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Sales .Net

Jeddah, Makkah Province, Saudi Arabia
November 30, 2017

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Passport No. : H5013894

Phone: +966-*********


7+ years of experience in developing applications using .Net Technologies.

Strong knowledge and proficiency in C#, ASP.NET, VB.Net, ADO.Net and Sql Server 2008.

Strong knowledge and proficiency in jQuery, CSS, HTML, AJAX, and JavaScript.

Possessing excellent written and verbal communication skills, good interpersonal skills, and strong analytical and problem-solving skills.


Working with ZEDAN Information Engineering (Jeddah) as Software Engineer from Dec’ 2010 to till date.

Working with Star Middle East (Riyadh) as Software Engineer from April’ 2010 to Dec’ 2010.


B.Tech. (Computers Science) from JNT University.

Intermediate from Board of Higher Secondary School of Education (A.P).

S.S.C from Board of Secondary School of Education (A.P).


Operating Systems : Windows 7/NT/2000/XP.

Languages : C#, VB, ASP.

Web Tools : ASP.NET, HTML.

GUIs : C#.Net, ASP.Net, VB.Net.

RDBMS : SQL Server 2008, Oracle.



Project Name : Point of Sales Software.

Client : Zedan.

Team Size : 1.

Environnements : C#, SQL Server 2008, Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC, HTML, AJAX, JQuery.

Description :

Point of Sales Software is maintaining the inventory and sales of the products by using various modules. Each user has their own specific functionality and this module mainly concentrate on maintaining the product sales and producing the reports for the sales. It is basically a sales software especially designed for mobile shop. In this project the unique workflow was designed to meet the customer requirements where a customer can add the order by himself which includes the goods he want to purchase, and a unique token is provided to each customer. After they finish the shopping they can directly go to the counter and show their token. The Cashier or salesman bring the products customer ordered using his token and then the payment process will take place. This project is developed by using ASP.Net MVC Framework and the database used is SQL Server. It includes technologies like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, UI Kit, AJAX and jQuery. It is constructed on MVC Framework i.e Model View and Controller Framework which is very popular and flexible. Model objects are the parts of the application that implement the logic for the application's data domain. Often, model objects retrieve and store model state in a database. Views are the components that display the application's user interface (UI). Typically, this UI is created from the model data and Controllers are the components that handle user interaction, work with the model, and ultimately select a view to render that displays UI. In an MVC application, the view only displays information; the controller handles and responds to user input and interaction. This project is built in Arabic and English languages.


Designed all the forms using Views which are cshtml pages using Html, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and UI-Kit.

Used ASP.NET validation controls and wrote custom validation for advance validation.

Involved in Designing the Database. & Responsible for unit testing and fixing the problems.

Executed all the database related operations using Entity Framework and LINQ.

Involved in writing the code which satisfies the business logic of the application using Controllers.

Involved in constructing the C# Classes which are models which helps to transfer the data within the application.

Involved in the design and Coding using ASP.NET MVC 4.0 and C#.

jQuery Data tables and many more components of jQuery are used to execute the application.

Implemented Exception Handling mechanism using .Net Framework Classes.

Extensively used various User Controls to ensure reusability.

Developed Stored Procedures and Functions using SQL Server.

Involved in Testing of the application with different sets of inputs.

Designed the reports using SAP Crystal Reports 13.


Project Name : ZeMark

Client : Zedan

Environnements : C#, Ms Access

Description :

Zemark is a software application reads the data from OMRsheets using optical mark reader machines (A40s, A540, A550, CD360, ps960, ps910 when the OMR sheets are fed through the machine. The marks are calculated and fed into database. A wide range of reports can then have printed from that database, or the data imported to Access, excel and word etc. Using zemark we will different types of reports (General, Audit report, key item analysis... etc.). It maintains the student and staff personal information. Question Bank is designed to work with multiple choice Questions, true or false Questions and is a powerful tool for monitoring Questions statistics, enabling academics and exam administrators to construct better assessments. Using question bank create question papers. We can import student and staff information into database. Export the reports into different formats (pdf, excel, word


Designed and implemented Windows Forms.

Wrote validations to check inputs

Designing the Database.

Designing Reports using crystal reports.


Project Name : HR Management System

Client : Star Middle East Company Ltd

Environnements : C#, SQL Server2008

Description :

HR Management system is maintaining all the employee details, customer details Employee salary reports and Time sheet. We know the status of employee (working, stand- by, exit, exit-Reentry). we know the employee working in which company and how many employees working in that company and their categories and nationalities. Maintains customer payment details information, we can download employee photo, iqama, medical cad images. We will know when employee contract period expires. It is automatically increase basic salaries after one year depending upon their performance. Just enter the timesheet it will calculate employee salaries at same time it will calculate company invoice.


Designed and implemented Windows Forms.

Wrote validations to check inputs

Involved in Designing the Database.

Designing General Reports


Project Name : CityBizInfo

Client : Infograph

Environnements : C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server2005

Description :

Get accessed your company’s products details on web & mobiles across the world. Let your customer know your address & location with the help of site map. Add video clippings of your products for a virtual tour. Show case your products live in “Product showcase” in search details. Detail product viewing. Product details on mobile instantly. Inquiries & bookings through mobiles, add database of potential customers (inquiries) & visitor’s details through Mobile technology for follow up business. Get inquiries & business alerts on mobile & on e- mails... Mobile based inquiries for further business.


Designed and implemented Web Forms, ASP.Net web user Controls.

Used ASP.NET validation controls and wrote custom validation for advance validation.

Designed and implemented Data Access Tier using ADO.NET.

Involved in Designing The Database.


Project Title : Contact- Mail- Marketing & Billing Management Solutions

Client : Infograph

Team Size : 6

Environment : C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server2005.


“CM4 Plus’ is very user-friendly property software, which helps very effectively in organizing, updating and managing the clientele details under different groups, supported by search and mailing for any business or Organization. It also helps in marketing the company products and services in one click through emails and SMS, across the globe, thus by saving huge expenses and time on exposure and advertisements. Through this program, soft copies of Letterheads, Invoices, receipts, Greeting cards, News letters & Broachers can be mailed in bulk. The client list and address for mailing hardcopies can be printed under group and in bulk very easily. It also provides a customized billing solution requirement for any organizations along with the inventory support. This software can be customized as per the business requirements by us.


Designed and implemented Web Forms, ASP.Net web user Controls.

Used ASP.NET validation controls and wrote custom validation for advance validation.

Involved in Designing the Database.

Responsible for unit testing and fixing the problems.


Project Title : Telephonic Explorer

Client : General Medical Council (GMC) UK

Team Size : 6

Environment : C#, SQL Server2005, ASP.NET, ADO.Net.


To develop a Tapi based application for managing the all telephone Applications through personal computer. Telephonic explorer is very effective and useful software to the end user, many telecom applications are done by this software. The applications of this software are making calls, receiving calls, internet access and data transmission.


Designed and implemented Web Forms, ASP.Net web user Controls.

Used ASP.NET validation controls.

Involved in Designing the Database.


Name : Shaik. Gouse Mohiddin

Date of Birth : 07_01_1984

Passport No : H5013894

Nationality : Indian

Sex : Male

Father’s name : khaja Hussain

Hobbies : Playing Cricket, listening to music

My Strength : Hard Working & Open to learn anything new.


I here by declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.


DATE: (sk.gouse mohiddin)

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