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Engineer Manager

Spring, Texas, 77373, United States
November 27, 2017

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Luis Granados


I am an engineer and career manager with a record of achievements handling large projects in the oil, gas, electricity, petrochemical and steel industries.

Have high standards of ethics and will not cut corners when dealing with the safety of the facilities and welfare of the workers.


Bachelor of Science (BS) Mechanical Engineering. Ricardo Palma University (Peru)

MBA University of Pacific (Peru)

Master of Science (MSc) Nuclear Power Engineering. University of Missouri,

PhD, Colorado State University, Mechanical Engineering

Professional Experience

LG Engineering Corp Nov 2015- Now

Manager Director

Sacramento Municipal Utility District-Rancho Seco Power Plant, Quality Assurance Certification.

Water and waste water equipment supply and installation for City of Houston, City of Austin (Austin Energy) and City of Dallas.

General Electric Co Sept 2012 – Oct 2015

Senior Design Engineer

Designed specialized equipment for the coal gasification system (a GE proprietary technology) using CFD and FEA with simulation software as LABVIEW, COMSOL, ANSYS, Fluent etc.

Design of centrifugal, reciprocating (piston), diaphragm and peristaltic pumps for slurry as well as non-conventional positive displacement pumps for coal/water slurry to inject into reactor gasifier.

Developed a mass flow meter using a frequency modulated laser for high pressure (1000 psi) transportation of CO2 + pulverized coal.(patent pending)

Simulated the high pressure conveyance system for dry feed gasification using m-Fix and Barracuda software. (pneumatic transportation of coal at 1200 psig)

Integration of existing technologies for gas flow meters to work in high pressure transporting solids in suspension (Laser Doppler Velocimeter + Oscillating U-tube to get a mass flow meter working at 1200 psig)

Disruptive the state-of-the-art looking for synergies between existing and non existing technologies to meet the objectives of the company using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Brilliant Factory.

Curtiss-Wright, Inc April 2011- Sept 2012

Project Manager

Managed construction of very heavy pressure vessels for refineries, petrochemical and power generation facilities.

Customers included: Ecopetrol, Mississippi Power (Southern Co.) Sasol, CHS, Foster wheeler, Petro-Ecuador, etc

STV Inc (Contract For Sunoco Project) Feb 2011 – April 2011

Lead Mechanical Engineer

Designing pump systems for a terminal plant for Sunoco in Nederland, Texas.

Pump system design, meter stations, flare selection and hydraulics analysis.

Valerus Inc (Contract for PdVSA petro-chemical plant Soto1) Dec 2010 – Feb 2011

Project Engineer

Gas processing plant for Venezuela’s PdVSA. This is a 200 MMSCFD gas de-ethanizer and de-butanizer for Natural Gas Liquids built by Russia’s Gazprom in Venezuela.

Power plant feed for the Petrochemical SOTO 1, 60 Mw Gas Turbine

EnogexInc-Oklahoma (Contract for Three Gathering Lines) Aug 201- - Nov 2010

Project Engineer

Supporting the project manager on three gas gathering expansions each

about 35MMSCFD.

Under a contract for Oxford International to provide temporary services

Hydro-testing procedures for the gathering facilities

Entrion, Inc Feb 2010 to May 2010

Consultant/ Technical advisor

Consultant related to the failure of 6 electrical generators offshore.

Performed Root Cause Failure Analysis on mechanical and electrical equipment located on three offshore platforms in Singapore owned by Ensco, Inc.

National Oilwells-Varco (Baylor);six generators failed almost simultaneously.

Analyzed harmonics response from the structure to the generators, prepared a FMEA and FMECA.

Set up a fault tree diagram using PRA (Probabilistic Risk Analysis)

Reviewed the quality program of NOV Baylor on the failure of six offshore platforms before the Macondo case.

Performed analytical studied on the resin used to form the generators poles with DSC (differential scanning calorimeter) and helped to solving the problem.

Proplant, Inc Jan 2010 – Feb 2010

Project Manager

Responsible for designing for the expansion of a steam generation facility for a Fertilizer plant in Doha, Qatar.

