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Full Stack Angular .NET Developer

Ellenwood, Georgia, United States
January 29, 2018

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William Steinberg

**** **** **.

Ellenwood, GA **294


Summary of Experience

Mr. Steinberg has over 25 years experience in the development of micro, mini and mainframe data processing systems. He has extensive expertise in the design, analysis, programming documentation, implementation and maintenance of these software systems with exceptional strength in VB.Net, Delphi, SQL, C, C# and C++ languages as well as ASP.Net and Winforms and MVC applications.

Skill Set Years of Experience Skill Level (1-5)


Regular Expressions, Regex 15 5

VB.Net 13 5

C# 11 5

ASP.NET MVC Core 2 2

C language 9 5

JavaScript, jQuery 5 5


SQL 15 4

SQL Server 15 4

ASP.Net 14 4

Transact-SQL 11 4

ADO.Net 5 4

Visual Studio 2015 4 4

C++ language 3 4

MVC 5 3 4

LINQ 3 4

TypeScript 3 4

Telerik controls 3 3

Syncfusion Controls 1 2

Moq, Ninject, TDD 2 3

Entity Framework 6 3 4

Team Foundation Server TFS 10 2


Kendo UI – Web 2 2

Oracle 2 2

WPF 1 2

Telerik Reporting 1 2

AngularJS 3 3

Angular 1 1

RxJs 1 1

SVG, PabloJS 1 1

D language 1 1

Haskell, F#, Ramda 1 1

Semantic UI 1 1


1971 – 1973 Suffolk County Community College, Selden, NY

1973 – 1975 B.S. Mathematics, SUNY at Fredonia, NY

1975 – 1977 M.S. Computer and Information Science, Syracuse University, NY


Norfolk Southern 7/17 – 1/18

For client Norfolk Southern, quickly learned full stack C#, Web Api, JavaScript, AngularJS, TFS legacy application that was known to be challenging to maintain. Reversed engineered how it was built, then quickly fixed a suite of defects with minimal assistance.

Application supported Track Supervisors in entering FRA government required paperwork, improving user interaction, and using AngularJS to provide an efficient, dynamic interactive environment. Added features so users would have cleaner data presentation, and less confusion.

Did full manual testing to ensure changes did not break existing functionality in fragile application.

S&K Aerospace 1/17 – 6/17

For client S&K Aerospace, in team environment, quickly port and expand WebForms application to MVC 6, using Syncfusion controls including Grid, Dialog, File Upload, etc. Create Winforms application to generate 1348 PDF Shipping form, reducing time to fill out form from 3 minutes to 10 seconds. Perform code reviews, strong communication with management. Code was quickly written, highly reliable and maintainable. Tools include C#, MVC, Access 2016, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Syncfusion and jQuery. Mentored Junior Programmer, pair programming with him to raise his skill levels and better meet deadlines.

Eaton Lighting 2/16 – 9/16

For client Eaton Lighting, improve performance of critical web page event handling from 30 seconds to sub-second. Used JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, TypeScript, Angular 1, creating and consuming custom Services and Directives working with SVG and HTML controls for complex layout of fixture runs. Used all components of Angular, both creating Directives and Pipes, as well as consuming same. Worked with SME, creating proofs of concept, design pattern UI so prospects, customers and in house staff can visually design runs of lighting fixtures. Wrote code for critical, complex algorithms, wrote unit tests and reviewed code.

McKenney’s Inc. 2/15 – 11/15

For client McKenney’s Inc., provide maintenance of WPF Estimating application using SQL Server, C#, ADO.NET and LINQ. Analyze existing code to improve performance, add features and fix issues. Use TFS and Rally to archive code and allow management tracking of tickets. Work closely with BA/QA person. Improved speed from 8-22 seconds to under 1.5 seconds. Modernize ASP.NET Webforms application, written in SQS Server, ADO.NET C# and LINQ, making it more maintainable.

Georgia Pacific 12/14 – 2/15

For client Georgia Pacific, provide maintenance for legacy ASP.NET, heavy Javascript, SQL Server, LINQ, ADO.NET application using a proprietary Domain Specific Language to provide support for Manufacturing Plants, including Work Orders, Scheduling, etc. Provide documentation so that additional developers can have shorter learning curve. This was all front end, using proprietary framework.

City of Atlanta, Department of Aviation, Department of Information Technology 3/14 – 11/14

For client City of Atlanta, Department of Aviation (Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport), built data entry screens for managing compliance for Concessions ambassador training. Improved front end from being unusable to being clear, simple and obvious. Added new front end screens for continuing politeness training intended to be used by concession managers and trainers without need for expensive training. Used VB.NET, ASP.NET Webforms, ADO.NET, LINQ, ORACLE. Analyzed database schema which made no sense and advised project lead to redo the schema. This advice was accepted, and rewrote difficult to use web pages to make them easier to understand, navigate, enter data and save changes. Wrote stored procedures for Oracle, as well as writing SQL for Oracle. Business analyst loved rewritten web pages, as they were so much easier to use. Wrote reports using Telerik Report Designer and Telerik Reporting.

