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Project Manager

Houston, Texas, United States
January 10, 2018

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Project - Quality - Risk - Mitigation - Compliance

Highly qualified Project and Quality professional with an expertise in project management, quality assurance and compliance. Extensive experience advising large engineering, procurement and construction companies on operating procedures and business practices in compliance with engineering specifications, regulatory requirements and industry standards. Leverage unique combination of technical knowledge and business acumen to fuel success. Demonstrate influential leadership, client relations and advocacy, and consensus building to achieve results.

Core Skills Include:

Ability to analyze and apply requirements, specifications, regulations, and policies to specific problems.

Issue spotting and attention to detail.

Team collaboration to prevent and resolve high risk situations.

Ability to organize and manage multiple tasks in fast-paced environment.

Diplomatic and tactful in difficult situations fostering effective relationships.

Ability to absorb, assimilate, and analyze complex issues quickly.

Honesty and integrity.

Strong oral and written communication skills.

Promote sound engineering practices in correcting non-conformances, promoting continuous improvement processes and risk management processes

Ensure implementation of corrective and preventive actions through operations


Production Quality Manager, Hertz Corporation USA; Houston, Texas September 2017- Present

Front-line management of the Vehicle Service Associates work force to ensure the quality and cleanliness and delivery of vehicles at the right time.

Manage unionized and/or non-unionized workforce, delivering quality customer service.

Train and coach site management and staff in leading and implementing change.

Conduct on site activity analyses, interviews, data gathering and analysis and compile into improvement opportunities and impact – weekly production assessment.

Perform Lean and 5S continuous improvement at site facility and implementation 100% of time.

Manage Vehicle Service Associates (VSAs) standard work, adherence to reduce waste and to improve cycle time.

Identify opportunities for continuous improvement and implement changes that best increase the efficiency of the work process.

Coach, train, and supervise all VSAs (40+) to ensure that each element of standard work is being followed.

Complete VSA quality inspections and standard work audits utilizing the Akkroo application People Management.

Maintain detailed tracking of employee standard work compliance and productivity – Labor Planning tool.

Project Quality & Compliance Manager, Technip USA; Houston, Texas June 2014 – December 2015

Advise management, stakeholders and client on project proficiencies and effectiveness to ensure proper qualification and quantification of project activities.

Member of PMT in all project meetings, weekly construction meetings and client meetings as required.

Conduct hundreds of compliance reviews, audits and surveillances that required the examination and verification of client requirement documents, technical project documents, and performance of internal departments and suppliers and interviews to identify non-conformances and quality assurance and compliance.

Execute project quality plan and assurances schedules from all aspects involving budget, schedule, and technical.

Report any adverse trends related to project quality to operations and corporate quality management.

Perform phased project internal audits and ensure their success in delivering, identifying, and effective closure of any non-conformances identified to ensure non-reoccurrence.



Perform root cause analysis investigations into system failures, process anomalies, utilizing formal lean methodologies as appropriate to identify effective corrective actions.

Represent and advise client in potential claims against the contract, resulting in restitution of damages to the client or prime contractor.

Review and analyze contract agreements, work orders, purchase orders, and sub-contracts for clients in the engineering, manufacturing and construction activities.

Responsible for identifying, mitigating program and project risks and ensure identified risk are analyzed by project management and closure plans are developed to decrease risk to project.

Review and approve client deliverables (documents, procurements, equipment, supplier data) at each phase of the project phase to ensure requirements, policies, and standards are adhered too.

Review quality control practices and standard operating procedures to ensure that quality standards are adhered.

Conduct bi-yearly customer satisfaction evaluation, submit results to program management to address any concerns effecting delivery, cost, schedule or quality.

Involved in Inspection Service activities (ITPs, First Article Inspection, Receiving Inspection Reports, Criticality Rating Assessments, Supplier Inspection Reporting, Supplier NCR reporting), engaged in supplier Kick-off / PIM meetings, and pre-qualification of suppliers/subcontractors.

Evaluate and report Supplier quality investigations and ensure adherence to standard ISO guidelines and project specifications.

