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Management Dental

Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
April 20, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae

Samiya Subka

BDS MClin Dent PhD


1. Personal Details

2. Qualifications

3. Prizes and Awards

4. Career Experience

5. Teaching Experience

6. Presentation Experience

7. Research

8. Publications

9. Postgraduate Relevant Courses and Conferences

10. Referees

1. Personal Details

Name: Samiya Subka

Nationality: British

Address: 2 Melville Drive

South Yorkshire

S2 1DX

Mobile No: ++44-798*******


2. Qualifications

2010-2015 Doctor of Philosophy, PhD in Paediatric Dentistry, Caries Research,

University of Sheffield/ UK

2007-2009 Masters of Clinical Dentistry, Paediatric Dentistry with Distinction

University of Bristol/ UK

2000-2001 Vocational Training (Internship)

Dental Hospital, Tripoli University, Libya

1995-2000 BDS Bachelor of Dental Surgery, with a grade of “Very Good”

Tripoli University, Libya

3. Prizes and Awards

Shortlisted for BSPD poster Prize Category

International Association of Paediatric Dentistry conference

July 2015

Attained the Max Horsnell travel award

British Society of Paediatric Dentistry


Winner of Poster Prize

British Society of Paediatric Dentistry conference

September 2013

Obtained a full scholarship from the ministry of education of Libya, to continue postgraduate studies, for completing the MClinDent with Distinction

January 2010

Shortlisted for Research Prize Category

British Society of Paediatric Dentistry conference

September 2009

Awarded an MClin Dent with Distinction

September 2009

Obtained a full scholarship for postgraduate studies by the ministry of Education of Libya on basis of merit

June 2005

Achieved the prize of the second top student in the final year of BDS

July 2000

4. Career Experience

Oct 2017 – present

Currently I work as a visiting specialist paediatric dentist Tripoli / Libya and I am also finishing my research work with the University of Sheffield. I submitted a paper to the Journal of Caries Research in January and I am currently working on my other publications.

2016-2017 Charles Clifford Dental Hospital (Sheffield,UK)

Paediatric Dentist

As a paediatric dentist at CCDH

§Routinely attend new patient consultant clinics, and multidisciplinary clinics including joint paedo/ortho, joint paedo/restorative, joint paedo/oral medicine.

§Routinely provide treatment under local anaesthesia and inhalation sedation. Including, restorative treatment, exodontia, and treatment of caries, dental anomalies such as amelogenesis imperfecta, dentinoogenesis imperfecta and hypodontia.

§Carry out prosthetics for children with hypodontia and interceptive orthodontics using removable appliances.

§Routinely treat children with traumatised teeth including splints, apexification and apexogenesis.

§Root canal therapy including obturation with mineral trioxide and the thermoplastic obturation systems.

§Aesthetic management of tooth discolouration including, microabrasion, vital and nonvital bleaching, ICON infiltration, and composite veneers.

§Treatment under general anaesthesia on weekly basis where children requiring surgical treatment mainly for the medically compromised patients and small children.

§Attend regular clinical governance, theatre (GA) meetings and participate in journal club.

2010- 2015 University of Sheffield, Charles Clifford Dental Hospital

Clinical PhD

§“The validity and acceptability of a laser fluorescent device compared to conventional methods for the detection of proximal caries in primary molars” a prospective in vivo/in vitro study for the validity of different diagnostic methods. The study is child-centred where the views of children about different methods were assessed.

§Clinical data collection involved children having different diagnostic methods including; visual examination, radiographic examination, temporary tooth separation and pen-type laser fluorescence device.

§Preventive interventions (oral hygiene instruction, topical fluoride varnish application, diet analysis and/or fissure sealants) and restorative treatment was provided according to treatment plan.

§The views of children were assessed by asking them to complete a 5-point pre-piloted self-complete questionnaire.

§Histological assessment of caries status was undertaken as the gold standard.

Main results

§Wide clinical experience in dealing with children and their parents in the hospital settings, in addition to the clinical experience in behaviour management and clinical management of oral disease.

§As a part of my PhD I have been regularly communicating results of my work to my supervisors, staff and colleagues in form of emails, oral presentations and face-to-face meetings. Additionally, working towards a PhD in the multidisciplinary environment of the School of Clinical Dentistry, I have frequently communicated my work to the audience of various specialities of dentistry or biomedical sciences. These experiences have helped me to develop my skills in communicating with a non-academic audience.

§Have gained a good understanding of statistics and ability to apply the statistical knowledge in practice to address research objectives.

§Gained experience in a variety of project and time management skills. Role involved conducting literature reviews, obtaining ethical approval and research governance, data collection and data management and analysis

Sep 2007- Sep 2009 Bristol University, Bristol Dental Hospital (Bristol, UK)

Post graduate clinician

Main activities

§Examination and Diagnosis of Paediatric patients

§Providing preventive treatment to children

§Management of dental caries.

§SSC (both conventional and "Hall" Technique).

§Preventive resin restoration (PRR).

§Direct and indirect pulp capping.

