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Accounting Assistant Office

Chula Vista, California, United States
February 28, 2018

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619-***-**** SAN DIEGO, CA ****2



** ***** ** *xperience in Data-Entry/Admin Office Support Temp promoted to permanent from assignments

3 Years of Call Center Experience Resolve Problems & Get Along Easily

3 Years of Accounting Assistant Experience Work Independently & As a Team

Type 55-60 WPM; 9000-10000 KPH Alpha/Numeric 10-key by Touch Adept at Performing Repetitive & Multiple Tasks

Bachelor of Accountancy @ USD Professional, Ethical, & Perfect Attendance

MS Office, Excel, Word, Outlook, Oracle, Cogent, & Filing Work Well Fast Pace & Under Pressure



Accurately typed students’ contest essays into MS Word & typed personal profiles and business cards into Excel. Photocopied, scanned, stuffed envelopes, posted labels, and distributed name badges. Performed other miscellaneous duties. (@TWCable)

Teamwork to verify, sort, count voting ballots for accuracies & management processing. (@San Diego County)

Teamwork as a front desk clerk to distribute name badges/portfolio folders to business executives. (@Hyatt Hotel)

Accurately typed mortgage, note, title, & assignment documents as original copies or photocopies into the system. Processed

UPS/FedEx shipments to banks nation-wide. Filed documents away & made new file folders. (@Chase Home Mortgage)

Served as an insurance agent for the sale brokers and insurance companies nation-wide, resulting in a smoother process of insurance documents. Processed insurance applications on-line, data-entry, PDF scanning, emails, & problem solving.

Responsible for a monthly Excel project for the Accounting Dept. (@Asset Marketing Systems Insurance)

Provided an exceptional multiple clerical supports to professors, students, staff, and visitors. Prepared Excel budget for the

School of Business. Completed the degree within 4 years while working both full-time & part-time. (@USD)


Processed packing lists (invoices) & FedEx payments. Typed purchase, work, and sale order numbers, dates & quantities shipped to customers, product descriptions, & balances remained. Updated information into master Excel spreadsheets. Delivered invoices to accounting department for year-end account receivables. (@QSIC)

Searched Kaiser patients’ health information and processed types of flu/pneumonia vaccination, dates administered & names

of nurses administered. (@Kaiser)

Booked patients’ prescription orders nation-wide from the image viewers with superior accuracies. Collected check, money

order, or credit card payments from them over the phone. (@United Health Group)

Processed (denied/approved) discount Cricket lifeline applications for low income customers nation-wide with superior

accuracies. Solved application problems. (@Cricket Communications)

Temp promoted to permanent after 6 months. Processed Kiosk used cell phones/iPods for buyers world-wide. Accurately typed devices’ Imei, Serial, model, & bar code numbers for processing. Meticulously benched test devices for function purposes. Google searches for correct device models if necessary. (@Eco-ATM/Outerwall Inc)

Searched on and typed account owners, clinical consultants, and divisions into Excel. (@Volcano Corp)

Typed addresses/dates from envelopes & downloaded products’ serial # from Intranet into Excel. (@Resmed & Mr. Copy)

Processed treatment authorization request documents for medi-cal patients and accurately typed personal health information

and the reasons for doctor’s visits into the system. Followed HIPAA compliance. (@Electronic Data Systems)

Accurately typed customers’ personal profiles from hard copies into Excel and the companies’ internal systems. Updated their status after verifying from the Internet. (@Clark Security Products)

Teamwork to type customers’ names and SSN from scanned microfilms into Excel to determine their retirement benefits.

Maintained a high level of confidentiality. (@San Diego County Employees Retirement Association)

Teamwork to type credit cards’ information & names/addresses/phone numbers into Access. Typed directions and locations of Arrowhead water bottle deliveries to help truck drivers get to the correct places. Typed the exact numbers of inventories from hard copies into the system after counted by employees. (@Elite Racing, Arrowhead, & Sears)


Audited (billed) business insurance premiums nation-wide and reconciled discrepancies with superior accuracies.

