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Engineer Mechanical

Troy, Michigan, United States
November 29, 2017

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Ahsan Zaidi

*** ***** *** ****;

Auburn Hills MI, 48326

248-***-**** (mobile)

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Objective: Mechanical Engineer or Quality

Professional Summary:

A dynamic, team oriented and performance driven engineering professional with a solid background in mechanical design & application, project management and quality. Worked with BIW and electro-mechanical components related to Automotive and Aerospace Industries.

Detail driven with great communication skills and recognize for creative problem solving and trouble shooting skills.

Core Competencies:

Mechanical Engineer, experience in BIW product design, development, quality and manufacturing.

Experienced in Body-in-white (BIW)/Structures, Closures, Exterior and Reliability & Quality, involved with sheet metal (high Strength Steel), composite material and plastic.

Worked with Electromechanical components used in BIW, Powertrain and Chassis.

Experience in Aircraft industry, worked with Aircraft payload structures analysis. Minitab

Well verse in Microsoft office tools for project management, Team Center and NX applications

CAN System Network to analyze data Engine and transmission electronic Control Unit.


Certificate, Alternative Energy, Oakland University, Rochester, MI USA (June 2010)

Northeastern University, Boston MA USA

oAlternative Energy for Automotive 09/ 2009 to 06/2010

oM.S. Mechanical Engineering; 09/1983 to 6/1986

oB.S. Mechanical Engineering; 09/ 1978 09/1982



Certificate in Alternative Energy (Oakland University, MI)

Greenbelt, CATIA V5, (Chrysler Corporation)

Six Sigma, Participation in International Symposium (RAM), (Eaton Corporation)

Maintainability & Reliability, (Institute of University of Arizona)

Electrical/Instrumentation, Advanced Composite Material (Fabrication/Design)

AutoCAD: Worked on wire frame geometry; create points, lines, curves, simple surfaces, solid molding and 3D analysis, stack up study and tolerances.

Professional Experience:

Quality / Reliability Engineer 10/18/2017– 11/07/2017

FCA (Chrysler) Toledo, OH (Roush)

Worked on Quality related issues, monitor and analyze performance data for JL Jeep.

Coordinated various departments and performed root cause analysis. Attended CFS and

CPA and Audit meetings.

Quality Engineer (Mechanical), 10/2015–10/2016

Challenge Manufacturing at (GM)

2501 Centerpoint Pkwy. Pontiac, MI 48341

* Responsible engineering product quality for GM Omega (CT-6), Malibu (E2LB) Body-Body in white closures and Exterior sheet metal and plastic automotive parts. Resolved issues related final assembly in design and Quality build and product launched activities. Liaison between plant and engineeringdepartment, worked non conformance items. Paid visit to Supplier for parts buy-off process and PPAP related issues. Worked on and BIW stamped parts to meet customer requirements.

Duties included GD&T analysis, DFMEA, DVP&R, DFSS activities

* Root cause analysis and recommended action. Product launch quality related presentation final report.Prepared graph charts, and updated open action items and final reports. Applied advance quality tools, worked control plan, APQP, PFMEA. Attended meeting with customer and supplier.

Quality Development Engineer, 03/2015 – 07/2015

Alten Technology USA, Inc. 3221 West Big Beaver Rd Troy, MI 48085

* Managed and implemented Quality and engineering related issues, development and testing, assembly, build and nonconformance quality related issues. Worked on Power train and BIW Components. Worked with ProMaster Trucks with M40 transmission & under hood components, and performed launch activities at Saltillo, Mexico.

* Power train. Responsible for Body Control Module (BCM) and Transmission Control Module (TCM) re-flashing activities and Hydraulic Unit and related parts. Involved system analysis for vehicle, Root cause analysis and recommended action. Products launch product quality related activities. Prepared graph, charts and final reports. Applied advance quality tools, worked control plan, APQP, PFMEA. Meetings with customer, supplier and updated open action items

Reliability Engineer /Mechanical 4/2014 - 9/2014

AM General 12200 Hubbard Street Livonia, MI48150

* Managed and implement DFMEA for product design changes, support to Military

Vehicles/HUMVEE (BRVO)

* Reliabilities Growth and System design analysis for newly design parts for vehicle.

* Supported Design and Release Engineers for product development and testing.

* PFMEA, Control plan, DVP&R, GD&T, and root cause analysis for BIW & Powertrain.

* Involved system analysis for vehicle, root cause analysis and recommended action.

Quality Engineer /Reliability Interior/Hard Trim), 6/2013 - 4/2014

Irvin-Takata International 2600 Center Point Pkwy, Pontiac, MI 48341

* Design of automotive hard trim, roof, headliner, and interior components from concept

to launch.

