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C Warehouse

Elmer, New Jersey, 08318, United States
February 04, 2018

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**** * ******* * ****

Millville, N ew J ersey 0 8332


S ummary o f Q ualification

A h ard-working i ndividual w ith s olid e xperience i n t he i ndustrial f ield. A ttention t o d etail and s afety r ules a nd r egulations. D ependable, t eam-play w ith t he a bility t o t ake t he l ead with c lear c ommunication s kills t o a ssist m y e mployer a nd b enefit t he c ompany. A self-starter t hat i s a ble t o c omplete t asks i n a t imely m anner a s a ssigned b y t he supervisor.


● Warehouse,Laborer,The M anpower G roup 2 005-Present

● Packing,tank r ebuild,solar p anel i nstallation,forklift d river a nd o ther G eneral warehouse d uties a s a ssigned b y s upervisor

● Warehouse l aborer,The D avis C ompany 2 009-2010

Glass p ackaging,forklift o peration a nd o ther w arehouse d uties a s a ssigned by s upervisor

● Maintenance L aborer,HydroChemical 2 008-2009

Hydro b lasting,tank c leaning, o peration o f p ump t ruck,perform j ob s afety maintenance c hecks,prepared j ob s ites f or s afe h andling o f a ll c hemicals and c lean u p,other d uties a ssigned b y s upervisor

● Production w arehouse l aborer, A CCU S taffing 2 007-2008

forklift o peration, i nventory o f a ll p roducts a nd d elivery i n a t imely m anner, other G eneral d uties a s a ssigned b y s upervisor

● Warehouse L aborer,Harrison B everage C ompany 2 005-2007

Help d eliver b everages t o d ifferent b usinesses u sed f orklift t o u nload t ruck, other d uties a ssigned b y s upervisor

● Laborer, U niversal M oving a nd s torage

packing m aterials a nd t ransporting t hem i n a s afe m anner t o n ew l ocation for b usinesses

Technical S kills

● computer s kills,data e ntry, I nventory a nd w ords p rocessing, M icrosoft E xcel, w ord and p ublisher s kills.

● Operating m achinery a nd e quipment i n a s afe m anner s uch a s b ut n ot l imited t o forklift, b obcat, p alletizing j ack f ront e nd l oader. Education

● Enrolled i n a dult b asic e ducation t raining p rogram t hrough C umberland c ounty college t o o btain m y h igh s chool d iploma.

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