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Management System Administrator

Baltimore, Maryland, United States
April 03, 2018

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Kevin D. Callahan Jr.


Skype kdcjr1956


Senior IT Security Engineer with Conduent, responsible for providing client IT Auditing and remediation services. As a former Unix Platform Security and Compliance consultant/manager for Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina, I ensured that the RHEL, Solaris and AIX platforms were configured securely and met all compliant requirements through the daily oversight and management of IT Auditing and remediation activities. I moved into the private sector after more than 32 years of broad IT experience in the United States Government, the final position being with the Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) computer center. At NIST, I was the Data Center's Lead IT Specialist and System Administrator responsible for SaaS and PaaS enterprise-level IBM, SUN and Linux OS clusters hosting global financial and scientific applications for a wide range of international customers. I was responsible for all aspects of IT auditing, remediation and Compliance, system management, planning, acquisition, configuration, deployment, administration and maintenance, Disaster Recovery (DR) planning and testing, security monitoring and performance, and for ensuring that production, test and development systems were maintained and monitored in strict accordance with all applicable authorized Federal policies and procedures. I have extensive experience with System Administration, System Design and Implementation, Project Management, IT Auditing, system remediation, system compliance, Procurement and Contracting, Help Desk, Backup and Recovery, as well as all the complex tasks involved in IT Customer support and data center operations acquired over a long and successful career.


AIX, Solaris and Linux System Administration/ Systems Analysis/Development/Agile, Waterfall, etc./Disaster Recovery/Technical Management/Change Management/Project Management/IT Auditing and Remediation/Root Cause Analysis/Contracting and Procurement/Technical writing/ shell scripting, C programming/System Compliance, Capacity Planning, scripting, Windows/Linux/AIX application and system hardening, networking and documentation. C/JIRA/Agile/ITIL/IaaS/Paas/Virtualization/Backup & Restore/Oracle/ITIL/COBIT/Full Stack/SOX/Compliance/Cloud/Data Center Operations, including power planning, cabling and hardware installation.


TSM, AIX 4 - 7, Sun Cluster 4, PowerHA, HACMP, XIV, LVM, Axiom, PowerVM, RMAN, Storix, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), LVM, Oracle Enterprise Linux, VMware ESX, Microsoft Office, VLANs, C, Korn Shell, WebSphere, Antivirus software, Splunk, Assembler, SAS/C, COBOL, Fortran, PL/1, Mark IV, Access, Ansible, HTML, Vanguard, SolarWinds, Komodo, ColdFusion, Red Hat Satellite Server, C++, JCL, WYLBUR, TSO, SAS/C, Gerrit, Git, Puppet, Solaris 8, 10 and 11, ZFS, Zones/LDOM, Sterling Connect:Direct,Package Management, IPF Firewall, Jumpstart, OracleVM, Red Hat 5 and 6, AIX 6.1 and 7.1, Tivoli TSM, IBM BigFix, CA ControlMinder, Apache Tomcat, Apache HTTPD, Oracle DB, Mongo, Java, Javascript, SQL, Azure, DB2, PHP, Remedy, ServiceNow, LANDesk, Active Directory, Powershell, DNS, DHCP, Group Policies.


IBM pSeries (Power Hardware), JSeries, IBM Mainframes, RS6000, Oracle/Sun T4, SPARC, X86, Dell R900, Brocade, IBM XIV Storage, Parallel Axiom Storage, SAN, NAS, Fiber/Copper cable termination, Blade, LAN/WAN Cabling, EMC, Rack Installation, IBM Tape libraries, DataLocker, Mac, and numerous workstations, servers, printers and peripherals.


Conduent Case Management and Advanced Technology Solutions

Senior IT Security Engineer

January 2018 – Present

Provide IT Auditing and Remediation services, Evaluate, implement, test, maintain, and monitor customer IT security measures and solutions. Support Agile and Scrum initiative and provide security support for production and development environments. Routinely complete and update NIST Application Security plans, Security Impact Analysis, perform POA&M management, provide security audit support and security guidance at all phases of system lifecycle and act as security liaison and technical point of reference to developer and project management groups.

Self Employed

IT Consultant

Maryland USA, Fuji, Japan, St. Petersburg, Russia

January 2017- December 2017

I provided IT hardware and software consulting services to individuals and small businesses as needed for troubleshooting, system design and configuration, implementation, IT auditing, remediation and compliance. My biggest challenge in this effort was in attempting to transition from being a contributing member of a large organization into a one-man operation while facing cultural, linguistic and geographic obstacles. I was able to somewhat meet this challenge during this time by partnering with translators and by fostering business connections in the different locations.