Prepare multiple projects for DNV-GL re-certification project audits (Aasta Hansteen EPC Spar and Chevron Phillips Chemical USGC Petrochemical Project).

Facilitate FMECA audit to determine the capability of the supplier’s manufacturing processes (Mooring Chain) to meet specification requirements and prioritize risks in manufacturing process.

Develop specialized training plans for 4 engineering disciplines (included 75 engineers and inspectors) to comply with engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract.

Evaluate 3rd party vendors and suppliers utilizing Supplier Quality Systems Requirements (criticality code assignments to procurements and equipment for project.

Key participant in vendor kick-off meetings, pre-production meeting and vendor quality reporting for projects to ensure that all PO requirements are understood and ensure that the applicable documents, data books are submitted per schedule.

Review Concession Request (CR) with engineering to determine whether deviation/modification effect form, fit or function and quality based on equipment application.

Ensure that approved vendors list (AVL) and approved supplier list (ASL) is maintained and accurate for project teams.

Project Quality Manager, WorleyParsons USA; Houston, Texas February 2012 - July 2014

Advise clients and prime contractor on health and condition of project based on non-conformances, equipment defects and corrective action identified during varies phases of the project.

Perform process/procedural audits, surveillance assessments on internal departments to ensure SOPs are working effectively.

Conduct risk-based audits to assist in mitigating cost overtures and eliminate re-work to contractors, engineering and vendors.

Evaluate supplier methodologies and analyze vendor processes to ensure quality of delivery and schedules.

Report performance of Quality through Quality metrics, PMR/IMR presentations, Weekly/monthly Project Quality Dash-boards, statistical and graphical presentation to illustrate performance.

Perform and present statistical analysis utilizing global electronic database, which captures corrective and preventative actions to closure and risk register on projects.

Assessed over-all project for compliance and set boundaries defined by procedures, policy and contractual agreements by the client and prime contractors.

Manage global quality system audit program where multiple work sites are unilaterally compliant and document/standard operating procedures utilized by Work-share sites (engineering, fabrication and management activities) are consistence.

Manage Project Quality Management Plan and ensure dependent systems and procedures (document control, supplier data, engineering data, CRM etc.) are compliant with the requirements of the Client, WorleyParsons Project Management Process (WPMP) and the Enterprise Management system (EMS).



Manage in-house induction program and training orientation for 200 new hires on the project.

Develop training plans, initiated training and maintain certification records for 40+ engineers to comply with project compliances.

Program Quality Manager, UTC/Hamilton Sundstrand; Houston, Texas December 2009 – September 2011

EVA Program Quality Manager for several missions, delivering hardware and soft-goods associated with EVA program.

Managed 3 contractor’s quality organization (ILC, USA/Flight Processing Facility, Oceaneering and Hamilton Sundstrand) in strategic planning/scheduling, equipment delivery, turnover and acceptance.

Ensure AS 9100c compliance are consistently met and maintain conduct assurance audits are conducted periodically.

Provided clear guidance on how to construct, comply and delivery certified equipment to client without defects or anomaly.

Ensure regulatory requirements and specifications are met and suggest methods to minimize risks prior to manufacturer’s turnover.

Oversee receiving inspection prior to delivery and acceptance involving certified equipment from suppliers and contractors for EVA program.

Develop and execute quality plans and ensure that all quality interfaces are in plane to execute the overall QMS system.

Presided over weekly meetings with vendors, sub-contractors and manufacturer’s cross sectional teams to identify scheduling, transport, certification issues associated with delivering equipment that meet “form”, “fit” and “functional” requirements and specifications.

Understand company SOP processes to develop and implement product specifications and raw material specifications. Review and approve changes to specifications.

Key member of Material Review board in evaluating manufacturing processes, certification and engineering principles and suggest alternative finished product and raw material if applicable.

Implement logistical coordination & planning for delivery of hardware for launch on space vehicles & on-orbit use

Key participate in Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) and NASA Advisory Problem Data Sharing program involving status of Flight Material and Devices.

