feature; LTE eRAN7.0 MIMO Feature ISSUE; LTE_Radio_Network_Coverage_Dimensioning_ISSUE; LTE_Radio_Network_Capacity_Dimensioning_ISSUE LTE_Cell_Planning_ISSUE; LTE eRAN6.0 KPI Introduction ISSUE; LTE Signaling and Protocols ISSUE; LTE Handover Fault Diagnosis ISSUE;

LTE Call Drop Diagnosis ISSUE; LTE Access Fault Diagnosis ISSUE; LTE Traffic Fault Diagnosis ISSUE; LTE Network Tuning ISSUE

iii-Trainings with Ericsson:

1- LTE Optimization:

1.1-LZU1082162 LTE L16 Radio Network Functionality

1.2-LZU1082163 LTE L16 Advanced Radio Network Feature

1.3-LZU1082164 LTE L16 Radio Network Design

1.4-LZU1082166 LTE L16 Performance Management and Optimization

1.5-LTE Air interface, Performance Management and Optimization

1.6-LTE Fundamentals, Features & Parameter Audi

1.7-LTE Irat optimization

1.8-MIMO in LTE R8

2- LTE End 2 End Operation/Integration:

2.1-LTE Overview

2.2-LTE L10 eNodeB (RBS6000) Commissioning (RAN Integration, RBS Management Application, RBS6000 Integration)

2.3-LTE L10 Configuration (Configuration Overview, Ethernet & IP Suite in LRAN, RBS6000 Configuration)

2.4-LTE L10 Troubleshooting (Troubleshooting Tools, RBS Recovery and DCG, System View)

3- WCDMA optimization:

3.1- WCDMA System Overview

3-2- WCDMA Air Interface

3.3- WCDMA RAN Tuning

3.4- WRAN protocols and Procedures

3.5- WRAN Capacity Management

3.6- Software Level (W10, W11 & W12) features description

3.7- URA PCH feature description

3.8- WRAN HSDPA/Eul Optimization

4- Diversified Evo Controller8200, RNC3810/3820 and RBS 3000/6000 online Trainings and Workshops (RNC Dimensioning, Call Flow, SS7 Signaling, RNC/RBS HW Overview, RNC/RBS SW Overview, Onsite/remote Integration, License Handling, RNC/RBS ATM/IP Configuration/upgrade/Expansion, Node Synchronization, CCR Tool, Scripting (Mo,Mos, Xml), FNI workshop, moshell overview)

5- MGW R5: Integration, Expansion, Upgrade, Update, O & M and Troubleshooting

6- IP in WCDMA networks

7- WCDMA W10 Operation

8- AXE & APG Platforms: Configuration, Operation and Maintenance

9- TSP platform: Operation and Maintenance

Professional Experience:

1-2G/3G/4G RF Optimization Team Leader with Nokia for TogoCell Swap and Modernization project, starting Oct 2017 till Jan 2018

Swap of Alcatel Lucent 2G/3G sites with Nokia Single RAN WCDMA 16 SBTS 2G/3G/4G

Design of 4G/3G/2G neighbors (ADJx) for new Nokia anchor ALU networks using ATOLL

Design the PCI and RSI for the LTE network using ATOLL

Design of PSC of the new 3G network using ATOLL

Design and implementation of MBLB Feature

Preparation and of provisioning the XMLs of the BCF, BTS, WBTS and WCEL for the new sites

Preparation of commissioning files for new LTE test sites

Updating the existing network design to overcome the occurring big congestion in the network

Optimization of existing 2G/3G ALU sites and preparation for the swap process

KPI analysis of 3G/4G new sites and sites to be swapped

Features recommendations and implementations

Auditing the Radio Network Parameters and Features of the new integrated sites in order to ensure they are aligned with the given baseline parameters and features

WCL & Cluster optimization

Audit on existing parameters, analysis and recommendations

2-3G/4G/FTTx/OSP Huawei Certified, Ericsson & Nokia Trainer, starting April 2017 till Oct 2017

Conducting a variety of Huawei and Ericsson telecom courses (LTE, WCDMA, FTTX, OSP) to a live audience of operator engineers in different countries (Algeria, China, Lebanon)

The prepared and delivered courses are:

Delivered LTE-Advanced training for MTN Syria in August 2017, covering the following courses: LTE L16 Radio Network Functionality, LTE L16 Advanced Radio Network Features, L16 Radio Network Design, L16 Performance Management and Optimization