§Aesthetic restorations of fractured teeth with composite build up.

§Management of developmental dental anomalies.

§Management of dental trauma including non-vital, immature incisors.

§Camouflage of tooth discolouration and opacities via microabrasion, bleaching and direct restorations.

§Involved in the multidisciplinary clinics (joint ortho/ peads, joint ortho/paeds/restorative.

§Broad experience in management of the anxious child under local anaesthesia, inhalational sedation and general anaesthesia.

§Management of medically compromised children and children with a wide range of learning difficulties under local and general anaesthetic.

§Use of mineral trioxide aggregate for the management of non-vital immature roots.

§Experience in endodontic therapy, using both cold condensation and thermoplastic obturation systems.

§Practical skills and knowledge in the fitting and adjustment of removable orthodontic appliances.

§Had the opportunity to use electro-surgery in cases where access has been impaired by gingival overgrowth and in complex trauma cases

§Management of patients under general anaesthesia

Main results

§Gained confidence in communication with children and staff in the UK

§Improved overall clinical experience

2003-2006 Basma Private Dental Clinic (Tripoli, Libya)

Part-time Dentist

Main activities

§Examination and Diagnosis

§Specific experience with Paediatric cases

§General conservative treatment for adult cases

§Minor surgical treatments

Main results

§Gained confidence in communication with patients

§Improved overall clinical experience

2003-2006 Private Libyan Academic Centre for Dental Studies (Tripoli, Libya)

Part-time Lecturer

Main activities

§Teaching Paedodontics & Preventive Dentistry for forth year dental students

§Preclinical and clinical training in the aforementioned modules for late stage dental students

Main results

§Gained a very high reputation, proven by the high subscription rates of students to courses run by me, and thus the courses were financially successful.

§Strengthening of foundation in the subjects of all modules taught due to extensive preparation of lecture notes.

2002-2006 Paediatric Department, Tripoli University (Tripoli, Libya)

Full-time Clinical Assistant

Main activities

§Providing preclinical lecturing inside the clinic

§Assisting in comprehension of the clinical side of the theoretical knowledge gained from classes

§Trouble shooting any clinical difficulties encountered whilst the students perform their training

§Assistance of Lecturers in marking examinations

§Exam invigilation

Main results

§Demonstrated high communication skills, proven by the ability of students to freely interact with me during the clinics and give positive feedback to module leaders

§Strengthening of foundation in the subjects of all modules taught

2000- 2001 Vocational Training (Internship)

Main activities

§Broad training in all aspects of general practice dentistry including; oral surgery, restorative dentistry, paediatric dentistry and behavioural management of anxious patients.

5. Teaching Experience

§Taught at clinical skills classes for third year undergraduate dental students of Sheffield University on pulp therapy in primary molars (January 2011)

§Provided tutorials and supervision of third year undergraduate dental students in the Department of Paediatric Dentistry of Bristol University (january 2008 - April 2008)

§Extensive experience in teaching final year dental student both in the private sector and in Tripoli University by providing lectures to small groups and large groups, in-addition to clinical supervision (2002-2006).

6. Presentation Experience



Method of presentation


Sep 2017

Multi-centre service evaluation investigating the care pathway and outcomes for adolescent patients


BSPD conference (Manchester, UK)

July 2017

The optimum laser fluorescence cut-off values for the detection of approximal caries in primary molars

Poster with oral

ORCA congress (Oslo, Norway)

July 2016

Visual, radiographic, separation and laser fluorescence for detection of proximal caries in primary teeth

Poster with oral

ORCA congress (Athens, Greece)

July 2015

The relationship between radiographic depth and cavitation of proximal lesions in primary teeth

Poster with Oral

IAPD conference (Glasgow, UK)

June 2014

In-vivo evaluation of methods of approximal caries detection in primary molars


EAPD conference (Sopot, Poland)

September 2013

Children’s acceptability of diagnostic methods for approximal caries detection in primary molars

Poster with oral

BSPD conference (Edinburgh, UK)

May 2013

Validity and acceptability of a laser fluorescence device for detection of proximal caries in primary teeth


Sheffield dental School Research students presentations (3rd year)

March 2012

Acceptability and reproducibility of caries diagnostic methods in the primary dentition

Poster with oral

Research day, The Dental School

Sheffield University

March 2011

Validity and acceptability of a laser fluorescence device for detection of proximal caries in primary teeth compared with conventional methods


Sheffield dental School-Research students presentations (1st year)

September 2009

Swipe Cards, a potential source of hospital acquired infection


BSPD conference (Birmingham, UK)

7. Research

§Broad experience in research reflected from my work on my PhD project which involved both clinical and laboratory data collection.

§Have learnt important research principles including: how to conduct a literature search; critical appraisal of the literature; and application of statistical methods.

§Gained experience in data analysis using SPSS. In order to strengthen my skills in quantitative data analysis I participated in advanced statistics course in SPSS at University of Sheffield.

