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Kingsford, New South Wales, 2032, Australia
February 06, 2018

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Iman Moradi

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Career Profile

•Organizing and leading skills due to experiences in leadership and customer service activities in different committees and team groups

•Advanced communication ability due to knowledge of languages and work experience in international workplaces

•Developed Flexibility and time managing, demonstrated as all a rounder in day and night shifts


Master of Mechanical Engineering University of New South Wales 28/Nov/2017

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering IAU (Iran) 04/Nov/2013

• Major: successfully gained a High Credit average

Relevant Experience

Bartender Rashay’s at Harbourside Dec/2017 - Jan/2018

• Developed skills of serving alcoholic and soft beverages including shakes, frappes and cocktails

• Managing minimum time lot of serving drinks within rush hours like Christmas Eve maintaining costumers highly satisfactory

Bar tender Gold Cafe Aug/2016 – Dec/2016

• Gained experience of serving and dressing cocktails and drinks over a period

• Developed communities and hospitalities skills regarding costumer caring under rational pressure

Barista Gold Café June/2016 – Aug/2017

• Attending at Barista courses receiving certificates regarding to be able to work as barista

• Developed excellent skills of serving deferent types and styles of coffee in large amounts of volume per shifts

• Developing skills of Latte Art regarding great presentation of serving coffee

Sous chef Gold Cafe June/2016 – Aug/2017

• Prepared traditional and international meals, salads and confectioneries as chef assistant

• Developed controlling and organizing skills and maintaining confidence under very high pressure circumstance

• Attending short course of cookery gaining preparing and presenting meals, appetizers and desserts

Additional Experience

Executive Manger Gold Café Aug/2016 – Current

• Organizing the crew members shift schedule and directing their responsibilities through their shifts

• Providing weekly order list for any requirements and handling the values and quantities

• Controlling trainees and observing they progress through training period

Mechanical Quality Control Expert SHI (Shekarshekan Iliad) Aug/2014 – Jan/2016 • Controlling on products and process of fuel injection in aircrafts and transferring fuels to tanks and refineries

• Developed skills as secretary of president and gained experience as a manager to have suitable contact with employees

• Associated programming and modeling skills due to encounter in problems with fuel injecting and nozzle inefficiency.

Extracurricular Activities

Horse Riding Trainer 2012 – Current

• After doing 6 years professionally horse racing becoming as mentor for teaching horse riding method for juniors and adults

• Demonstrate a great leadership responsibility by mentoring over 30 persons over years

Professional Membership

ARC Membership 2016 – Current

• Illustrate strong teamwork skills in organizing orientation activities and social club events

• Participate in IRANSA social club as an executive member which is a society for Iranian student

Professional Engineers Australia 2016 – Current

• Remain up-to-date with industry development through monthly newsletters and attending seminars

Engineers Australia 2016 – Current

• Attend online courses due to learn about industry and market

Technical Skills


• Solid Works

• Microsoft Office



• Accredited Professional Barista

• Speaking Languages: English, Persian, French

• Accredited Cocktail Dressing and Preparation

• Food Safety Supervisor


• Ali Rotivand Manager Gold Café

• Pejman Sagharpor Employer Rashay’s

Further information would available if required

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