Huawei ERAN 11.1 Certified Trainer Covering the following courses: LTE air interface, idle mode, signaling and protocols, Handover, LTE Power Control, LTE Scheduling Control, LTE Network Design and Dimensioning, LTE Performance Management, LTE Radio Network Tuning and Optimization, LTE Basic Features and Algorithms, LTE, LTE SON Features, LTE Reconfiguration/initial Configuration and troubleshooting, O&M, Commissioning, LTE Field Maintenance)

Delivering Huawei FTTH and OSP training for Algeria Telecom in Algiers/Boufarik; covering the following courses: Optical Fiber Technology, OSP Solution Installation, OSP Solution Maintenance, Fiber Network Maintenance and Troubleshooting, Practical Lab Manual Optical Fiber and Transmission Basis Training, Practical Manual Fiber Network Measurement and Maintenance, OSP Solution Tools and Testing Overview, Fiber Testing, Fiber Losses, OTDR, ODN Overview and Components, GPON Fundamentals ISSUE, MA5800 System Overview, GPON Commissioning, GPON FTTH HSI Service Provisioning, GPON FTTH VoIP Service Provisioning SIP, VDSL2 Technology In-depth, FTTx Vectoring Features….

Delivered OSP Fibre Optics training for Benin Telecom in September 2017

3-4G/3G RNPO Team Leader Consultant with Nokia for Alfa_Lebanon, starting October 2016 until May 2017 (3G/4G Ericsson & 4G Nokia networks)

Mobility Strategy of the Nokia LTE

Preparation and provisioning of commissioning files for new LTE sites

Drive Test analysis for the new 3G Ericsson & 4G Nokia Sites

Features activation such as RIM for WCDMA, RLF Triggered Handover, IRC, Channel Aware Scheduler (UL), Extended RLF handling, Neighbor Relation Robustness, Support of DRX in RRC connected mode, DL interference Shaping, LTE Flexible SCell selection, LTE UL Power Control, Configurable UL Interference Regions, Dynamic HO Blacklisting, Fast UL Link adaptation

DL Interference reduction mechanisms, good knowledge using the eICIC/DL Interference shaping/MIMO

Assisting 4G Team in DT reports acceptance preparation for the new sites

Analyzing and solving PCI and RSI clashes and performing inconsistency checks of the newly integrated sites as a part of the acceptance procedure

Auditing the Radio Network Parameters and Features of the new integrated sites in order to ensure they are aligned with the given baseline parameters and features

RNC capacity planning, load balancing of the traffic

WCL & Cluster optimization

Audit on existing parameters, analysis and recommendations

Big Events actions and analysis and lessons learned

4G/3G KPIs Formulas audit

Presenting New Design of 3G Idle and dedicated modes of the network

3G/4G Benchmark between 2 operators for idle & dedicated modes parameters values taken from DT logs

High level R& D 3G level optimization using hidden, and network level parameters (QoS, RNC level)

WNCS, GPEH and RNC L3 messages traces, analysis and recommendation

Redesign the PSC and neighbor’s definitions using ATOLL

3G Inter-frequency load share design

Improve 3G KPIs for all active services & enhancing the throughput of HS/EUL on network level (E/// W16B)

Supporting the 3G optimization team with WPC analysis using KPIs, DT Data, Alarms & customer Complaints

Cell and RNC parameter audit as well as audit of the activated features with the related parameters

Proposal of different parameter changes and antenna actions to improve worst performing cells

CE/Power/Code/MP Load utilizations studies to improve network performances

VSWR/UL RSSI/ IFHO Studies and actions to improve network coverage and fix problematic areas

Features trials, assessments and recommendations

Activation of Ericsson Service Modules (ESM) Features on 3G network and assessments

Regular meetings with Customer for network updates

Study on the existing 3G traffic distribution strategy (traffic steering) & 3G Mobility Strategy

Optimize different Timers for FACH and DCH channel switching to improve resource utilization of the network and end user experience on 3G network

Identification and resolving of pilot polluted areas, mainly identified by DT (3G)

4-3G/4G NPO Consultant with Nokia for Turk Telecom_Turkey (AVEA), starting November 2015 until October 2016

Design of the ADJS and ADJI for the new U900 F4 and F5 layers

Design of the PSC and neighbors for more than 1300 sites forU900 and U2100 network using ATOLL

Preparation of xml files for the new 3G sites

Drive Test analysis for the new 3G & 4G Sites

VOLTE, CSFB testing and analysis

MIMO analysis of the worst cells and performing some trials

4G/VOLTE/3G KPI analysis

Optimisation for the critical and major KPIs for the U900 and W2100 KPIs (CS/PS NQI, SHO SR, ISHO SR and IFHO SR) as well load balancing for CS and PS Traffic between existing 5 layers

