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Data Java

Holmdel, New Jersey, United States
January 11, 2018

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Danny Lin

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Objective: Software Engineer

Experience Summary

Diversified experience in quality assurance, development, debugging, testing, training, OA&M and customer support in the Banking, FX, Equity/Commodity, Real-Time Market Data, Real-Time Financial and Telecommunications Industries.

Hardware, Operating System and Software

Linux, IBM P5/P6, HP 9000/800 Server(K, T, I, H, E, and D) and 300, 400 and 700 Workstations; SUN SPARCs(Ultra, 20, 5 and 2), TCP/IP, X.25, TABS, NMU, Mac, IBM/370, DACS IV, DACS 2(68010/20 CPU).

Tibco/JMS, ETL/Informatica, Apache Web Server, IBM MQ/workflow, Apache MQ workflow, Python, Eclipse, VBscript, Linux 9.0; Sybase; MySQL 4.0; Java; Expect; IBM AIX, Windows 2000/XPHP-UX 10.20; SUN Solaris Ultra-80; Berkeley 4.3, UNIX SYSTEM V Release 4, Xenix, IBM PC/DOS, VM/CMS, and OS/MVS; XML; Perl; Qtp 11, Winrunner 8.2; E-tester 6.61; Silk Performer; UNIX/C(IPC, SCCS, MAKE, RCS, etc), Shell, S; C++; ORACLE 11; Sybase; INFORMIX; Telescript.

Experience in Real-Time Financial Industry 2003 - Present

MUFG, one of the world’s leading financial groups; QA AVP, Jersey City, NJ (7/2016 - Present)

Designed/coding window update automation using C/C++/Win32api/Screenshot/DOS/BAT.

Enhanced Selenium/Java automation framework with locator finding and Model Dialog.

LRMS automation using HP UFT/vb script and DOS/BAT/C/C++.

Excel files comparing/testing manual/automation using C/C++.

CMS File server/ACH/IRIS/Hot Scan/SWIFT(banking applications), using QC/Eclipse/Selenium/xpath/dom/Java Robot.

EBS, A Foreign Currencies Electronic trading company; QA Engineer (3/2012 – 2/2016)

Manual/automated(QTP/Qc/ALM) test FX(Spot/NDF/SWAP/TOD/TOM) Bid/Offer/Sell/Buy/Limit/Continues Match/Fixing date trading/maker/taker/Market View(Quote) as well as AI over internet(stunnel) using AI(Automated Interface; API) connected from PC to Unix.

Tasks including writing Winsock32/socket (TCP/IP) server/client multi-threading programming under Window 32/XP and Linux, GUI interface using HTA/VB Script/C/MSDOS bat/(multiprocess under Xp), imbedded sqlplus SQL code inside Window application for easy control Broker's database, created over one hundred thousand automation test scripts/created test report, MySQL, Oracle 11 SQL and Shell/C/C++.

Designing/implementing an auto recovery test framework from testing application crashed.

Programming under Linux to automate FX tests, Java performance tests/tuning, Java memory leaking tests and log files translate Java objects Fix protocol into text/parsing Xml messages as well as AI over internet support.

The FX architecture is composing of Arbitrator (matching)/broker/Web access/Workstation/Automated Interface for three regions, New York, London and Tokyo.

Wrote a Fix protocol translator in C++. This program can auto detect empty and missing required tags for messages as well as a dictionary/database for translating tags and sub tags meanings, for example 35(MesageType)=G(Cancel/replace/amend).

Wrote a C++ Xml parser from log file to sort the name=value in tags in alphabetic order for better visual verification and re-create schema as well as checking the empty tags automatically.

Wrote a multi-threading logs handler C++ program and redirect all error messages into one screen for debugging purposes.

QA Consultant in Real-Time Financial Industry 2012 - 2010

QA Developer/analyst – Consultant (Aug ’11 to Jan’12), UBS, Jersey City

Manual/automated test Microsoft Cubes (multi-dimension db) subscriber(pivot table), developed sql, data comparison and data processing

Wrote log/process monitoring test tools and VBA programming to be executed on PC and Linux for Feed Generator of Fixed Income, Equity and Commodity Risk calculation system using Linux/C/Ksh, Oracle 11/SQL, Toad 10.6, QC 10, and QTP 11/VBs. The A-Risk using Java, SVN, Spring, Ksh, ETL/Informatica, Tibco/JMS, HTML5/Apache Web server, Oracle 11 and Linux OS.