CDC 2/14 – 3/14

For client CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, provide maintenance and enhancements for web sites, both admin and public. Used ASP.NET Webforms, C#, VB.NET, Entity Framework, Javascript,, ADO.NET, SQL Server with Stored Procedures. For existing legacy applications, make changes as directed according to BA and UI specifications. Worked with Business Analyst to produce high quality user friendly screens. Using TFS, make changes, integration test, review with UI developer, deploy to Dev and QA. Using Ajax with UpdatePanels, allow administrators to update tabular information. Create HTML email, and send to intended recipients. Itemize each change in Excel documentation. Use both Web.config as well as modify admin page to allow administrators to edit changeable fields. Make associated changes to Entity Framework, web pages, and Business Object Layer.

Air Force Reserve Command 2/11 – 2/14

Maintain member training module, tracking required courses, administrators, etc. Modified existing screen and added new screens providing client side interactivity and use of color to assist in training compliance system. System written in ASP.NET Webforms, MVC Telerik controls, and some classic ASP web pages, as well as console applications. Test-after development with Unit Tests, Domain Driven Design using domain diagrams and sequence diagrams.

Languages: VB.NET, C#, WCF, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, Moq, Ninject, MVC 4, Microsoft Test. Created and maintained Reports using Microsoft Reporting Services. Work divided between bug fixes and new requests. Work delivered on time, with quality. These supported about 250,000 Air Force reservists, where reliability and ease of use were paramount. Create WCF consumer using Wizard and configured resulting web.config file to increase buffer sizes and other config setting to improve performance. Also integration tested other members work.

Visix, Inc. 7/10 – 8/10

Developed n-tier software for configuring Video Display Communications system. Used Visual Studio 2008, 2010, C# 4.0, SQL Server 2010. Wrote front end screens for college administrators to provide regular room scheduling as well as emergency notifications. Wrote code, unit tested, integration tested using best practices.

Using verbal requirements from architect, wrote code to company’s exacting standards.

Heavily used CSS to precisely get desktop browser experience to meet company’s pleasant look and feel. Also used code behind to update database for administrative changes.

Ultra Group of Companies 4/10 – 5/10

Upgraded gaming management Winforms console from 1 bank of 4 terminals to up to 8 banks and 32 terminals. Provide simple and obvious screens so clerks and management can support customers purchasing tokens for gaming machines. Used Visual Studio 2008, C# 2008, SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, multi-threading, serial ports to interface with serial printers and terminals. Designed improved User Interface. Used multi-threading, listening to serial ports, and to send them messages.

Assurant 12/08 –2/10

Improve performance of extracting insurance information from OCR’ed documents to reduce the cost of data entry operators. Provided many enhancements, which greatly improved the automated extraction, allowing increased load with the same staff.

During periodic 24/7 on-call duties, handled calls efficiently, keeping the system running 24/7.

Used C#, Message Queues, in-house Business Objects, SQL, Regular Expressions or Regex.

By increasing ability of software to recognize more content of pages, Assurant was able to greatly increase their throughput without corresponding increase of data entry staff.

Verizon Wireless 5/08 – 12/08

Upgraded legacy ASP reporting web pages to ASP.Net, using AJAX, JavaScript and ADO.Net. Worked independently and met deadlines. Web pages were used for administrative use at regional call center. Wrote front end web pages to support Verizon customer support representatives.

Brother Bill Enterprises 4/03 – Present

Independent developer, creating and maintaining dynamic ASP.Net web site for own business.

Developed Winform applications for clients, printing retail food labels with barcodes for ready to eat prepared food. Developing generic application builder tool, which natively supports tracking and auditing all user changes easily in a Winforms environment. Developing tools for own use and for other developers. Developed website for Commercial Trucking agency allowing verified input of information needed to provide an insurance quotation. Agent could read entered data, make changes online, and submit edited data to insurance company, increasing productivity by not needed to retype information. Using VB.Net 02, 03, 05, C#, SQL Server 2000, Winforms, ASP.Net, Farpoint Spread, Telerik Controls with Ajax, VistaDB Database. Learning Single Page Application SPA, using AngularJS, Sencha Touch, Breeze, Toastr, RequireJS and Kendo UI Web.

Earlier positions


C and AIX (IBM Unix) application for Commercial Banking. Maintenance programmer.

National Data

C, C++, Taltek 727 POS device, Verifone Tranz 330 POS device. Program and maintain Pharmaceutical device, and write

dial-in compliance tester/validator for compliance with Pharmaceutical 3.0 level transactions.

AGS Consulting

For client IBM, create and maintain early html parser/compiler, reporting meaningful errors. Written in C for OS/2.

IBM Corp

Create and maintain internal systems for tracking and reporting sales, territories and quotas.

Written in APL and IBM 360 assembler.

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