Re-engineered the RCA process and staffing requirements, and added self-auditing enhancements which in-turn saved the company additional management oversite.

Eliminated backlog of 100 open technical directives/RCAs dating back several years to a manageable rate by taking ownership and accountability.

Conduct planning, analysis, and surveillance of the Extravehicular Activity (EVA) engineering/program quality policies and functional execution.

Interaction and traceability of action items close-out from other boards (NASA JSC Safety Panel, SSPCB, NT organizations etc.).

Maintain training records and ensured that all staff (3 contractors/50 individuals) were certified in their disciplines and training records to ensure that compliances were met to the contract.

Program Quality Manager, S&B Engineers & Constructors/BP Plant; Houston, Texas July 2008 -April 2009

Implement Program Quality system and strategies on Flare Gas Recovery System Projects, 1) Flare Gas Recovery System, 2) Vent Gas Reliability Upgrade Project, 3) West Plant Source Segregation, and 4) Sour Vent Gas Recovery.

Led and monitor various engineering disciplines, sub-tier and 3rd party contractors, project schedules and monitor costs to meet client and budget guidelines.

Implement Client BP’s Engineering Technical Practices (ETPs) and Site Technical Practices (STPs) within the project.

Responsible for the selection, performance evaluation and training for section staff.

Revise and implement Project Quality plan and program mythologies linking Engineering, Procurement and Construction.

Construct quality matrices which monitored numerous KPIs, non-compliances, corrective actions, procedures, tasks and schedules.

Collaborated with program managers, project management and client to ensure cohesiveness between various projects.



Developed and implemented an over-haul of current work process flow procedures to streamline internal processes within a 6-month period.

Set meetings to mitigate non-conformances and streamline processes to promote clarity within engineering and project management.

Train over 60 engineers to use self-auditing techniques (desk instructions, verification, cross checking) to ensure quality of work in their departments and eliminate rework and waste.

Project Engineer VI, Boeing Company, United Space Alliance, Houston, Texas June 1997 - June 2008

Experience in Shuttle, ISS and NASA Mir programs – Positions in Launch Package Engineer, Increment Book Manager, FDO - SPAN Manager, Module Stowage Engineer, Logistics and Maintenance (CHeCS), Manifest Book Engineer, NASA Safety Panel Representative, Change Request Facilitator

Manage system problem resolution teams (SPRTs), anomaly resolution teams (ARTs) and failure investigation teams (FIT) supporting on-orbit anomalies.

Manage logistics and maintenance analysis records for on-ground equipment and operational on-orbit equipment.

Responsible for specific Integrated Logistics Planning and Analysis, Reliability and Maintainability, Systems Engineering, Product Development, and Information/Data relationships.

Manage concise communications and data extraction, between various system groups (safety, tracking & communications, logistics & maintenance, crew health, structures, environmental) to develop and evaluate system failures and construct a planned approach to resolve hardware issues (SPAN).

Assist in strategic planning and establishing external strategic relationships with potential partners, customers, and collaborators

Develop resolution plans, procurement shipment schedules, and equipment integration, cargo element testing, hardware acceptance and checkout, and element closeout activities.

Implement formal, closed-loop, risk acceptance system, which systematically identify and track certifications for loose hardware stored on ISS modules.

Instrumental in evaluating hazards, their associated causes, controls, and verifications during the 51 L incident.

Track of project costs and variance reports, develop timelines and identify resources needed to execute the project on time and on budget.

Prepare progress reports, proposals, requirement documentation, and presentations.

Proactively manage changes in project scope, identify potential crises, and devise contingency plans.

Provide overall day-to-day technical leadership and guidance to CSG support staff in support of executing assigned NASA tasking

Developed launch packages on various ISS missions (FGB, 2A, 2A.1, 4A, 7A). Experienced with of industry and government standards and practices associated with system safety and reliability and maintainability for all phases of the mission life cycle including design, manufacturing, assembly, testing and operations.