Customer, Qatar Fertilizer wanted to increase the steam production from 275 MTPH to 440 MTPH of steam to expand its production capacity at the plant #3 of this world largest fertilizer complex. Included a de-aerator, a de-super heater, flash tanks and many other mechanical rotary and stationary equipment.

All design is being performed as per Cenelec and several other European classifications and standards.

Contract for Design of a de-superheater for Qatar

Universal Ensco Feb 2007 – Dec 2009

Senior Project Engineer

In charge of large natural gas liquids pipeline and natural gas pipelines including: sizing of the pumping station, compressor stations, heater, flares, dehydration units, control valves, pressure vessels.

Compliance:49CFR195, 49CFR 192 and FERC.

Pipe simulation, flow assurance, transient analysis, stress analysis, meter stations, etc.

Stress analysis on nozzles, pipe connections, and structural analysis of the meter stations’ frames and support for Boardwalk, LLP, Oneok Inc, Enterprise LLP and National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago.

Coordinated the activities for 51 meter stations for Boardwalk

Built 51 meter stations using ultrasonic flow meters using Daniel and Sick Maihak meters working in parallel for custody transfer on a gas pipeline (Boardwalk + Gulf Crossing).

Stress analysis on meter station structures for Boardwalk

Surge analysis on meter stations for Boardwalk

Pipe analysis, using steady state and transient conditions for: Oneok, Inc, Enterprise, LLP

Flare analysis for: Oneok, Inc, Enterprise, LLP, natural gas liquids projects

Pump selection and location for Oneok, Inc and Enterprise, LLP, projects

Re-designed a gas processing plant for NGC of Trinidad & Tobago.(National Gas Company of Trinidad & Tobago)

Spectra Energy Feb 2006 – Feb 2007

Senior Project Engineer

Analysis of a new underground gas storage facility in PA called Steckman Ridge

18 Billion cubic feet gas storage plant located at Bedford county PA

Recommendation on the diesel gas engine and compressor station, pipe analysis, environmental analysis,

FERC, DOT,49 CFR 192 and 49 CFR 19 (verification and compliance).


General Manager

Managed a local EPC in Houston doing business all over the world in the areas of oil/gas (upstream + downstream), energy, mining, government, municipalities.

Designed and retrofit heat transfer equipment including X-changers, furnaces, cooling towers and process equipment (unitary process), according to TEMA, ASME and API.

Selected and installed modular electric power plants turbo and diesel-electric Caterpillar for production units (Petro Amazonas, Ecuador).

Replacement of compressor stage blades on LM series gas turbine using Chromalloy vapor deposition for our customer (Etevensa, Peru)

Feasibility study for a combine cycle (Rankine+Brayton) power plant in Chile.

Supply and demand forecasting analysis for electric utility company in Houston Texas

Terminal plant for LPG and LNG at Puerto San Jose (Guatemala) including the instrumentation for the spherical tanks (Canadian Erection Inc), supporting the structural analysis for the tanks including ladders, welding, upper platforms and security fence.

Bi-directional gas injection facilities in Evangeline Parish, LA for PPEC as a subcontractor for the engineering company hired to oversee the (05) 8 billion cubic feet capacity salt dome underground facility.

Clean water was injected and salt water (brine) was taken away and re-injected in a deep well far away.

Analysis on Compressor station, hydraulics systems, pumping stations, booster pumps, water well pumps, filter separators, Tuyere separators, de-hydration units, indirect fire heaters, storage tanks to receive the brine, control valves and piping as per 49CFR192.

Cost analysis on alternatives to brine treatment including reverse osmosis, vaporization, deep well injection, membrane filtration and solar evaporation.

Project manager for a production facility in Ecuador including the manufacturing of three phase separators, indirect fire heaters, and glycol dehydration units, pressure vessels, valves, control valves, Scada system, RTU and many thousands of items involved.

Beta International Inc/ INTERAMERICAN LOGISTICS CORP 1987 1991

General Manager

Managed industrial supply company in Houston-Texas; Designed equipment prepared specifications for manufacturing, installation and commissioning of upstream equipment for the oil and gas industry including production units, pressure vessels, three phase separators, valves.

