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Engineer Design

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
December 01, 2017

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RESUME (bush.david.j.doc)

David J. Bush Electrical Engineer Atlanta, GA 30339


Technical Summary

Experience with Microsoft, Unix, Linux, Cygwin, C, Visual C++,Eclipse,Perl, Python, MatLab, MathCad, Assembly, LabView, VHDL, ModelSim, Quartus, TouchStone, PSpice, Orcad, HFSS and most EDA's.

Expertise with:

-Logic analyzers, Network analyzers, Oscilloscopes, most design equipment

-8/16/32 bit microprocessors from various manufacturers. ARM, DSP, XILINX FPGA, Altera CPLD, intelligent components

-Transmission line power splitters, high frequency design. Ansoft and Ensemble - RF Digital\Analog Communications – embedded systems

-USB, serial/parallel interfacing, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, PCI, I2C, SPI

-Basic understanding of Op amps, transistors, discretes, microcontrollers, digital and analog signal processing. Source control with GIT, SVN.

-Experience with RTOS, Linux Kernel, Driver, and firmware development for ARM microcontrollers. Packet processing with Ethernet protocol. Designing and testing embedded software systems.Use of many development tools.

- Controls; analog/digital, neural-fuzzy logic, and P.I.D.

- As a student I worked on manufacturing line debugging rejected mobile phone control boards (1.9GHz and 800 MHz).

Positions: (All of the below are contract except for current position and American Panel which I lost due to the major downturn in economy.)

Current Position-Oil-Gas Industry from August 2012 to present (Design Engineer) Firmware and hardware for Intrinsically Safe design. Writing all preliminary documents for hardware and software design. Creating schematics with Altium Designer and writing software. Using Cortex M4 microcontroller with Atmel Studio development environment. Also using 8 bit XMEGA A3 microcontroller with same development tool. Developing RTOS, kernel, and drivers for ARMA5D3X microcontroller. Eclipse development environment. Qt graphics for LCD interface to embedded. Linux embedded. Developing UDP for Ethernet communication. Developing Serial, SPI, and I2C protocols. Interfacing with customer quarterly to review design. Writing docs SRS, SDD, SVV, and test docs.

Universal Avionics contract from June 2010 – June 2011 (Software Engineer)

-Designing UI and test scripts for microprocessor based airplane electronics using C and C++. Writing SRS, SVV, STD, SDD, SUD for software. Used doxygen to map software verification documents. Mapped user interface to customer requirements. Wrote test code for about 6 different avionics communication protocols. Ethernet interface used for communication. Developed test code for IP router.

-Document test procedures.(DO-160g)

American Panel Company from June 2008 to July 2009 (Firmware Engineer)

-System, software debugging, testing (Avionics displays, LCD); Integrated software with FPGA and micro controllers 80XX series(firmware, embedded systems) Used I2C, SPI communications between modules. Used RS-232 to outside world. Wrote regression test procedure.

-Worked with C, C++,DO-178B Windows and Linux environments

Quarters Company from April 2005 to November 2007 (Electrical Design Engineer)

Hardware and software based design

-Talked directly with customer to meet specifications.

-Video capture and decoding using 8 bit PIC microcontroller for intelligence

-Used video chip to capture vertical and horizontal sync pulses

-A/D conversion with mixed signal design.

-Upgrade design from micro and discretes to Altera FPGA using Quartus software(VHDL)

Communications Associates from June 2004 to September 2004 RF Engineer

-RF equalizer design and implementation for equalizer in satellite communications component from low RF to UHF in GHz range. Design involved BPF, LPF, HPF, and matching networks.

Computer Solver Inc from November 2000 to June 2003 Electronics Engineer

-Schematic design of circuits with multiple PIC16F876 as controllers and FPGAs. Used VHDL with Quartus Software.

-Design stepper motor control circuits.

-Design that used several slave MCU's and one master(firmware, embedded systems).

-Designed prototypes and test units for medical devices with RF signal


-Designed test fixture for medical devices(Lithotripter, LED displays)

-Basic circuit design analog and mixed signal

SpectRX from May 2000 to August 2000 Firmware Engineer

-Basic electronic circuit design to support chemical engineers

-Embedded circuits

EMS Wireless Contract from March 2000 to April 2000 RF Engineer

-Phased Array Power Dividers for 2 to 16 elements.

-Worked in 1.2 GHz range to achieve power and direction.

-Used Ansoft and Ensemble software.

-Modeled networks using S-parameters


Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering 1992 BSEE+

EE License # EIT020870

Post Grad Georgia Tech 1993 - 1998

DSP Certificate

UL Hazardous Locations 101 and Intrinsic Safety Certificate

Activities/Interests; IEEE; Communications & Controls Society, Circuits and Systems Society

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