Global Pundits/Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina

UNIX Platform Team

UNIX/Linux Security and Compliance Analyst

January 2015 – January 2017

Manager and technical expert overseeing the IT auditing and remediation of the Solaris, RHEL and AIX computing platforms and ensured that they were configured and maintained securely and in compliance with DISA, SOX, FEDRAMP, NIST, FISMA and HIPAA guidelines, and, where required for deviations or exceptions, generated appropriate risk documentation pursuant to corrective action required. My most difficult challenges to overcome in this role involved building consensus, cooperation and teamwork among the disparate and often competing organizational components whose efforts were required in order for the UNIX Platform to meet contractual security requirements. I was successful in this capacity by combining my technical acumen and my diplomatic skills and as a result was most often able to resolve issues prior to deadlines. Technical resolutions required mapping out, testing and implementing alternative solutions to contractually mandated system security settings. Such settings, if implemented as mandated would otherwise break or disrupt the operation of applications, systems and infrastructure.

I served as the Point of Contact (POC) for system audits, AIX and UNIX system configuration compliance verification, vulnerability assessment, remediation and the management of Plan of Actions and Milestones (POAMs).

Provided technical guidance and direction as needed across multiple teams and divisions for the testing, assessment and verification of AIX, RHEL and Solaris systems to ensure they were fully compliant with all security, regulatory specifications, DISA STIGs, etc.

Provided technical and administrative leadership and guidance to all levels of management as needed.

Resolved “trouble” tickets concerning system security and compliance matters, using tools both internal and external to the vendor provided Operating Systems, as well as system hardening techniques.

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Office of Information Management

IT Specialist

January 2002 – January 2014

Lead IT Specialist, responsible for the management and administration of the United States Department of Commerce (DOC) AIX, Solaris and RedHat Linux platforms in the NIST Computer Center, which host major global financial and scientific applications and databases, providing solutions for SaaS and PaaS customer needs. I was recruited by NIST to assume responsibilities and leadership for new system initiatives, to resolve ongoing problematic technical and procedural issues between application, database and system teams, and to provide technical expertise across platforms. My biggest challenges during my tenure at NIST centered mainly on tuning and improving system performance for clustered database applications dependent upon optimal system configuration involving storage networks, bandwidth competition between disparate applications and the constant changes in hosting requirements. I was able to successfully meet these challenges by designing and implementing the proper platform solutions together with the collaboration of other technical teams to optimize storage usage and performance as well as network throughput.

I was the senior System Administrator and Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR). Performed the administration and patching for AIX HPC Clusters, RedHat and Solaris systems, using standard built in tools and commands such as vmstat, iostat, lparstat, NMON, ps, netstat, lvmstat, sar, etc., RedHat Satellite Server administration, IT Auditing and remediation, system backup and disaster recovery, ad-hoc hardware and software problem resolution, performance testing, tuning and management, complete system life cycle planning and management, platform to platform (physical to physical) and physical to virtual system and application migration from physical (P to V) using VMWare, VSphere, Console and RedHat Linux, installed hardware and software (rack mounted and standalone IBM systems), ran fiber and networking cables, managed all pre and post installation technical requirements including floor space and electrical needs, etc. I managed SAN storage installation and connectivity with EMC, Hitachi and other storage configurations, including running fiber connections, LUN configuration, multipath setups, etc. Planned, designed, tested and implemented sophisticated Disaster Recovery plans and Continuity of Operations efforts for the DOC Business Systems with SunGard and IBM.

Provided technical and administrative leadership and guidance to Senior NIST management and customers as needed concerning system operations and initiatives.

Provided pre and post hardware and software coordination, installation and integration support, test plan development and execution, etc., for hosted applications and databases.

I served as the lead technical interface/Point of Contact (POC) for annual 3rd party business system audits, interfacing with system testers and outside IT auditors. In this capacity I responded to requests for system documentation, technical and procedural interviews, technical presentations demonstrating IT compliance and remediation, etc.

As Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative I performed all tasks necessary for the procurement of new systems including hardware, software and 4th level support resources for break/fix incidents. This included developing technical requirements, conducting market research, writing Request for Proposals (RFPs), Statements of Work (SOWs), and developing proposal evaluation criteria. In addition I ensured that proper contracting processes and procedures were adhered to, and subsequently performed source selection based on my proposal evaluations for technical and cost acceptability.