QA analyst – Consultant (June ’11 to Aug ’11), Etrade, Jersey City

Verified Equity Buy/Sell/Bid/Ask/execution charges calculation and prices on Etrade exchange and new time zone feature of Equity Quote Display System using Linux/C/Ksh and VBs for (HTTP)HTML/white/black box testing. The software components are Web server, C++ and database.

QA Manager - Consultant (July ’10 to Jan ’11), Morgan Stanley, New York

Worked on IRA, Call Center/IVR and Alternative Investments applications

Defined smoke and regression automation test scope and time line using Access Db, Qtp/QC/BPT 9.2/10 with Wpf and Flex plug-in.

Provided documents for Flex developers to create Flex 3.0 and 4.0 Qtp plug-in.

Automating Qtp for web and Flex applications.

QA Consultant (Nov ’09 to July ’10), UBS, Connecticut

Equity Trading Systems, GUIS and Servers, (Unix/Linux), end to end manual/automation testing using Qtp 9.2/10 and .net/Syncfunsion add-in.

Trading Systems included sale ordering, trading, slice/allocation, routing/ALGO/NON_ALGO, execution and summary monitor using Fix protocols.

Developed QTP framework to read csv test cases. Win32 Api programming in C for GUI automation and exception in log alerts as well as C programming Fix protocol translator for debugging/tracing messages among servers.

Dow Jones, New Jersey

QA Consultant (May ’08 to May ’10)

Index testing, system performance and debugging.

Automating/manual Sybase DB test using C/C++, Shell script and HP QTP 9.0 as well as cronjob scheduler setup for database schema/table redesign and porting data to a new database under IBM AIX p5/p6 hardware.

Manually created/deleted/updated table, had written stored procedure/SQL and query the Sybase DB.

Automated Fix 4.4/PubSub testing and analyst using C and shell script.

Real-Time data feeds data comparison testing using Perl and C programs.

Wrote C/Shell programs to collect and generate report for AIX p5/p6 performance testing in terms of CPU and Memory usage vs. Real-Time data feeds message rate per second. The development IDE and source code control environments were Eclipse and SVN.

Automated Excel XY Scatter Charts using Window Script Hosts for application’s debug using Sybase, MS SQL, C++ and VBS. The automation implementation was using FTP server in PC and auto receive the daily processed Linux server data. A demon/monitor resided in PC to check the data file from Unix. When the data file is available a C program create Excel scatter chart program is then triggered based on Unix data file. Generated the Excel charts and attached the charts to email and send to concerned parties automatically.

FDS, Hedge Fund Development Services, (Downsized)

QA Automation Analyst – Employee (Oct ’07 to April ’08)

Manually test the Rebalancing (stock, commodity, and bonds) and General Ledger verified by manually calculate the result and compares with the result on screen.

Writing Python and its Wrapper for Hedge Management software Automation and White Box Testing these applications, such as Price Maintenance (month end, buy/sell prices calculation/estimation for Profit/Lost purpose) and Rebalancer,(auto re-distribute buy/sell to seven funds) using Eclipse and Subversion.

CITCO, Hedge Fund Management Services Provider (Jobs moved to NC)

QA Automation – Employee (Jan '07 to Oct ’07)

Manually tested the instruments (Stock, Commodity and Bond) creation/delete/update, General Ledger and Account Manager.

Query the database to confirm the instrument is created/updated/deleted.

Automated Hedge Fund Management application (The Front End is a Delphi GUI application) End-to-End test cases, include Profit & Lost, General Ledger Account management and Order Management.

Skills include Winrunner/TSL, Access db, VB scripting, Python, Perl programming, Shell scripting and C programming.

