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Informatica, Oracle, Netezza Senior Consultant (Informatica certified)

Toronto, ON, Canada
March 07, 2018

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Senior Informatica / Oracle Consultant

Toronto, ON


Senior Informatica and Oracle consultant,

Certified Informatica PowerCenter Data Integration 10 Developer Specialist

Technical lead and developer in P+C insurance and finance


Certified Informatica PowerCenter Data Integration 10 Developer Specialist

-Informatica PowerCenter

-Informatica Developer Big Data Edition

-Informatica Data Quality, Informatica Analyst

-Informatica Metadata Repository reports

-Informatica performance tuning (performance counters, thread statistics, pushdown optimization)

Technical Leader (10 years)

-Teams of 5 to 20 developers

-Informatica, Oracle, Java, Hadoop, Unix and Linux development

Data Warehousing / ETL (8 years):

-Informatica ETL

-Oracle Exadata

-Netezza 7, Aginity Workbench for Netezza

-Automated data validation frameworks

Big Data:

-Hadoop (Hortonworks), Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Ambari

Data Integration:

-Oracle AQ (Advanced Queues) / JMS messaging

-Oracle Streams, XML/DB

-SOAP / Web Services

Oracle DBA, Data Architect and Development (20 years):

-ERWIN Data Modeler, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler

-Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (versions 6 to 12c), Oracle Exadata

-Performance tuning (explain plan, query tracing, wait event monitoring)

-TOAD, SQLDeveloper, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus,

-XML/DB, Oracle Streams, Oracle AQ/JMS (Advanced Queues)

-Oracle Data Dictionary

Java Development:

-IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, JDeveloper

C programming, Unix system programming, Unix shell scripts


Auto and Property Insurance, ETL, Data migration, Fraud detection in the Guidewire Claim Center and Policy Center (Intact Insurance, Aviva Insurance, Cooperators Insurance, Allianz Insurance, Agricorp Insurance)

Telecom Data Warehouse ETL (Rogers Communications)

Banking, Risk Management, Data Warehousing / Basel II (CIBC)

Retail / Merchandising (Hudson’s Bay Co.)

ERP / Oracle Applications (GE Capital, Nortel Networks)

Electronic Funds Transfer / Credit and Debit card processing / authorization (Oasis Technology)


Nov 2017 – current Rogers Communications, Toronto

Senior Informatica/Oracle Consultant – Informatica, Oracle, BMC/Control-M v9 job scheduling

(Informatica PowerCenter 10, Oracle 12c, XML, Control-M, UNIX, PowerCenter repository reports)

Data warehouse development and maintenance for the Informatica ETL code to ODS

- Designed and coded the fully automated zero intervention data validation framework for the Informatica extracts to ODS:

-the validation code analyzes the source and target tables structure using the Oracle data dictionary and configured metadata information

-validation code is then dynamically generated for full comparison of source and target table structure and data

-for very large (fact) tables primary key constraints are used to generate comparisons of random data samples between source and target

- Designed and coded repository-based execution reports for the Informatica extracts

- Data profiling and analysis

- Designed and coded type I/II mappings and workflows for TB-size extracts

May 2017 – Sept 2017 Intact Insurance, Toronto

Senior Informatica/Oracle Consultant – Informatica, Oracle, Java, Guidewire ClaimCenter 8, BMC/Control-M v9 job scheduling, Hadoop, Pig, Sqoop, Hive

(Informatica PowerCenter, Oracle 12c, XML Parsing, Java, Guidewire Studio, HP-ALM, Control-M, UNIX)

Development and maintenance for Informatica extracts and Java plugins for Guidewire ClaimCenter 8.

Development of the POC for ingestion of legacy claims into Hadoop using Sqoop, Hive and Pig.

–Loaded legacy claims data into Hadoop using Sqoop

–Data validation using Hive QL

–Designed Pig workflows for data ingestion into Oracle.

September 2016 – May 2017 Aviva Insurance, Toronto

Senior ETL Consultant – Informatica PowerCenter, Informatica Developer IDE, Informatica Data Quality, Informatica Analyst, Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, P+C Insurance, Data migration to Guidewire CC, Agile development

(Oracle 12c, Informatica PowerCenter 9.5, 10.0, Informatica Data Quality, XML Parsing, HTTP Web Services, Java, ASG-Zena scheduling, JIRA, Unix)

Senior Informatica Consultant for the Aviva Personal Lines - Claims migration into Guidewire Claim Center

-Designed and developed Informatica ETL mappings and workflows for the migration of legacy claims data into Guidewire Claims Center with emphasis on code maintainability and reusability through use of reusable transformations, mapplets and parametrization.

