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C Quality Control

12000 to 15000 dollars.
January 28, 2018

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D r. A rshad H Z agoo M D

C linical E mbryologist F erti- J in, i vf c enter, e tilar, I stanbul.

e -mail: a

Appointments a nd C linical E xpertise

F aculty o f M edical S cience, K emerburgaz u niversity, I stanbul T urkey, M edical p ark H ospital.

A ssistant P rofessor i n A natomy/Clinical E mbryology. 2 013-2016 Goverment M edical c ollege s rinagar, U niversity O f K ashmir, I ndia. 0 11 - 2 013 Assistant P ofessor i n A natomy/Embryology

G overment M edical C ollege s rinagar, U niversity O f K ashmir, I ndia. 2 006-2009

L ecturer i n A natomy/ E mbryology

C linical E xpertise a nd t rainings

R esidency 2 003-2006

A natomy/embryology, d epartment o f a natomy G ovt. M edical C ollege,

S rinagar, K ashmir U niversity ( J&K) I ndia.

M ajor c oncentration: E ffect o f g raded d oses o f e strogen o n

M ale r eproductive t ract o f a lbino r at

M inor c oncentration: S tudy o f d evelopmental s tages o f c hick

E mbryo.

D issertation: H istopathology s tudy o f e ffect o f g raded d oses o f

e strogen o n T estes, p rostrate, l iver, s uprarenal a nd

t hyroid o f m ale A lbino r at.

C onsultant a nd L ocum E mbryologist. 2 006-2013

R otunda c linic ( I VF c enter ) S rinagar k ashmir,India. Training:National l evel t raining p rogram o n: I n v itrio f ertilization a nd e mbryo

C o-culture. 2 011 Embryology:

Competent i n O ocyte C ollection, i dentification a nd g rading o f O ocyte.

C ulture o f O ocytes a nd I n-Vitro M aturation ( IVM), I n-Vitro F ertilization ( IVF), ICI, E mbryo a ssessment, c ulture a nd t ransfer, O ocyte & E mbryo V etrification. Cryopreservation a nd t hawing o f e mbryos.

A ndrology

S emen A nalysis a nd a ntisperm a ntibodies t esting ( WHO g uidelines).

P reparation o f f resh a nd c ryopreseved S perms f or I UI a nd I VF. Cryopreservation o f s emen a nd e pididymal s perm. Also technical skills for Preimplantation genetic diagnostic techniques like Polymerase Chain Reaction

(PCR) a nd F luorescent I n-Situ H ybridization ( FISH). Highly skilled in media preparation and handling and routine procedures in an IVF Lab as well as Liquid N itrogen H andling.

Also I am competent in quality control measures in an IVF lab involving Lab and Equipment maintenance.


Implementation o f Q uality a ssurance p rogram f or t he c linic. Demonstrating p leasant c onduct w ith p atients Data m anagement & s tatistical a nalysis.

Handling c ryo-shipping o f e mbryos a nd s emen s amples. Laboratory and equipment maintenance including routine cleaning, washing, sterilizing, ordering supplies a nd w aste d isposal

IVF l aboratory M aintenance ( Sterility C heck,Contracon & A uto s tart F or H era C ell, B inder I ncubators) Participation in internal and external quality control schemes; complying to ISO 9001 quality assurance p rogramme.

Maintenance o f l iquid n itrogen t anks a nd s upplies. Upkeep o f u p-to-date s ervice r ecords a nd p roper f iling o f u ser m anual Ensure t hat r elevant c onsent f orms a re s igned & c ompleted. Fellowship/ T raining


Cytogenetic and karyotyping in the department of anatomy/Genetics at AIIMS New Delhi. 2013

Culture set up and maintenance for Human Chromosomes using peripheral blood lymphocytes, Amniotic f luid, C VS, c ord b lood.

Routine Karyotyping (analysis at 550 band resolution), identification of numerical and structural abnormalities- t ranslocations, d eletions, d uplications a nd i nversions. Cytogenetic techniques : Mitotic Index, G-Banding, Q-Banding, NOR-Banding, Fluorescent Staining


Isolation and purification of human genomic DNA from blood, tissue. (Gel electrophoresis, PCR techniques, M ethylation s pecific P CR )

P edigree c onstruction a nd a nalysis, g enetic c ounseling. Medical P ark h ospital b achelievlar I stanbul, I nfertility u nit Clinical e mbryologist. 2 013 - 2 016

A ndrology:

S emen a nalysis & a ntisperm a ntibodies t esting ( WHO G uidelines). Preparation of fresh and cryopreserved sperm for IUI, IVF, ICSI. Cryopreservation of semen, epididymal s perm a nd t esticular b iopsies.

M anagement o f D onor S perm P rogramme.


Identification & g rading o f o ocytes.

Culture o f o ocytes a nd i nsemination ( IVF). Embryo a ssessment, c ulture a nd t ransfer.

Cryopreservation a nd t hawing o f e mbryos a nd o cytes

M icromanipulation t echniques A ssisted H atching, I CSI. Preparation o f c ulture m edia.

Consultations w ith p atients r egarding i ssues r elated t o e mbryology. Importation & e xportation o f b iological m aterial. L aboratory & e quipment m aintenance. Importing d ata i n c linical d atabase A ssisted C onception U nity s tem.

P erforming P reimplantation G enetic D iagnosis f or A neuploidy


F ollow u p o f c linical P GS c ases.

C onsultations r egarding t he P GS s ervice. Ferti-Jin t up b abe c linic e tilar I stanbul, T urkey. Clinical e mbryologist 2 017 t ill d ate. Education & