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Mechanical Engineer Customer Service

Tijuana, B.C., Mexico
February 10, 2018

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****-**** ********** ***********

Universidad Autónoma de Baja California

****-**** **** ****** (IB program)

CETYS Universidad

Languages: Spanish: 100%

English: 80%

French: 20%

Software: Office medium level with academic experience, SolidWorks advanced level, PTC creo advanced level, Arduino Uno basic platform.

Knowledge and skills

Polymers diplomat; fundamentals, injection, extrusion, Engineering Polymers, Failure Analysis, defects, crystallization.

Experience in methodology PDCA, Kaizen, 5s, BKM and gemba walk.

Advanced Solid Works course on UABC (surfaces, assemblies, metal sheets, plastic parts, drafts)

3 years of academic experience in machining with conventional lathe and milling machine, working with different metals and polymers.

Basic knowledge on industrial instrumentation systems such as sensors, relays and control circuits with AC and DC and basic programmable platforms like Arduino Uno.

Safety and hygiene studies including 5s strategies applied on a manufacturing company.

Level 7 out of 10, on Berlitz English with specialization in business 1 and 2. Hobbies:

I have practiced bowling since I was 16 just as table tennis, but I have only practiced bowling formally in a State competition representing Tijuana’s Bowling Team. And I also have been champion in the CETYS Internal competition for 2 consecutive years. I also enjoy camping and hiking.

Mario A. Sánchez Trancoso

24 years

Fraccionamiento Lomas de

Aguacaliente, Tijuana, Baja California

Cel. : 664-***-****


Mechanical Engineer


October 2017 – Current job Lean Manufacturing Engineer; Plantronics Achievements:

Active member of Visual Management & 5’s team, in charge of implementation of this tools in all the production lines, including training to leaders and second leaders to increase awareness of the importance of Visual Management in every system the associates are involved in.

Implementation, documentation and administration of the “Gemba Walk” tool at all levels in the plant, including 5’s Medium and High Rank auditory, standardizing the procedures and objectives for optimal audits across the company production floor. Documentation of visual aids for standardization of tools and Lean Manufacturing procedures.

Training of Excel formats applied to production lines to reduce the filling time for the direct associates.

Development of a training for Daily Management for new talents and current personnel to standardize the objectives, dynamics, ideal conducts and values applied to this Lean Manufacturing tool.

Continuous audits on Daily Management meetings for continuous improvement focused on solving problems faster by knowing the information earlier in the morning by all levels at the company.

Administration of Accountability boards, including the actions, dynamics, and members, following the actions not done according schedule in different groups to determine the root cause of the lack of accountability of the team members. January 2017 – October 2017 Mechanical Designer (Intern); Plantronics Achievements:

Leader of the project of Research and development of torque systems applied on headsets. Analyzing the main factors that affect torque on the boom of the headset, considering friction coefficient, area of contact, normal force and material combination. A fixture was designed to test the torque considering ways to analyze how those variables affect the torque expecting to determine which ones are the most important and which materials could be better for the torque specs, cycling specs and torque ranges. Materials were selected based on the capacity of temperature and pressure of the injection machines of the Mechanical Design Lab, avoiding corrosive materials like PVC, and high melting temperature like PEI plastics, focusing on new plastics for the company like hard Santoprene, PMMI and other amorphous polymers. Also I was given the task of fixture design for quality test to verify the mechanical resistance in headsets; also I was given the responsibility to design fixtures for production processes such as the boom bending according to Industrial design Spec. Prototype mold, fixture design and fabrication with Laser 3D Printer, and Fast Prototyping for urgent deliveries.

Measure and analysis of headset clamping force for superior ergonomic specs. Mold design for over molding injection for boots on headset cables with Low hardness Santoprene.

Design and fabrication of retractable coils for the headband of the headset, controlling parameters for optimal performance on the coils such as temperature, distance, and time. Participation as team leader on Intern Challenge which main goal was to form groups of 8 interns and each team were assigned to one Production Line and work together for 1 consecutive week on the improvement on the line and at the end of the week the results were presented to the Senior Management of the company worldwide. September 2016 – January 2017 Manufacturing Engineering (Intern); Zodiac Aerospace


I was given the task to create Standard Worksheets of diferent operations in the bonding area, such as adhesive inyection on fiberglass panels and polymeric components. The continuous improvement was one of the main objectives during a creation of any Standar Worksheet for any process, such as cost reduction, process flow, security, Cycle time reduction and these improvements where registered on the system as Kaizen improvement. Kaisers were oriented on solving problems using the 8 Mudas, as way to detect failures on ours processes to increase the capacity of the processes and make it as efficient and lean as possible.

Responsible for implementation of 5s+1 on Inserts and Bonding area and also responsible for monitoring the improvements and how does that affects the process, giving weekly reports to the program manager, the manufacturing Engineers and the Managers. Manufacturing process validation during engineering built and training personnel for changes of processes on the 3 different shifts.

June 2014 - July 2015 Server; Baja Artesanal


As initial duties I had the maintenance and care of the daily production necessary for the customers, and also de cleaning of the restaurant and the organization of the main products used by the other Servers like napkins, forks, knifes and dishes, this needed a lot of organization to maintain the inventory on optimum levels, and because of this the team needed a lot of communication skills.

Customer service skills were also critical for this job and the ability to solve any type of problem maintaining composure and not break down in front of any problem. After 3 months of working as an assistant I had a promotion to Server which was the next level, and I was given the task to coordinate the assistants and their activities such as the daily production and the cleaning responsibilities where shared, and this experience I practiced a lot of communication skills, leadership skills and fast decision making. September 2014- Julio 2015 Warehouse associate; Whalen furniture Achievements:

During my time working for Whalen I had the chance of working on receiving where I had to unload containers on the least time possible with the help of a forklift driver, and because of that we had to communicate each other to do it as easy and fast as possible, looking for our own safety and the integrity of the product, this was a good experience where I learned how to organize the product after unloading the trucks and also filling formats to the organization of the product inside the warehouse for inventory control.

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