Implement logistical coordination & planning for delivery of hardware for launch on space vehicles & on-orbit use

Working knowledge of utilizing NASA and ISS Program hazard analysis, failure modes, and effects analysis and reliability and maintainability processes, tools, and requirements.

Knowledge of division roles and responsibilities for supporting the ISS Program safety and reliability panels that review and approve hazard analysis, failure modes and effects analysis, and reliability and maintainability analysis.

Working knowledge of the ISS Certification of Flight Readiness endorsements and responsibilities.

Provide support for the technical boards and panels governing flight system design, development, test and evaluation, as well as the board support for the milestones such as Certification of Flight Readiness.

Developed Acceptance and Certification Data Packages and other flight certification and contract delivery documentation for flight hardware during ISS flights.

Lead integrated project teams to ensure flight readiness and provide project status presentations to various boards. Includes coordination with international partners

Coordinate & support with Safety & Quality to review Failure Mode Effects Analysis and Critical Items Lists, Safety Analysis Reports



Stowage Integration Engineer, Lockheed Martin Corporation; Houston, Texas June 1992 - May 1997

Review, analyze, and summarize stowage requirements for equipment data packages and assets for modularization.

Plan and coordinate the design, development, testing and evaluation of new as well as maintain the flight hardware and software in support of human space flight operations

Defined operational requirements and performed cargo stowage integration and cargo compatibility analysis.

Prepare technical presentations and briefing for Program management.

Prepare and define stowage allocations during launch of Shuttle missions and on-orbit Mir modules.

Interface with NASA cargo mission managers for multiple launch packages.

Support mission operations during flight operation to define requirements on return hardware.

Collaborate with NASA Space and Life Science group concerning efficiencies of return waste products its safe and environmental controls.


Tennis Instructor/Assistant, City of Houston; Houston, Texas June 2016 – October 2017

Conduct tennis classes for (90+) children at neighborhood park sites and community centers.

Coach and train students at High School Preparation Camp at Memorial Park, funded by the City of Houston.

Facilitate and manage Quick Start Tennis / National Junior Tennis League/ 10 & Under Tennis Program.

Provide positive role models for youth, promoting healthy, active and structured environment.

Document and review incident reports, prior to submission to Director of Parks & Recreation and Parks and Recreation Patrol Department.

Assist in marketing City of Houston Parks and Recreation programs to community.

Preformed internal audits on City of Houston Food Programs at Houston Community Centers.

Technical Implementation Consultant - Contract, Self Employed; Houston, Texas March 2016 – Present

Develop proposal and cost assessments for Tennis Academy at Saint Mary’s Elementary School.

Streamline in-house processes and procedures and eliminated redundancy between internal teams.

Technical Implementation Consultant - Contract, Self Employed; Houston, Texas May 2009 – January 2010

Led implementation and delivery of Point of Sale system for Houston Habitat for Houston (HHfH) ReStore.

Negotiate contracts with suppliers, based on delivery schedule and cost factors.

Develop detailed technical requirements with Point of Sale IT suppliers.

Streamline in-house processes and procedures; eliminated redundancies between internal teams.


Master’s Science Technical Management, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; Daytona Beach, Florida

College of Management, concentration in Technical Management, Minor in Organization/Environment Mgmt.

Bachelor’s Science Mechanical Engineering, Prairie View A&M University; Prairie View, Texas

College of Engineering, concentration in Engineering, Minor in Civil Engineering / Architecture.


NORSOK Standards and Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) Regulatory

ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Lead Auditor Certification

Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt) Certification

Lean Six Sigma (Yellow Belt) Certification

AS 9100c / OSHA knowledgeable

Project Management Project Certification (pending/in work)

Houston Area Safety Council Training

WorleyParsons Corporate Procedural / Risk Based Assurance Training

University of Houston, Leadership & Management Program

PetroSkills – Basic Petroleum Engineering Practices




Chevron Phillips Chemical – $980M USGC Petrochemical Project – Old Ocean, Texas, Gulf Coast Partner. Provided detailed EPC and pre-commissioning services for a greenfield polyethylene plant. (Technip//Phillips 66)

Aasta Hansteen EPC Spar Substructure – $750M Offshore Spar construction, Norway, and Ulsan Korea location. Provided EPC execution, certification and closeout services for Spar construction. Provide detailed Feed, EPCm and closeout activities. (Statoil/HHI)

Celanese Fairway Project – $850M Methanol Processing Facility, Clearlake, Texas US. Provided project engineering and procurement services during the execution and delivery phases.