§Actively writing papers for peer-reviewed journals and dissemination of research findings

§Broad experience in dissemination of results of my work through oral presentations and poster presentations in both national and international conferences, and gained experience in writing abstracts.

§Conducted a research study as part of my MClinDent. It looked at the swipe cards as a possible source of hospital acquired infection transmitted from staff including; students, nurses and dentists to patients.

§Reviewed an article for the International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry (2014).

8. Publications

Subka S, Rodd H, Nugent Z, Deery C. Histological validity of different methods of approximal caries detection in primary teeth. Submitted to Journal of Caries Research in January 2018.

Willasey E, Adams A, Thomson F, Subka S, Hind V, Zaitoun H, Mcclean L, Albadri S. Multi-centre service evaluation investigating the care pathway and outcomes for adolescent patients. Int J Paed Den 2017.

Subka S, Rodd H.D, Nugent Z, Deery C. The optimum laser fluorescence cut-off values for the detection of approximal caries in primary molars. Caries Res 2017; 51: 341.

Subka S, Rodd H.D, Nugent Z, Deery C. Visual, Radiographic, Separation and Laser Fluorescence for

Detection of Proximal Caries in Primary Teeth. Caries Res 2016; 50: 236.

Subka S, Rodd H.D, Deery C. The Relationship between Radiographic Depth and Cavitation of Proximal

Lesions in Primary Teeth. Int J Paed Den 2015.

Subka S, Rodd H, Nugents Z, Deery C. In-Vivo Evaluation of Methods of Approximal Caries Detection in Primary Molars. 12th Congress of the European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry (book of abstracts, June 2014.

Subka S, Rodd H.D, Deery C. Children’s Acceptability of Diagnostic Methods for Approximal Caries

Detection In Primary Molars. Int J Paed Den 2013; 23 (Suppl 2): 9.

Subka S, Sprague S, Crawford P, Dymock D. Swipe Cards, A Potential Source of Hospital Acquired Infection.

Int J Paed Den 2009; 19:2.

9. Relevant Postgraduate Courses and Conferences

International conference

July 2017 Organisation of Caries Research Congress ORCA (Oslo, Norway)

July 2016 Organisation of Caries Research Congress ORCA (Athens, Greece)

July 2015 International Association of Paediatric Dentistry conference (Glasgow, UK)

June 2014 European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry (EAPD) conference (Sopot, Poland)

National conferences

September 2017 BSPD conference (Manchester)

September 2013 BSPD conference (Edinburgh)

September 2011 BSPD conference (Glasgow)

September 2010 BSPD conference (Sheffild)

September 2009 BSPD conference (Birmingham)

Regional BSPD branch meetings

October 2013 Expose, bond or terminate: a canine issue

March 2013 Managing dental trauma in children: guidance and emerging techniques

February 2012 Osteogenesis Imperfecta

October 2011 Intravenous propofol sedation for dental care in adolescents

March 2011 Into and out of the mouth of babes

October 2010 Molar Incisor Hypo-mineralisation

March 2010 What’s new in radiology

Other courses

May 2017 Paediatric Immediate Life Support (PILS)

Nov 2016 Adult and paediatric basic life support (BLS)

May 2016 IRMER Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations course

April 2016 Safeguarding children training for staff requiring level 2 or 3 training

July 2014 How to write a successful grant application

May/June 2013 Critical Review of Research Papers

April 2013 Going further with SPSS (Advanced statistical techniques)

Nov 2012 Introduction to SPSS

February 2011 Resuscitation update – why do they keep changing the guidelines

Sep-Dec 2010 Research Ethics course

October 2010 introduction to Good Clinical Practice

Mar-Sep 2008 Bristol University Open Learning for Dentists (BOULD) Paediatric Dentistry Course

June 2008 Safeguarding Children (Southwest branch of BSPD Annual Scientific Meeting)

February 2008 The Management of Dentitions affected by Hypoplasia and Hypomineralisation

January 2008 Radiation Protection – an Ionizing Radiation Update Course

Teaching courses

The Sheffield Teaching Assistant Programme (STA)

April 2013 Large Group Teaching: Lecturing

April 2013 Small Group Teaching: Seminar facilitation

April 2013 Small Group Teaching: Laboratory Demonstration

April 2013 Assessment and feed back

April 2013 Research Supervision

October 2013 Teaching Design and Delivery

11. Referees

Professor C Deery

Professor of Paediatric Dentistry

Dean, School of Clinical Dentistry

Chair Dental Schools Council

Chair Consultants in Paediatric Dentistry Group

School of Clinical Dentistry

Claremont Crescent

Sheffield, UK, S10 2TA

Professor Helen Rodd

Professor in Paediatric Dentistry

Deputy Director of Teaching and Learning

Training Programme Director for Paediatric Dentistry

Unit of Oral Health and Development

School of Clinical Dentistry

Claremont Crescent

Sheffield, UK, S10 2TA

Ms H Zaitoun

Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry

Department of Paediatric Dentistry

Charles Clifford Dental Hospital

Wellesley Road


S10 2SZ

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