* Provided support to DRE, and coordinated with suppliers for engineering changes and

parts quality.

* Performed, DFMEA, PFMEA, Control plan, DVP&R, GD&T, and root cause analysis

* Involved in design & quality review of launch issues related to final assembly at Ford

assembly plant resulting in resolution of build and assembly issues.

* Supported activities for new Mustang launch at Ford, Rock Facility MI.

Mechanical Engineer (Quality) Detroit, MI, 2/2013 – 5/2013

Martinrea International - (contract)

* Worked on BIW components related body structure with sheet metal hot/cold rolled stamped parts.

Projects. involved with GM. Chrysler, Ford and Nissan.

* Ensure Vehicle Quality Standards met design intend (Eng Specs), Government regulatory

requirements, and engineering functional & performance requirements.

* Apply Build objectives and maintain fit & finish objectives at the plant to improve first time

capability. Performed Cpk, Ppk, Cp, Pp calculation, Worked with Supplier Quality related issues

and resolution. PFMEA, Control plan, DVP&R, Non-conformance issues related Build & Misterbach.

* Tolerance Stacking / Detail to Assembly, products with in platform.

* Involved in design review, build and GD&T issues related to design and final assembly.

* Builds and launch BIW components of Upper Body Structure.

Product Engineer (Lead) 10/2012 – 02/2013

General Motors - (contract) 30001 Van Dyke, Warren, MI 48093

* Worked on newly design D2UB vehicle, product design changes and implementation for upper

Body structure parts A-Pillar, B-Pillar inner/Outer and related components, Worked on design and

Built issues, Root cause analysis release proto type parts. Involved in launch activities and root

cause analysis, design reviews, Supplier visit, parts buy off process. Performed CMM data analysis

Tolerance and stake up study, 8D & 5-Why GD&T Analysis, DFMEA, applied Six Sigma Tools.

* Worked with supplier to evaluate PPAP, sample for trial production runs to confirm that the product meet

all customer specification, supplier has understood the requirements, defining the fictional requirements,

engineering drawings, dimensions & tolerances analysis, DVPR.

Manage and supported product design related issues and parts quality improvement for North

America and China launches.

Dimensional Engineer (BIW - Closure), 05/2012 – 10/2012

Chrysler Corporation 3000 W, Chrysler Dr, Belvidere, IL 61008

* Managed and supervised layout of interior and exterior components of: BIW, closures,

doors, and hardware while implementing lean manufacturing.

* Responsible for BIW assembly, quality and dimensional issues for Dodge Dart, Compass

and Patriot vehicles.

* Coordinated with engineering departments in their daily activities such as shim move,

weld integrity, CMM data, Metrology Lab data; final assembly, and stamping parts.

* Monitored and analyzed CMM dimensional data and provided dimensional reports

Resolved fit & finish issues. Resolve Build and Quality related issues attended CSA and

Production related meetings.

* Utilized CATIA 5 for engineering drawing.

* Supported launch activities of Dodge Dart

Chrysler Corporation, (thru CDI), Aug 2010 – Jun 2011

Mechanical Engineer (Quality) 38111 Van Dyke, Sterling Height, MI48312

Responsible for BIW parts of Dodge Durango and Dodge Cherokee parts quality improvement, engineering Design/Quality review.

Support to Design release engineers, GD&T & tolerance checks, open and closed issues summary with CN & IAA status.

Open engineering issues related to Die Shop, Assembly and Customer.

Worked, with body structure sheet metal hot/cold rolled parts.

Non-conformance issues related Build, and Misterbock.

Tolerance Stacking / Detail to Assembly, products within platform.

Coordinated engineering changes with plant and suppliers, Build objectives and maintain fit & finish at the plant to improve first time capability.

Identify critical characteristics and safety and verify at quality checks.

Involved in meetings with engineering changes and implementation.

Participated in launch of Dodge Durango and Dodge Cherokee vehicles.

Chrysler Corporation - (Tac Transportation), Feb 2009 – Feb 2010

Mechanical Engineer (Quality) Chrysler Tech Center Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Ensure Vehicle Quality Standards met design intend (Eng Specs), Government regulatory requirements, and engineering functional & performance requirements.

Apply Build objectives and maintain fit & finish objectives at the plant to improve first time capability.

Identify critical characteristics and safety characteristics on finished vehicles and verify at quality checks points.

Coordinate with supplier to implement parts inspection standards requirements.

General Motor - (Aerotek), Feb 2008 – Dec 2008Reliability Engineer /Mechanical Engineer 800 N Glenwood Ave, Pontiac, MI 48340

Provided Engineering/technical support for diesel engine (DuraMax/LMK) design and development..