Study of MBLB Nokia feature on few cells

Providing some training sessions to Nokia GDC team in India on the usage of Aircom Optima tool (running modules and fetching KPIs…)

WCL optimization, Cluster and city based optimization to meet the required target

Handling customer complaints regarding the poor coverage and Throughput in Ankara & East Turkey

ADJS, ADJI & ADJG Neighbors audit and taking necessary actions

Reporting of the U900 and W2100 networks on daily basis to Nokia and Avea management

5-2G/3G Radio Optimization Consultant with Netas-P.i.Works companies for Mobilis_Algeria, starting July 2015 until November 2015

Proposing new Design of 3G Idle and dedicated modes of the network

Optimization of 2G & 3G networks (Huawei, Ericsson and ZTE) using P.I.Web & P.I.ANO tools

3G Timers optimization, features suggestion, Traces (WNCS, GPEH, UEH, RNC)

Neighbors audit for 2G & 3G and taking necessary actions accordingly

Daily Monitoring for the Network 2G and 3G KPIs like (HO, Rach &TCH Assignment SR, SDCCH congestion & Drop Rate, TCH Drop Rate, EDGE D:/UL Throughput, TBF Establishment SR, PDCH Allocation Failure, Total TCH traffic, RRC& RAB CS/PS/HS Failure %, …)

Parameters Tuning for Admission and congestion control

Handling customer complaints (VIP, normal) according to the SLA

Drive Test Analysis and taking necessary action to improve 2G and 3G coverage

6-WRAN Expert Engineer working in different positions (optimization TL/Manager, BO Support, Initial tuning Engineer) for 2G/3G Ericsson network

3.1-3G Radio Network Planning & Optimization (RNPO) Team Leader Consultant with Ericsson for Mobilis_Algeria, starting April 2014 until December 2014

Acting as the RNPO Manager for a period of time and handling RF tasks

Team Leader of 3G Ericsson Team members (group of 4 RF consultants and 5 Customer complaints consultants and 3 E/// Engineers responsible for ECO/ERA and xParameters tools (EDOS))

Attending weekly operations meetings with the customer CTO, DMR, RAN, CN managers and Team Leaders to discuss the existing network status & probable/planned actions and defining action points

Preparations of some presentations for the customer C-level people for some new features & changes to me made in the network (2nd carrier deployment, CE expansion, Eid events, RNC expansion,…)

Attending routine meeting with Ericsson Algeria Core 3 Team (RAN Program manager, Technical BB manager, BO manager, Sales team, SA) to discuss about offering new features, the Ericsson Multi-Carrier solution to the customer and additional sites to the network

Delivering presentations about Ericcson features & solutions to customers

Acceptance for newly integrated 3G sites by Ericsson NRO team

Reporting for Ericsson management on the network performance and KPIs on weekly basis

Daily Monitoring for the Network KPIs like (RRC& RAB CS Failure %, RRC PS Failure %, RAB PS R99 Failure %, RAB HS Failure %, Speech DCR, Drop CS %, Drop PS R99 %, Drop HS %, HO SR %, IRAT SR %, Throughput, Pilot Pollution, UL RSSI, RRC/RAB blocking & Congestion investigations) and providing recommendations for Improving 3G network behavior and KPIs

Customer Complaints handling using the Indoor or Outdoor Drive Test and implementing soft changes or Site Hardware/physical antenna changes

Worst Performing Cells (WPC) KPIs investigations and troubleshooting’s

Cell Throughput Analysis by changing different parameters of channel switching and EUL TTI 2ms activation for some cells in the network

Optimize different Timers for Irat CellChange and make UEH trace

Add missing neighbour’s using GPEH and WNCS trace

Parameters Tuning for Admission and congestion control & RNC capacity planning, Traffic load balancing

2nd carrier study and providing suggestion of its deployment in the network

3.2-BO support engineer with Ericsson for Mobilis_Algeria, starting December 2014 until March 2015

Attending weekly operations meetings with the customer RAN, CN, FO and Maintenance managers and Team Leaders to discuss the existing network status & probable/planned actions and defining action points

Troubleshooting /follow up of the problems with Alarm monitoring and investigations

Software upgrade of the 3G nodes (RNC, RBS) from W12A to W12B and then to W14A

Working on call shift and investigating outages occurring during non-working hours

