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Software Developer Engineer

Dyersburg, Tennessee, 38024, United States
January 27, 2018

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Billy Noel


*29A Butterworth Ave.

Dyersburg TN 38024


I have extensive experience in the IT industry, including strong application architecture and development experience utilizing 20 years of Java/J2EE/C/C++ and web technologies experience. My background includes extensive SDLC experience including requirement analysis, the preparation of technical specifications, documents, design and coding, application implementation.

Extensive years IT experience including Strong Architecture & Development experience using Java/J2EE and Web Technologies.

Multiple Relational Databases including MySQL, SYBASE, ORACLE, & IBM DB2.

Extensive SDLC experience including Requirement Analysis, Preparations of Technical Specifications

Document, Design and Coding, Application Implementation, Unit testing and System Testing,

Documentation, Production Support, Functional and Regression Testing.

Proficient with different Software development methodologies including Iterative, Prototyping and Agile


Strong experience in Client-Server/Internet/Intranet Systems using Object Oriented Analysis / Design/


Expertise in design and coding of N-tier architecture enterprise Applications using Core Java, JSP,

Servlets, EJB 2.0/3.0, JDBC, JNDI, AJAX, JavaScript, XML, HTML.

Expertise in designing the web page using HTML, CSS, DTD.

Experience in working for various J2EE Frameworks like Struts, Hibernate and Spring.

Expertise in coding business components using various API’s of java like Multithreading, Collections,


Design, Development of web-based Applications Using different web servers,

Strong concepts of Java Core, Multithreading (as well as Futures), JSP and Servlets.

Strong database skills, include SQL, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, and database designing.

Strong concepts of Linux OS, Apache Tomcat and Shell Scripting (bash, csh, & Perl).

Hands on experience with SVN, GIT

Exposure to Maven Build Process and POM files and dependency resolution

Excellent Leadership qualities to head and mentor a strong team of java developers.

Excellent analytical, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Ability to quickly learn new concepts. Motivation to work for a challenging project. Considered always be a consistent team player with excellent communication skills.

Proficient in understanding business processes / requirements and translating them into technical



Languages: Java 7/8, SQL, C/C++, Angular JS, Perl, Unix shell scripting, J2EE

Relational Databases: Oracle 9i/10g/11g, MySQL

NoSQL Databases: Cassandra

Distributed/ Middleware: EJB, JMS, Active MQ, Unix pipes, Sockets, RMI, SAAS, PAAS

Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, Windows

Tools/Software: Eclipse, Net Beans, SVN, MAVEN, CMS, GIT, Hudson

Web Technologies: DHTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, XML, Servlets, JSP, JSTL

Frameworks: Hibernate 3.x, Spring 3.x, AJAX, JNDI, JPA

Application/Web Server: Apache Tomcat, JBoss

Self-Employed Waltham, MA, Jun 2016 to Present

Principal Architect/Engineer

I am currently taking some of my free time to help an international start-up company that will allow the growing, harvesting, cold-storage, and build a transportation service complete with integrated REST web-services. This will encompass all layers of the J2EE framework with most emphasis on Spring/ Hibernate, packaging, deployment & testing for infrastructure simplicity. It will also implement portals for all different aspects of the company with API documentation and reporting framework, a Distributed hardware topology, database & system (application server) configuration. All data will be constantly stored in the cloud and analyzed to receive maximum profit, growth, and sustainability.

Also, learning all aspects of warehouse safety standards, business flow, commercial electrician standards, day to day operations of all stages of planting, harvesting, storage, and distribution.


Architect and design a complete solution from the hardware to the mobile solution to allow users to upload data for analysis

Build front, middle and backend for housekeeping side.

Break down large datasets using key value pairs to be map-reduced for faster and smoother algorithms

Creating all the wrappers for Twitter, Facebook and Google Marketing to incorporate the exposure for maximum click to conversion ratio which will achieve a better ROI for their marketing platform.