Managed and implement product design changes.

Optimized integrated of various engine components through DFMEA and Reliability Plan & Analysis. Performed DFMEA and reliability activities on engine components, Design of Experiments, DVPR.

Direct support Design Release engineers, Coordinated between DRE, assembly plant and suppliers during product development. Participated in meeting, design review, Verified and implemented test results to improve product. Design of Experiments and PPAP activities.

Performed root cause analysis, warranty data to improve product quality. Follow up open action items, testing and validation activities.

Coordinate between assembly plant and suppliers during product development.

Daimler Chrysler Corp. Jeep & Truck, (Contract MSX-I), Jan 2004 – Dec 2007

Product Engineer / Plant Vehicle Engineer, 21500 Mound Rd, Warren MI 48091

Closures: Supported Design & development and product launch activities light duty trucks Jeep Wrangler (JK) models. Worked on BIW sheet metal and plastic parts, involving body side assemblies, reinforcements, doors channel inner/outer/glass and hardware. Responsible and implementing product changes into production.

BIW/Exterior: Worked on the Dodge Dakota (ND &AN) and Dodge Ram (DR) programs. Responsible for Box and Hardware, Box Floor & reinforcement, Cab and Box alignment, worked on sheet metal Box Inner/ Outer and tailgate assembly. Worked on the Dodge Trucks, on Door Mirrors exterior/interior,Headlamps / Tail Lamps, Body side molding.

Quality Improvement: Applied Green Belt technique to resolve Tailgate (Dodge Truck) design issues by the application of root cause analysis, resulting in savings over $300K in warranty costs to the company. Worked with sources in China per specs for product changes on Jeep Wrangler (JK) models.

Plant Vehicle Engineer: Managed Product changes & Quality improvements and product launch activities at the assembly plant. Provide direct support Design and Release engineers.

Applied Cost Saving techniques, Involved in Warranty return and root causes analysis. Used CATIA V5 and GD&T

Achieve exterior fit & finish targets for truck box assembly. (Dodge Dakota trucks)

Apply GD&T in CATIA V4/V5 tolerances and stack up studies.

Apply “5-Whys” Root Cause Analysis techniques to resolve design & warranty issues.

Eaton Corporation (Automotive), Permanent position May 2001 - June 2003

(Facility close down Moved to South Field)

Reliability Engineer/Mechanical 1400 S Livernois Rd Rochester Hills, MI 48307

Performed planned and implemented the reliability, Maintainability and safety programs design activities with the design, operation and maintenance Groups. Reliability testing and analysis.

Reviewed proposals and customer specification to identify and evaluate Reliability concern. Applied Reliability tools to ensure robust product design early in the design cycle and demonstrated product reliability and confidence levels. Worked on transmission Chassis for reliability prediction and growth and Halt and Hass testing. Reliability Analysis, MTIB used DFMEA, PFMEA analysis

Applied Six-Sigma methodology and developed DFEMA for development of Solenoid Valves, Manifold, Bi-State valve for “Manual Selectable Ride” (MSR) used in Power train and Chassis “Damping Control System” for Ford and GM.

General Motor Corp (Modern Engineering), Feb 1997 – Dec 2000

Reliability Engineer/Mechanical (Contract) 30001 Van Dyke, Warren, MI 48093

Worked on projects for Medium Size Car’s components carry over items involving, and BIW, Exterior/Interior and Under Hood components. Responsible for Box and Hardware, Box Floor & reinforcement, Cab and Box alignment, worked on sheet metal Box Inner/ Outer and tailgate assembly. Worked on the Dodge Trucks, on Door. Worked Body stricture components.

Worked on sheet metal and plastic parts of various components of Car and resolve design issues by applying reliability tools to design a robust product early in the design stage and demonstrate product reliability and confidence level utilizing new technologies.

Performed DFEMA/PFEMA and provided ongoing logistical support as the Reliability /Validation /Engineering Department’s single point coordinator.

Chrysler Corp (Aerotek), Auburn Hills, MI Sept 1995 – Feb 1997

Product Engineer Chrysler Tech Center Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Responsible design and release product changes & product related issues of carry over parts on Neon Car. Root cause analysis, apply 8D, 5 Why, DFEMA, Part Buy off process.

Worked on BIW Parts sheet metal and plastic parts, Involving body structure, floor pan, plenum, cowl, cross member, Console bracket. Investigated and resolved root cause & implemented in design change and carried out engineering changes.

Provided Launch and post-launch support for neon car in USA and Mexico

Personal: Citizenship: USA

Salary: Open, Position: Engineering related


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