Problem solutions for network level persistent problems, thus saving Millions of $ on the customer (sites go down, but do not go up when the power is restored; 2nd carrier cells degradation after being implemented…)

Providing studies for some RNC dimensioning for traffic re-distribution

Change Requests (CRs) implementation on the 3G nodes (RNCs, RBS6000)

3.3-Initial tuning engineer with Ericsson for Mobilis_Algeria, starting March 2015 until May 2015

Attending weekly operations meetings with the customer RAN, optimization and Maintenance managers and Team Leaders to discuss the existing network status & probable/planned actions and defining action points

SSV creation for new sites and implementation for their scripts to be on air

Organizing Single Site and Cluster Drive DT (DT) with the subcontractor teams

KPIs analysis for the new sites and the clusters before and after the DT

Parameters tuning and neighbors (Utran/GSM) for the new sites/clusters

Parameters implementation of the tuned parameters

7-2G/3G Optimization & IBS Design & DT Analysis Engineer with Setelia for Touch_Lebanon Operator, starting July 2013 until April 2014 on 3G Huawei & 2G ZTE/Huawei networks

Attending weekly operations meetings with the customer RAN manager and Optimization Team Leaders to discuss the existing network status & probable/planned actions and defining action points

Analysis of 2G and 3G DT logs for all Lebanon roads using Genex Probe & Nemo analyzers

Assisting the planning team in the design of some Indoor building solutions (2G/3G) for some hotels and building in Lebanon using the IBWave design tool

Assisting in the IBS design of the following hotels: Radisson Martinez, Lancaster plaza and the Forum of Beirut Exhibition Hall

Provide solutions for the drop calls (2G/3G) and network behavior

Define different Scenarios for the DT to get detailed and more realistic view of network behavior

KPIs (DCR, HSR, CSSR, PSR, Traffic, congestion) checking before and after the DT using for further investigation about the drop and network status

Checking network status using M2000 for 3G Huawei sites and NetNumen for 2G ZTE sites

8-2G/3G/4G RNPO Network Performance Team Leader Consultant with Aircom for MTN_South Africa, starting May 2013 until June 2013 on 2G/3G/4G Ericsson & Huawei networks

Attending weekly operations meetings with the customer RAN and Optimization manager and Team Leaders to discuss the existing network status & probable/planned actions and defining action points

Team Leader of 2G/3G Aircom Team members (group of 6 engineers)

4G network performance monitoring and provide technical consultancy to improve the KPIs SPoC between Aircom and MTN teams; ensuring that WLA processes are followed completely

KPIs (DCR, HSR, CSSR, PSR, Traffic, Irat HO) checking before and after the cutover using FACTs web tool

Design of 2G and 3G network areas for cutover (LAC design, clusters redistribution) using Asset tool

cluster optimization and parameter tuning prior to the cutover operation

Cutover of 2G/3G Ericsson & Huawei Sites to new BSC/RNC nodes using Asset and Datasafe planning tools

Troubleshooting problem after the cutover (redefine External/internal neighbors, relation on Ericsson and Huawei 2G and 3G nodes)

Update CGI on Core Network Blade clusters and MSC-S

Remote support to Mozambique for troubleshooting some problems in Vodacom 3G network

9-3G/4G Radio Optimization Consultant with NSN for Alfa-Mic1_Lebanon Operator (on 3G Ericsson access network), starting March 2012 until May 2013 for 3G Ericsson and 2G/4G Ericsson/NSN networks

7.1-LTE Optimization Engineer:

LTE Optimization was taking place on new 4G trial network (20 sites of Ericsson RBS6000 and 20 sites of NSN LTE Flexi RBS) with testing of LTE features: CSFB, RRM…

Parameters tuning, neighboring definitions, investigating the reasons for the drop calls, testing of mobility features (CSFB feature, RAT mobility) and mobility parameters …

LTE Sites acceptance with the customer

LTE RBS script execution follow up and supervision

Monitor and report the progress towards targets to higher management on weekly and monthly basis

Participate in weekly meeting with the customer to evaluate the project progress and define action points

4.2-3G Optimization Engineer:

The Optimization is taking place on Ericsson 3G equipment’s (EVO Controller, RNC3820 & RBS 6000) and 2G NSN (Flexi BSC, BTS) covering GBA (Greater Beirut Area) region using W12B SW level

Daily Monitoring for the Network KPIs like (Speech DCR, CSSR, CS/PS Irat, HOSR, Throughput, Congestion investigations) in the assigned Area to find and recommend solutions for Improving 3G network behavior