Department of Health and Human Services

Program Support Center Financial Management Services Division of Payment Management

Programmer Analyst

January- 1994 – January 2002

As Senior Programmer Analyst, I provided systems analysis, technical expertise and support services for applications and databases operating on micro and mainframe computing platforms. This included global financial applications and system software, new systems development, configuration, design and implementation. I was hired to design, build, implement and manage an automated financial reporting system to replace an all-paper reporting process. My biggest challenge in this role was in assuming the lead project manager role and learning to manage and allocate resources, direct federal and contractor personnel, perform all the duties as Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative, and concurrently perform all the duties inherent with the system development life cycle. I was able to successfully meet this challenge because of my previous training and experiences at NIH and IHS as a project officer, ADP acquisitions expert and system programmer. In addition, my cultural adeptness enabled me to engender productive teamwork from the diverse contract and federal personnel involved.

I led the effort in the design, development and implementation of advanced PC and mainframe system software the C C++ and COBOL programming languages.

Project Manager for the Division of Payment Management (DPM) Electronic 272 Payment Management 272 System, which automated a manual disbursement reporting process initially to a PC-based client-server software system with IIS, which was implemented at over 10,000 customer sites world-wide, including state and local governments, tribal governments, universities and charitable organizations, then ultimately developed it into a Cold Fusion based Web application, greatly enhancing the IT auditing and remediation capabilities for the organization.

I was the project leader and system administrator for the Electronic Imaging System, which is an automated financial records management and archival system critical to financial IT audits and compliance.

Provided on-call technical support for the Payment Management System, which was the Division’s tool for transmitting Federal payments to grant recipients.

Designed, directed and implemented the system that enabled DPM to exchange financial data to and from Federal Reserve Banks anywhere within the USA.

I served as the Primary Security and System administrator for the US Department of the Treasury’s Electronic Certification System, which directly handled financial disbursements.

Designed, implemented and managed desktop and helpdesk support procedures and documentation.

Indian Health Service

Systems Analyst

April 1992 – January 1994

Primary technical and liaison for the IHS Office of Information Resource Management’s (OIRM) to the Federal High Performance Computing and Communications Information Technology (HPCCIT) subcommittee functions, meetings and activities related to the development of the National Information Infrastructure (NII) technology initiative. I led the effort to develop an IHS reference database for the HPCC and NII activities and routinely reported to Senior IHS Management, advising as necessary on related issues. As a Contracting Officer Technical Representative for IHS Headquarters East, I was responsible for performing most of the Agency’s National IT acquisitions, including all contract documentation, funding, etc.

I was the primary technical resource in the evolving technical areas of Computer-Based Patient Records (CBPR) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

I was routinely involved in the strategic and tactical planning for the organization at the IHS headquarters level, as well as the associated annual budgeting processes which directly impacted IHS operations throughout the USA and associated territories.

Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts

Programmer Analyst

February 1992 – April 1992

I performed the analysis, testing and evaluation of in-house developed object-oriented, United States Court software systems which were written in the C and C++ languages. During my brief time in this role, my biggest challenge was the analyzing, debugging and implementing corrections to poorly designed application code that was created with no supporting documentation.

National Institutes of Health Division of Computer Research and Technology

Systems Programmer

April 1986 – February 1992

Computer Systems Programmer performing batch and real-time health and medical research driven mainframe systems programming and analysis tasks on the IBM 370 MVS/ESA environment consisting of 6 3090-300 model processors. I was a lead member of a team of systems programmers supporting NIH IBM System/370 users. Performed hardware and software installations and troubleshooting as needed, in a 24/7 on-call capacity. I also served as a Technical Writer, a Level 2 & 3 Helpdesk support technician, as well as a Programming Language Instructor. My biggest challenge in this role was in learning IBM MVS internals in order to design effective system-level processes and programs required to maintain a healthy system environment.

National Institutes of Health Division of Research Grants

March 1985 – April 1986


I performed NIH Research Grants System application programming and development duties in the COBOL and MarkIV programming languages on IBM mainframes supporting healthcare and medical research.

National Institutes of Health Division of Payment Management

February 1980 – March 1985

Accounting Technician/Intern

Began as a student intern and transitioned to permanent employee performing accounts payable duties for NIH.


Post Graduate work in Computer Systems Architecture at the American University 1985-1986.

B.S. Information Systems Management University of Maryland University College, 1984

Taken training classes on Linux, Solaris, VMware and AIX OS Software, HACMP Software, XIV Storage and IBM System Hardware Platforms.

ITIL Foundations Certification

Virtualization Professional Certification

DHHS Advanced Project Officer Training

DOC Project Management Training

DOC Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative Training

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