Using a combination of Angular.js & DHTML 5 running on Tomcat for a rich dynamic front facing website

Documentation of the code, API, setup, troubleshooting, etc...

Virmedica, Boston, MA, Jan 2017 to Jun 2017

Java Full Stack Developer

Virmedica is a small privately-owned company that is building out a medical claim eligibility platform


Worked with converting claim files a batch type system to a portal on-demand API

Transitioned all legacy stored procedures into hibernate mappings

Worked with storing and parsing data to reduce the amount of outside expenses by using memcache

Using SOA, created multiple APIs in both REST and SOAP that were required to adhere to a predefined WSDL standard.

Created a non-PHI test framework to create a more reliable regression test for every build.

EnerNoc, Boston, MA, Feb 2016 to May 2016

Senior Engineer/ Big Data

EnerNoc is a leader is big data gathering and analysis to predict trends in the marketplace.


Worked with multiple incoming data sources in a high throughput manner.

All data was gathered and rewritten into HBase running on HDFS using map-reduce algorithms and cell versioning for efficiency.

Conducted analysis using Solr search to find trends.

Used PHP to render simplistic front-end pages to be used as and upload and run results page.

Passkey International, Waltham, MA, Jun 2013 to Jan 2016

Principal Architect/Engineer

Passkey is a leading event planning Automation Company with international companies like Hilton and Marriot.


Restructure build processes as well clean up existing code.

These roles involved converting outdated ANT build scripts with the latest MAVEN build practices.

Performed extensive redesign of reporting framework to eliminate expensive Oracle BI to a much more relevant JInfonet framework.

Removed hard-coded data-sources to use a JNDI lookup concept, to allow a more portable deployment package for JBoss on a clean reporting server.

Used JSF FaceletServlet to load the appropriate template for the particular hotel chain customer, and process events like available inventory and return a a response to allow customers to either add, remove, or modify certain inventory like rooms, amenities, etc.

Worked extensively with off-shore developers from the UK, Belarus, & China to achieve the best possible integrated solution.

In the process of upgrading from JBoss 4.3 on many web & server machines to JBoss Wildfly

In the process of creating an ORM from heavily used stored procedures, instead using injection and Spring

Introduced Chef Cookbooks running on our build servers

Also introduced Jenkins to do make reliable automation testing

Used Jenkins to create continuous integration and run Junit test cases.

Running everything over an EC2 instance, as well as offloading a lot of the storage to an S3 storage system.

Revamped front-end code to use a combination of JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery, and PHP.

This allowed us to maintain a disaster recovery system using Golden-Gate replication, so that no transactions are ever lost and could not be reconciled within 24 hours., Waltham, MA Aug 2011 to Jun 2013

Senior Software Developer is a sales lead generation program dealing with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), & Pay Per Click (PPC)


Integrated existing system with Hibernate and JPA persistence frameworks.

Reworked the landing page to use CSS3, XHTML, and Ajax, and jQuery.

Utilized Spring MVC technologies with AOP concepts like dependency injection, controller-service-DAO-JPA beans.

Used JSF & Ajax to create seamless interactive user experience.

Introduced Interceptor Design pattern to perform complicated validation and re-mapping of URL. It decreased the total response time and back end complexity of framework, and improved overall performance of system.

Performed database performance tuning, by creating indexes on large and frequently accessed tables and replacing inefficient sub-queries by redesigning database schema.

Developed a new reporting framework by moving all intensive queries to BZ’s offline Amazon Cloud Read Only DBs to achieve quicker turnaround time, resulting in more repeat customers.

Worked with the Google AdWords and AdSense APIs to deliver the most accurate advertising

Modified the MVC framework with iReport to inform users that there is no data for that report instead of just returning an empty report.

Closely worked with multiple Business Units to determine the best solution for the company and gain confidence of business users by understanding and working on their concerns proactively.

Followed and Trained fellow team members on Best Core Practices of OOAD and SOA architecture standards.