-Used Informatica thread statistics and performance counters as well as Oracle tracing to identify execution bottlenecks for tuning and refactoring.

-Analyzed data distribution and quality in the source legacy system using Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) and Informatica Analyst

-Tuned the Informatica/Oracle code achieving significant performance improvements (in one case a reduction in execution time from four hours to less than five minutes).

As senior consultant with insurance experience I participated in design sessions and helped design the technical solutions.

January 2015 – August 2016 Cooperators Insurance Corp, Guelph

Senior ETL Consultant – Technical Lead

Informatica PowerCenter, Informatica Developer IDE, Informatica Data Quality, Informatica Analyst, Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, Netezza, Fraud detection for Auto Insurance, Data migration to Guidewire PC, Agile development, BMC/Control-M job scheduling, Claims and Policy Data Warehouse

Technical Lead and Data Architect for the ETL extract from Cooperators Policy and Claims systems (Guidewire Policy and Claims Center) into the Canatics Fraud Detection System

-Led the Informatica / Oracle design and development

-Developed Informatica ETL mappings and workflows

-Tuned the Oracle, Netezza and Informatica code achieving five to ten times increases in ETL performance of specific data feeds.

-Analyzed source systems data distribution and quality using Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) and Informatica Analyst, reusing the exported IDQ mappings in PowerCenter.

-Worked on claims and policy extracts into the Oracle Data Warehouse

Technical Lead for the development of the Informatica data migration workflows for the Cooperators Commercial Policy migration into Guidewire Policy Center using Informatica XML generation.

-As technical leader developed the functional requirements template for the business analysts and worked with them to generate the corresponding technical requirements; also assisted the QA team in the design of test cases

-Designed and developed the ETL mappings and workflows

-Used the HTTP transformation to extract adjuster data in XML format from secondary system.

-Used the XML Generator transformation to create XML files for loading into Guidewire Policy Center

As technical lead participated in design sessions with management and business users and presented architectural solutions

January 2006 – December 2014 Intact Insurance, Toronto

Senior Consultant – Technical Lead

Informatica, Oracle, P+C Insurance, Guidewire CC, Fraud detection for Auto Insurance

(Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, Oracle XML/DB, Oracle Forms/Reports 11, Oracle JDeveloper, Eclipse, Java/JMS, Oracle Streams, Oracle Advanced Queues (A/Q), UML, Statspack, Altova XML Studio, SOAP, Web Services, Informatica PowerCenter, Oracle Exadata, Claims Data Warehouse)

Technical Lead and Data Architect for the ETL extract from Intact Claims (Guidewire CC) into the Insurance Fraud Detection System

-Defined the staging schema architecture for the fraud detection interface

-Responsible for data mapping between the Intact Claims system and the Detica (BAE Systems) NetReveal Fraud Detection software

-Coordinated with external vendor on data quality and usability in Fraud Detection criteria

-Developed Informatica ETL mappings and workflows

-Advised on Informatica development and deployment best practices

Technical lead for the development and implementation of the Canada-wide taxation module in the Intact Claims

Technical lead and Data Architect for the real-time Intact Claims System Interface to the Xactware and Audatex property and auto estimation and tracking systems

-Interacted with business users to define the user interface elements and specific processing requirements

-Defined the staging area architecture for the interface modules for Auto and Property claims

-Used the generic interface to provide asynchronous two-way transactional data integration between the Claims System and the external service providers, including near-real-time notification of success or failure of assignment.

Technical lead for the generic interface for the claims system, providing fully transactional, transparent and configurable communications (asynchronous (AQ/JMS), synchronous (SOAP/Web Services) and batch) between the Intact Claims system and the outside world

-Defined the requirements for a communication system to replace the heterogeneous mix of communication methods used between the Intact Claims System and the outside world:

-Developed the asynchronous near-real-time JMS based system with configurable timeouts, retries and message-based exception handling, allowing logging and email alerts in case of communication failure – for interfacing with JMS queues

-Developed the synchronous real-time (HTTP Web Services) communication method for interfacing with HTTP services

-Developed the batch (flat file) communication method – using UTL_FILE and shell and FTP scripts

Participated in the customization of the GIOS and GUIDEWIRE insurance platforms

As claims system specialist assisted the data warehouse team with the design of the Enterprise Data Warehouse claims extract.