GFI, a CDS (Credit Default Swap) Electronic Trading Company

QA Automation – Employee (Aug '05 to Dec ’06)

Manually tested CDS in trade blotter/trade/Ask/Bid/update/cancel/settlement, Trade Capture and DTCC(Trade settlement and reporting).

SQL query the database to confirm the result is correct.

Was solely responsible for developing an (auto-test) Java Swing based GUI application using Winrunner 8.2 and Java add-in 7.6. The application to be tested are Credit Default Swap (Bond insurance) trading system, DTCC, TRACE, Natural Gas, Fenics(Forex) and Bond Trace Capture. Job including fix Java Swing in test environment, VB Script, HTML, C/Perl and shell scripts to make auto-test run smoothly.

Bank of America, New York

QA Automation Expert – Consultant (April '05 to Aug ’05)

Recommended and evaluated automation solutions, Winrunner, Qtp and Rational Robot, to Bank of America Sofia project.

Manually tested MBS/ABS analytic tool, a Java Swing based GUI.

Developed an auto-test Java Swing based GUI application using Winrunner 8.2 and Java add-in 7.6. for MBS/ABS(Mortgage Backed Securities/Asset Backed Securities)application which is developed in-house for traders’ reference before making trading decision.

Completed OAS calculation and delivered a Morning sanity test package ran by XP scheduler at 6:30am daily.

E-mail was sent out to alert group members upon errors automatically. Test package checks basic bond’s calculation and market data.

Thomson Financial

QA Consultant (Sept ’04 to April ’05)

As a “FIXED INCOME” product Tester, my assignments included muni/bond/future, charts, exchange data roll-in/out and history data using Sybase, Ksh, C, Perl/XML under LINUX, SUN and HP environment.

Primary responsibility was to verify the programs logic and data output agree with the specification/normal. For example, based on the software release notes and SQL procedures, I wrote Perl/Ksh/C/Sybase SQL programs to retrieve from database, and some records from flat files with my own calculations. Data was then added and compared and checked with the Real-Time Market Data, History Data as well as some history charts such as Muni,(bond) Yield or Future(contracts). Entire test scope covered twenty-five exchanges with 5000 symbols or more for each exchange, and generated a report containing the exchanges and/or symbols were incorrect within one week of period.

Comstock - Harrison, NY

QA Specialist (April ’03 to Sept ’04)

Debugged, tested (white box, black box and performance) and, (second tier) supported from feed data, software components and business logic (ask, bid, offer, cancel, re-sent and update) under different protocols such as FIX, multi-cast and exchanges’ private protocols.

MySQL, Java, C, Expect/Tcl/Tk and XML/Perl were used to test stock/bond/future data under Linux 9.0/Solaris in the Client/Server environment. Applications were written in C/C++, Java and Perl programming languages

Telecommunications Experience 83 - 2003

AT&T (Cable) Service Activation System

Instant Message and Corba /Java Distributed Object lead Tester (Dec ’01 to April ’03)


Applications Tester (Sept ’96 to Nov ’01)

Lucent Technologies

Technical Support, Trainer & System Tester for Transvu II (Nov ’94 to May ’96)

AT&T Bell Labs

Test Consultant (Nov ’92 to Nov ’94)

Hitachi Computer, (America) Product Inc.

Test Consultant (Sept ‘91 to Dec ’92)

AT&T Bell Laboratories & Information System

Transmission Systems Developer and Tester (April ’88 to July ’91)

AT&T Bell Laboratories Hardware Applications Specialist (Sept ’86 to April ’88)

AT&T Information Systems

System Tester (May ’85 to Aug ’86)

AT&T International

Applications Programmer (Oct ’83 to April ’85)


MS/CS, Polytechnic University, NY, 6/83

BA(EE Major), National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan, 6/78

Access Intermediate classes 4/2009, Excel Intermediate and advanced classes 12/2008, VBA Programming 3/2006; Managing difficult people 2002; CISCO CCNA 2003; Silk Performer 4.0 12/2000; Winrunner 8/2000; Corba Introduction 3/99; INFORMIX 4/95; OOA, OOD, and Oracle 4/93; C++ Programming, 2/91; SONET, 11/90; DACS IV-2000 and SLC-5 OVERVIEW, 3/89, 3/90

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