Attending weekly operations meetings with the RAN HoD & Optimization manager & Team Leaders to discuss the existing network status & probable/planned actions & defining action points

Optimization of new U900 clusters and parameter tuning

Troubleshoot any degradation in terms of CS/PS DCR, blocking & HS throughput degradation

Monitor and report the progress towards targets to higher management on weekly/monthly basis

Handle customer complaints and new requests in a professional and smart way

Drop call troubleshooting according to mobile type (TAC value) using Aexio tool

High Value Cells (HVC) and worst Performing Cells (WPC) KPIs investigations and troubleshooting’s

RNC capacity planning, load balancing of the traffic

Cell Throughput Analysis by changing different parameters of channel switching and EUL TTI 2ms activation

Optimize different Timers for Irat cellchange and make UEH/UETR trace

New and rehomed KPIs monitoring and investigations and performing neighbors audit (WNCS, GPEH)

Parameters Tuning for Admission and congestion control

2nd carrier implementation and SSV with follow up the KPIs after 2nd carrier deployment

Activate the HS-IFLS feature & optimization and traffic balancing among 3 carriers

Different types of traces and tools were used in investigations such as: Data Warehouse, ENIQ, OSS, GPEH, UETR, Aexio, RNC signaling/call flow trace)

4.3-Back Office LTE/RNC Expert Engineer:

Back Office LTE Enode-B O&M activities for E/// RBS6000 and NSN LTE Flexi nodes

Supervising Ericsson Team in Ericsson EVO Controller 8200 integration

RNC dimensioning for traffic re-distribution

Provide consultancy services and methods of stabilize and improve of the 3G network nodes

Daily KPIs extractions for the 3G cells from the 3G Nodes, Eniq & Data Warehouse servers

RFCs to change parameters on the 3G nodes (RNCs, RBS6000) execution

2nd carrier addition/deletion on 3G sites

RNCs Health Check and investigations with alarm monitoring and investigations

10-Service Engineer, Core Department “Ericsson, GSDC-Lebanon” from Dec 2008 till Jan 2010 then

LTE/WCDMA RAN Department “Ericsson Lebanon” from Feb 2010 till March 2012

4.1-LTE Integration and Network performance from Egypt remotely to Ireland for 2 weeks (June 2011)

Enode-B (RBS6000) integrations using different methods/procedures and O&M and troubleshooting

Checking Enode-B performance and network KPIs, load…

Parameters tuning, neighboring definitions

4.2-STC_KSA 3G Senior 3G Optimization & B.O.WRAN Team Leader (Feb 2012 till March 2012)

ATM & IP 3G RBS Rehoming for the RNCs in Jeddah and Riyadh cities: perform Rehoming manually by transfer IUB, Cells, GSM relations & Utran relations

Optimization and O &M of the rehomed sites before and after the rehoming activity

Daily Monitoring for the Network KPIs like and taking necessary actions

4.3-Turkcell_Turkey Senior 3G Optimization & B.O. WRAN Engineer (Jan 2012 till Feb 2012)

Software Upgrade to W10 IP for more than 9700 RBS (RBS6000, RBS3000) and 65 RNCs (3820, 3810)

Troubleshooting the problems/alarms that appear during and after the upgrade

Checking 3G network KPIs & performance before/after the upgrade & taking necessary actions

4.4-Orange_Jordan Senior 3G Optimization & RAN/RAN Team Leader (July 2011 - Jan 2012)

Dual Carrier implementation and KPIs monitoring on the dual carrier sites

Integrating new RNC and NodeBs on the RAN and MSC-S and preparation of needed scripts

Monitoring of the Network KPIs (Speech DCR, Throughput, Congestion,…)

RNC traffic dimensioning to tune RNC MP LOAD and DC/CC loads

Troubleshooting and O&M activities for Orange 3G Network as they have: RNC3820, RBS3000 (3418, 518, 3018, 3308 and3206, IuB Dual stack, IuPs over IP, IuCS over ATM)

RNC capacity planning, load balancing of the traffic

RNC P7FP to W10B upgrade and RBS rehoming from one RNC to another

Knowledge transfer to customer BSS Engineers (trainings, Presentations and onsite working with the customer staff)

4.5-Alfa-Mic1_Lebanon, Team Leader WRAN Support Engineer Engineer (March 2011 until July 2011)

First Node Integration (FNI) and Software Deployment (SD) for the 1st 3G network in Lebanon consisting of integration of 2 RNCs 3820 and more than 170 RBS6000 (RBS 6102, 6201 & 6601)

