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Tableau Developer

Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, United States
February 10, 2018

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Shameez Rahi


Tableau public:!/

Certification (candidate id: 996469):

Sr. Associate – Data Visualization/ Certified Tableau Specialist


Over 4 years’of experience in design, development, implementation, and administration of various Business Intelligence toolse.g.Tableau and BIRT

Experience in developing reports using BIRT, Pentaho – Community Edition, SSRS, Tableau 8.x and creating various types of reports like Drill Down, Drill Through, Parameterized, Cascading Reports

Certified Tableau Solutions Developer

Expertise in designing and development of various dashboards, reports utilizing various Tableau Visualizations like Dual Axis, Bar Graphs, Scatter Plots, Pie-Charts, Heat Maps, Bubble Charts, Tree Maps, Funnel Charts, Box Plots, Waterfall Charts, Geographic Visualization and other making use of actions, other local and global filters according to the business/client requirement.

Extensive experience in Tableau Administration Tool for Configuration, adding users, managing licenses and data connections, scheduling tasks, embedding views by integrating with other platforms like SharePoint.

Strong understanding of building enterprise data warehouses using methodologies like Snow-Flake Schemas, dimensional modeling of Star Schemas, Snow-Flake Schemas.

Experience with developing OLAP cubes and Tableau TDE.

Experience in Publishing interactive datavisualizations, dashboards and work books from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Servers.

Designed and developed various analytical reports from multiple data sources by blending data on a single worksheet in Tableau Desktop.

Expertise in sales trend analysis, Market share analysis and Tolerance analysis.

Educational Qualification and Certification:

Masters in Software Engineering,University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO.

Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering, JNTU Hyderabad, India

Certified Desktop Tableau Developer

Profit Lion, Pittsburgh PA July 2017- Till Date

Role: Tableau Developer

Description: Generation of reports and Dashboard Creation involving Data Analytics


Developed & validated dashboards involving reports for Sales,Profit, Opportunities and Leads.

Created Data Sets with Relative Dimensions and Measures for report generation and visual analytics using Tableau and Pentaho.

Create a new user using REST API via http request in tableau server.

Create database objects like tables, views, procedures, triggers, and functions using T-SQL to provide definition, structure and to maintain data efficiently.

Reconciled data in financial planning reports and conducted integration testing with BI team.

Mentored business power users to create reports/dashboards using tableau desktop.

Created Prompts, customized Calculations, Conditions and Filter (Local, Global) for various analytical reports, scorecards with KPI's and dashboards with Quick filters, Parameters and sets.

Create and modify Interactive Dashboards and Creating guided navigation links within Interactive Dashboardswith Advance Analysis Actions, Calculations, Parameters, Background images, Maps

Structuring and cleansing data from Google sheets as data source.

Implemented Initial proof of concept for data sets in Alteryx and used pentaho for production purposes.

Restructuring Data using Power pivot.

Used bootstrap to duplicate look and feel of the CRM application in pentaho console.

Tools used: TableauDesktop8.3/9.0/9.2/10.4,Tableauserver/Administrator,Pentaho,MySQL,Microsoft Excel, Alteryx.

EQT Corp. / Rice Energy, Pittsburgh, PA Jan 2016- Jun 2017

Role: EDW Reports Developer

Description: Responsible for analysis and profiling of source data that is migrated to Enterprise warehouse. Validated the integrity of data across multiple source systems.


Worked with business very closely in identifying the dimensions, Measure and metrics they needed and done gap analysis in documenting BRD

Involved in designing and developing the architecture of reporting layer

suggested changes and modification to the business model in the reporting layer design phase by testing evaluating the data being pulled.

Developed POC for user security for restricting users to accesses the data in the dashboards

Developed powerful and most interactive sales dashboards for the client to compare the Actuals with various types and versions of forecast.

Publishing the extracts, running the extracts refreshes, creating Projects, creating the users and their roles

Involved in defining the source to target data mappings, business rules, and business and data definitions.

Extensively used LOD calculations, Date calculations, Parameters, groups and sets

Develop complex SQL queries for querying data against different data bases for data verification, checking duplicates, null values and ensuring correct data aggregations as a part of validating workbooks and dashboards

Created transformations for data cleansing for staging the data.

Active Participation in final UAT phase in assisting and leading the users in testing the data in the ad-hoc workbooks and dashboards

Environments:TableauDesktop8.3/9.0/9.2,oracle sql developer, Microsoft Excel, Bootstrap.

Visvero, Inc. / Visvero Solutions Pvt. Ltd. May 2014 – Jan 2016

Role: Reports (BIRT, Tableau, Pentaho)Developer

LG LifeSciences( Tableau) Apr 2015 – Dec 2015


Worked on creation of OLAP cubes for pharmaceutical industry.

Performed data analysis on daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled refresh of data based on that business or system change to ensure that the published dashboards are displaying accurate and up-to-date information.

Perform data visualization to create complex dashboards and reports by Creating action filters, parameters and calculated sets.

Interpret written business requirement and technical specification documents.

Involved in developing logical model.

Fine-tuned analytical, diagnostic and troubleshooting skills in quickly identifying root cause of business application issues.

Created extract files for improving the performance. Used different Mark types and Mark properties in views to provide better insights into large data sets

Used bootstrap to duplicate look and feel of the CRM application in pentaho console.

National Informatics Center (Tableau,Cognos) Jan 2015 – Apr 2015


Initially used Cognos for developing reports in ReportStudio and modified the SQL to tune and/or to write complicated reports but Implemented in Tableau due single sign on issues.

Created various views in Tableau like Tree maps, Heat Maps, Scatter plots, Geographic maps, Line chart, Pie charts.

Used Mdx programming for cube datasources.

Used Tabcmd to migrate workbooks from source to destination server

Created Data extracts for better performance and accessing data offline.

Implemented Data blending with multiple data sources on a single worksheet for data analysis.

Created Transformations for data filtering and look ups using Pentaho data integration.

Used parameters and input controls to give users control over certain values.

Role: Software Developer Trainee May 2014 –Dec 2014

Description: Application and reports development services for various clients


Trained on various BI tools- Microsoft SQL BI, Tableau, Pentaho .

Involved in development of key business facing applications on SSRS, Tableau, Pentaho

Created View Models to encapsulate all models and classes used on the different views for more stable, organized and clean code to reuse in Views.

Created database from scratch with using the Code First approach.

Designed database and tables,Stored Procedures and Triggers in SQL Server.

Implemented various data access components using ADO.NET.

Followed N-Tier Architecture for designing and implementing corresponding Layers to provide data flow in the application.

Involved in developing logical model.

Involved in Sprint meetings and followed agile software development methodologies.

Provided end user support and testing.

Tools used: Visual Studio 2012, SQL Server 2012, SSRS/ SSAS/ Tableau, Pentaho community edition, ASP.NET, MVC, C#,CSS3, Cognos

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