Hebron Topsides Project – $1.3B Heavy Oil Field construction located in Canada Newfoundland and Labrador. Provided detailed EPC, management, quality, HSE and closeout activities. (WorleyParsons/Fluor)

Flare Gas Recovery Systems – $400M British Petroleum / Marathon Petroleum Refinery Flare Gas Recovery System / Vent Gas Reliability Upgrade / West Plant Source Segregation / Sour Vent Gas Recover located in Texas City, Texas US. Provided EP execution and closeout procurement activities. (BP/S&B Engineers/Jacobs Engineering)

Point-of-Sale (POS) System Implementation - $50K – Delivery and implement Point of Sale system for Houston Habitat for Houston (HHfH) ReStore facility. Procurement and equipment definition, schedule and delivery specifications, vendor negotiation and board acceptance based on budget constraints.

NASA – Space Transportation System (STS), manned launch vehicle program from 1985 to 2008,

routine Earth-to-orbit crew and cargo transportation. Provided integration, cargo, logistics and engineering during multiple mission operations.

NASA – International Space Station (ISS) Program, corporation between fifteen nations involved in the project, governing ownership of the various components, rights to crewing and utilization, and responsibilities for crew rotation and station resupply. Provided integration, stowage, logistics and on-orbit/return activities, engineering support during multiple missions, operations.

NASA – Shuttle Nasa - Mir Program, collaborative space program between Russia and the United States, which involved delivering cargo, equipment, soft-goods, stowage launch and return in compartments/cabinets to support astronauts on orbit during stays on Mir modules.

Global EPCm experience with foreign contractors Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), Ulsan, South Korea, Vicinay Cadenas, Bilbao, Spain, DaeChang Fabrication Facility - South Korea, ShinHwa Tech Co. – South Korea, and TankTech Co,, Ltd – Busan Korea

Global EPCm experience in pre-Feed, Detailed design and Construction phases

Ability to travel up to 75% in USA and willing / capacity to make vessel and offshore visits as requested or needed


Computerized Maintenance & Materials Management (CMMS)

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) model

PMP in work

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, SharePoint, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, E-mail system, Access, Outlook, Visio




Electronic Data Management System (EDMS) Training

Quality Incident Management System Training

PMP Exam Prep Course Certificate of Completion

QUARTZ Group Training

Statoil E-Room Training

SharePoint Training

Cost of Non-Quality and Non-Performance Training

PMR/IMR Dash-Board Development Training

DOMO Business Management Platform

TWIC Card - UE ID U5Y7-813415

NASA Contractor w/ Homeland Security Clearance for 10 years

Safety Council Training

Basic Plus - 5.50 hours

GBR Life Critical Safety - 1.50 hours

GBR Safety Practices and Policies - 1.00 hours

GBR Security and Environment – 0.5 hours


Quality Management System knowledge

Develop Project audit schedules

Perform 3rd Party Vendor pre-qualification and disqualifying factor assessments

Cost of Non-Quality investigation

Cost of Non-Performance investigation

Cost of Poor Quality – project

Perform Project/Site Construction audits

Lesson Learned Database development and issuance

ISO System/Process/Procedural audits

Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP)

NASA Advisory Problem Data Sharing

8D assessment

PDCA analysis

Kaizen Methodology

Corrective Action / Preventative Action definition

Project Risk Evaluation

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis

Procurement Integrity

Dependency Management

Management of Change (MOC)

Process Improvement & Implementation

Non-conformances/RCA investigations

Receiving Inspection and First Article Inspection (FAI)

Customer Identified Escapes & Customer Satisfaction Reporting

Equipment Rework, Scrap & Use as is

Quality Assurance/Quality Control knowledge

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