Used 10-key machine daily to verify total deposits. Typed incomes & addresses from audit documents into the system.

Posted premium/refund amounts in the system for account receivable/payable purposes. (@Golden Eagle Insurance Corp)

Deleted cost amounts applied incorrectly & reposted new ones as “client only.” Worked with Excel/Cogent & performed accurate numeric data-entry of file & check numbers, dates, & amounts. Increased daily productions by 100%. Use 10-key. (@Encore Capital Group)


Called parents to conduct surveys regarding their children’s qualifications to enroll them into the Head Start Program. (@NHA)

Completed a door-to-door 2010 Census Enumerator questionnaire project for the United States Census Bureau.

Conducted bilingual phone survey interviews nation-wide (cold-calling and hospital patients calling) and typed respondents’ answers verbatim accurately into the system –temp promoted to permanent after 3 months. Received excellent call

monitor reports for being patient and polite on the phone. (@Field Research Corporation)


Organized and filed injured workers’ compensation claim documents after verifying disability status from the system via

data-entry of claim numbers. (@State Compensation Insurance Fund)

Collaborated with the SAIC corporate payroll department to keep over 40,000 employees’ documents & folders filed/updated.

Typed, posted labels, & made new folders. (@SAIC)


Data-Entry/Accounting & Office Assistant K-force, Iconma, Volt, & Other Agencies, San Diego May 2005- Feb 2018

File Clerk/Data-Entry State Compensation Insurance Fund, San Diego Feb 2004- Feb 2005

Bilingual Phone Interviewer Field Research Corporation, San Diego June 2001- Sept 2004

File Clerk SAIC, San Diego July 2000- May 2001

Data-Entry/Office Assistant University of San Diego Sept 1996- May 2000


619-***-**** PO BOX 121025 San Diego, CA 92112

February 28, 2018

Dear Hiring Manager:

Please accept this letter for the data-entry clerk position. I am a Data-Entry Operator/Office Assistant who is able to manage a fast-paced work load and provide excellent work ethics to create a more efficient office environment. The values and strengths in performance that I will bring to your organization includes:

16+ years of experience in data-entry/admin office supports/document processor, 3 years as an Accounting Assistant, and 3 years dealing with diverse groups of people on the phone in the telecommunication industry (includes verbatim typings).

A team-oriented professional experienced in diffusing difficult work situations. I have a positive work ethic and deep

commitment to providing optimal productions.

A unique ability to get along very well with co-workers and supervisors. It energizes me to work in an office environment where spirit is strong, communication is open, and everyone is committed to team work.

I have acquired my extensive administrative/document processor experience from my employments with numerous staffing agencies nation-wide, at the University of San Diego, and other companies where I worked as a contractor. I have tons of experience in managing documents such as audit, insurance, claim, and payroll. I checked those documents for accuracy

and completeness before I process and file them. By processing, I billed customers, submitted applications to insurance

companies, and accurately typed personal information into the systems. I also deciphered illegible hand writings on some of the documents. I always complete all types of assignments for the employment agencies and got hired permanently by a few clients. I acquired the knowledge to use a variety of software from the client companies and hold many different positions in teamwork environments and in small cubicles.

As an Insurance Clerk, I audited (billed) business insurance premiums (or refunds) and reconciled discrepancies if

necessary. I also served as a medium exchange of information for the insurance companies and the sale brokers

nation-wide by process applications after thorough verifications of all required documents and solved problems for

them if occurred. As a file clerk at SAIC, I managed the filing system for over 40,000 employees’ payroll paperwork,

updated statuses, typed labels, and made new file folders. I keep all information in the documents confidential.

I performed exceptional multi-tasking administrative support at the University of San Diego. I have a broad knowledge

and experience with all aspects of office support and computer skills: Filing, typing letters, word processing, data-entry, errands, phone coverage, multiple tasking, Excel budget preparation for the School of Business, emails, MS Word/Excel, & Oracle. I was able to cope with my work-study jobs, college, and graduated within 4 years; What a great accomplishment!

I would greatly appreciate your reviewing of my resume and call me to schedule an appointment for an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

Ngoc Nguyen

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