Customers in the gas pipeline business in Indonesia, exploration units in Ecuador, offshore platforms in Brazil, requested the support of our local office a subsidiary of Beta International for industrial urgent needs.

Select and provide: valves, vessels, separators, Christmas trees (five well manifolds), flow meters, flow computers, temperature sensor, pressure transmitters, Scada systems, rotary equipment: compressors, electrical motors, diesel generators, small gas turbines, tank instrumentation, etc

University Of Missouri 1984-1986

Assistant Professor

Assisted in several courses in the mechanical and nuclear engineering department: Machine Design, Thermodynamics, Nuclear Reactor Engineering, etc.

Missouri University Research Reactor; Neutron radiography, thermal hydraulic computer codes for reactor safety analysis.

Research assistance at the MURR research reactor: Performed NDT (non destructive testing) and NAA (neutron activation analysis).

National Petroleum Corporation of Peru (PetroPuru) 1980-1984

Inspector engineer for the national petroleum company Of Peru

Reliability, maintainability, failure analysis, NDT, design of thermal equipment, small capital projects for 3 refineries and two petrochemical plants.

Designed and built heat transfer equipment used in solvents plants, FCC, vacuum unit, distillation unit and Fertilizer Plant. (Ammonia, Urea).

Mitsubishi gas turbine 25MW with reactive power compensation, interconnected to the national grid.

National Foundry & Steel Complex of Peru (SiderPeru) 1978-1980

Project engineer

Involved in major Projects related to the expansion to 2’000,000 MT of liquid steel including the analysis of a new FBC (Fluidized Bed Combustion) power plant, rotary kilns, process equipment, heat transfer equipment, pressure vessels.

Research and Development of new technology for metal oxidation of the iron ore using rotary kills, now known as “Direct Reduction”

Design of X-changers used in the iron ore cooling system as a part of the oxidation process to increase the metal content of the raw material for steel making.

Reactive power compensation and harmonics filters design to stabilize the system after the inductive electric furnaces operation created disturbances on the electric grid.

National Electricity Company of Peru (Electro Peru) 1976-1978

Mechanical Engineer

Design of fan interconnected system with of 6 x 60 MWH hydro turbines, 3 x 25 Mw gas turbines (GE) and several diesel electric generators.

Trained by GETSCO (General Electric Technical Service) to repair MS-5000 series turbines and Speed-tronics controllers.

Maintenance of electric generators, gas turbines, protection relays, transmission lines, sub-stations, switchgears etc.

Maintenance of protection relays for line on the ground, transformers, generators, permanent magnet generators, lubrication pumps etc.

Harmonics analysis and compensation using capacitors

Reactive power compensation.

Network load optimization

Inductance compensation.

Power system analysis.


Fluent in Spanish and English

Higher and lower level computer programs and codes (SolidWorks, VB, C++,Fortran)


American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

American Nuclear Society.

American Society for Quality.


Optimal Design of Heat Exchangers.

Fluidized Bed Combustion for a 87 MW-hr power plants.

Reactor Safety Analysis for a 10 MW research reactor.


“Radar Tank Gauge using the Time Domain” a non intrusive, non

contact liquid level measurement system for crude oil or LPG storage

tanks” (Patent Pending).

“Angioplasty Radiation Therapy a minimal intrusive device to prevent

restenosis” (Patent Number 6.755,776).

“High Pressure Flow Meter for two phases using Laser Doppler Anemometer”

(GE-Patent Pending).

“Mixing Pipe and Steam Injection to Reduce Viscosity of Coal Slurry for Gasification”(GE-Patent Pending).

“Injection of CO2 on Posimetric Feeder to Reduce the Permeability of the Media when Working at High Pressure” (GE-Patent Pending).

“Posimetric Feeder System with Lower Discharge at High Pressure”

(GE-Patent Pending).

“De-agglomeration of the Posimetric Feeder Plug Using an Auto-Clave at High Pressure”(GE- Patent Pending).

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