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Little Rock, AR Aug 2010 to Aug 2011

Senior Software Developer – CEM Part A

Common Edits & Enhancements Module is a mid-tier java application installed at each Local Data Centers (LDC) to process claim files that comes from Medicare providers. The core concept behind CEM is receive a file, perform edits to that file and send file back.


Introduced Hibernate and EJB 3.0. Implemented Message Driven bean to send and receive messages.

Transferred high calculation problems over message bus to be processed in C++.

Used Embedded JMS server with WebSphere and Active MQ with JBoss; resulted in multithreaded environment enabling Medicare Approved Centers (MAC) to drop multiple claim files at once.

Used JSF FaceletServletThe FacesServlet processes requests, loads the appropriate view template, builds a component tree, processes events, and renders the response (typically in the HTML language) to the client

Developed quartz process to schedule End of Day Jobs that generates Transition Reports. These files are now used for reporting purposes by BCBS employees to process claim more efficiently.

Currently CEM has just Mid-Tier with no GUI. Developing Maintenance Console to help BCBS employees to navigate through CEM system and schedule their JOBS as per their convenience.

Integrating CEM-Admin functionality with current CEM application with Spring and Velocity.

Actively involved in the development of the module and Unit testing of the software.

Used Quartz to write the Cron Jobs and Triggers to listen to incoming folder.

Made the application multithreaded by implementing EJB 3.0 and synchronizing the database calls.

Environment: C++, J2EE, Java 1.6, EJB, WebSphere, JBOSS, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Java6, UNIX/AIX, Active MQ, Spring, Hibernate 3.0, Maven, Schematron., Spring, Velocity

Website Developer (Personal) June 2009 – July 2010

Owner & Solo Developer/Architect


Developed a completely customizable website for an ultimate UI rich experience.

Developed modules using MVC, JSP, Struts, JSTL, EJB 2, JavaScript, AJAX, and WSDL developed Custom Tag libraries, J2EE Design Patterns

Environment: J2EE, UNIX, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Java Script, Apache Tomcat

Varsity Brands via Huntington Group Oct 2008 – Feb 2009

Senior Software Developer Consultant


Served as lead developer/architect to develop a complete platform independent java swing scoring application using custom SQL code in JDBC, DB2.

Designed/Architected a hands-off configuration setup, as well as low-level awareness of problems in the network.

Environment: Java1.5, UNIX, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Apache Tomcat, Swing

Echostar Technical Corporation Jun 2008 – Sep 2008

Senior Software Developer Consultant


Develop embedded C applications for Dish Network Set-Top boxes, which include remote control driven user applications, such as Video on Demand, as well as built-in trouble shooting help for the users.

Ericsson Wireless Jan 2008 – Jun 2008

Senior Software Developer Consultant


Develop C++ Linux/Dicos TSP applications for Sprint PII Network, which included firmware to handle call setup on the fly.

Incorporated Inter-process communication (IPC) with shared memory segments to handle interfaces with parallel processes.

Environment: custom Linux/DICOS/TSP OS, C++, Custom Network Software, Custom Automated Test Scripts

Verizon Business Apr 2007 – Dec 2007

Senior Software Developer Consultant


Developed Ansi C/ C++ UNIX applications for Voice Over IP billing systems.

Environment: Unix OS, C/C++

Raytheon Systems Corp. (permanent position) Jun 1997 – Mar 2007

Lynx Project / Sterling Project

Senior Software Developer/Architect


Designed & developed complex applications in a high volume multi-threaded Solaris environment using C++/Motif.

Developed multiple C++/WxWindows and JAVA UI applications utilizing the same functionality from the user’s perspective. This involved a lot of creative thoughts to make this seem transparent.

USAF Missile Defense Warning System Sep 1993 – Jun 1997

Computer Programmer


Developed low-level coding in IBM Assembler for space object tracking

Converted Assembler code to Ansi C.


Bachelor of Science, in progress, Computer Science

University of Colorado

Environment: Custom Linux OS, C, Custom Network Software

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