Assisted development teams with Oracle and Informatica development techniques and SQL tuning (dbms_profiler, STATSPACK, SQL trace/tkprof, Oracle wait events analysis, explain plan).

As technical lead assisted the business analysts in developing complete and consistent functional specifications and generated the corresponding technical specs as well as leveraged my project knowledge to assist in the development of QA tests

As technical lead participated in design sessions with management and business users an presented architectural solutions

August 2004 - December 2005 CIBC World Markets, Toronto

Senior ETL Consultant – Informatica, Oracle, Risk Management Data Warehouse

(Oracle 9.2, ERWIN, Informatica PowerCenter, Oracle Enterprise Manager/Diagnostics Pack, UML)

Participated in the design and development of the data warehouse for the CIBC Credit Reporting System (Wholesale) for the Basel Accord II initiative, in a Very Large Database (VLDB) multi-terabyte environment.

-Developed high-throughput custom Oracle and Informatica ETL into the CIBC Wholesale Credit Data Warehouse

-Assisted the development and QA groups with DBA activities (solve performance problems, deployment and data migration), development techniques and SQL tuning (Oracle wait events analysis, explain plan)

December 2002 - August 2004 Allianz Insurance Inc., Toronto

Senior Oracle Consultant – Technical Lead

(Oracle 9.2, Oracle Designer 6i, PL/SQL, XML, Oracle XML/DB, Oracle JDeveloper, Toad, Statspack, Explain Plan, Oracle Enterprise Manager/Diagnostics Pack, UML)

Technical Lead and data architect for the development and customizations of the OPUS Auto and Property Underwriting subsystems, and development of the Policy Conversion system.

August 2002 - February 2005 Agricorp Insurance Inc., Guelph

Oracle Architect and remote DBA

(Oracle 9i, Oracle Enterprise Manager, DBA Studio)

As Oracle Architect implemented Oracle DataGuard for the production environment for 24x7 operation;

Designed and implemented SLA based backup/recovery strategy, performed database monitoring and tuning and Oracle upgrades

April 2002 - November 2002 General Electric Capital ITS, Mississauga

Senior ETL Consultant – Data Warehouse Architect (Informatica, Oracle)

(Informatica PowerCenter, Oracle Financials 11i – G/L, A/P, A/R, P/O, O/E, Toad, PL/SQL)

Data Architect for the Sales Orders Data Warehouse

-Led the design of the Sales Orders Data Warehouse

-Developed Extract/Transform/Load processes and data mapping from Oracle ERP and the legacy Oracle applications using the Informatica ETL PowerCenter to the Sales Orders Data Warehouse;

-Tuned high throughput SQL

January 2002 - April 2002 Agricorp Insurance Inc., Guelph

Oracle Architect and DBA

(Oracle 8.1.7, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Toad, Oracle DBA Studio)

As Oracle Architect I led the complete redesign of the Oracle production environment, achieving continuous operation capability through the introduction of standby database instances for all production instances

July 2001 - December 2001 The Hudson’s Bay Company, Toronto

Oracle Consultant – Technical Lead for the Oracle Retail interface implementation

(Oracle 8.1.7, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, Pro*C, SQL*Loader, Oracle Packages, Oracle Developer 6i, C/Unix - AIX)

Technical Lead for a team of 20 developers working on the interface of Oracle Retail (Retek Merchandising) with legacy applications in HBC

-Designed the interface between Retek and existing HBC systems

-Created and enforced coding standards, performed code reviews ensuring best practices are followed

-Led performance tuning activities

November 1999 - June 2001 Nortel Networks, Brampton

Senior ETL Consultant – Data Warehouse

(Oracle data warehouse, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, Pro*C, ERWIN Data Modeler, Oracle General Ledger)

ETL Developer for the Finance Department data warehouse


Master of Science in Computer Science

(Faculty of Computers and Automatic Control, Polytechnica University of Bucharest)

Project Management (Digital Equipment Corporation, France)


Informatica PowerCenter 10 Data Integration Specialist Developer


Highly fluent in French

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