Making 1st 3G call (Voice, video) and 1st 3G data call in Lebanon

Participating in the design of the new 3G network (traffic distribution based on 3 RNCs) as well preparation of the HLD (high Level Design) and LLD (Low Level Design) reports

Supervising the Integration team for the new 3G network (4 engineers)

Evaluate network performance criteria and measurement methods

Prepare the analysis of the short-term or long-term capacity needs for RNC

Preparation and definition of the GSM and Utran relation for the network

Making Acceptance Tests for the RNC with the customers and Loading the licenses of the RNCs and RBSs

Daily Monitoring for the new 3G network KPIs like (Speech DCR, CSSR, HOSR, Throughput..) and recommend solutions for Improving 3G network behavior

Worst performing cells analysis and troubleshooting’s

4.6-Zain_Sudan Senior B.O. WRAN BO Support Engineer (26 May until 31 May 2011)

Integration of new RBS 6000 over IP Transmission medium

Swap from ATM to IP RBSs and rehoming of sites from one RNC to another

Definition of the sites (scripts, Iub links,…) in OSS

4.7-Syriatel_Syria Senior B.O. WRAN Support Engineer (15 May until 27 May 2011)

Troubleshooting the problems that appear in the 3G network.

Remote work to support the integration team in Syria for RBS integration using OSS

4.8-Tigo_Tanzania WRAN BO Support Engineer (Oct 2010 until March 2011)

Handover from GSDC Spain team to integrate the 3G network (RNC 3820 and RBS3000 series) and investigate/troubleshoot problem in the new 3G network

Integration of RBS 3418 and SW packages and licenses loading and activation

RBS 3418 and RNC 3820 O & M and health check

Alarm monitoring and investigations

Making Acceptance Tests for the RNCs and RBSs with the customers

Preparation of scripts for the sites

SPE (Service performance Evaluation) at the customer site

Knowledge transfer to customer engineers (Trainings, workshops & onsite working with the customer staff)

4.9- Batelco_Bahrain RBS 6000 as Experienced WRAN Support Engineer (Nov 2010 until December 2010)

RBS 6000 integration

Alarm, outages and 3G network problem troubleshooting and investigations

O & M support for optimization team

Preparation of scripts for the sites

4.10-AT&T_USA Support, Experienced B.O. WRAN Support Engineer (Nov 2010, 3 weeks)

RBS Software Upgrade

Sites rehoming

Troubleshooting the problems that exist on the 3G network

4.11-MTN_South Africa F.O. Team Leader, Experienced WRAN and core Network Support Engineer (March 2009 till Sep 2010) for a team of 34 members (Italians, Lebanese, Irish, Brazilians and Africans)

WRAN & GRAN (RNC, NodeB, BSC, BTS) and core Network nodes (MSC-S, Blade clusters, MGW, HLR, AUC, STP) Surveillance and troubleshooting

MGW upgrade from R4.2 to R5.1 & APG40 upgrade

Preparation of 3G FO planned work report, daily and weekly reports

Ensuring the proper follow up from the 3G FO team for the FO process in escalation & notification

Preparation for the handover from E// to MTN Staff for the Network surveillance

11-Core Network Team Leader Engineer with “HUAWEI, Lebanon” (April 2008 till Dec 2008)

Integration of MSC-S, MGW, HLR and M2000 Huawei equipment for Liban-Telecom new network

Team Leader for Core Network Team (4 engineers)

Providing technical support for Umniah Operator in Jordan

Interconnection establishment with PSTN, other operators

On the job training in Jordan regarding R5 MSoftx3000 and R5 UMG8900

O & M of the core network equipments

12-BSS / O&M Field Engineer with “MOTOROLA_ZAINE, Saudi Arabia” (Sept. 2007 till April 2008)

Installation & Commissioning of New Network Infrastructure (BSC, NodeB, H2 BTS, ODU, IDU …)

Follow up major network problems on BSC Side and on BTS side

On the job trainings about MOTOROLA Horizon II Indoor and Outdoor BTS and BSC

On the job trainings about PCU and relation of Packet Core with BSS

Integration of 3G Huawei RBS

Drive Test for the new sites for the 2G and 3G technologies

O&M activities for the 3G Huawei nodes (RNC and RBS)

13-Core Network Engineer with “VivaCell, Armenia” (March 2007 till Sept 2007)

Operation and Maintenance for different equipments ( old Alcatel-Lucent SSP

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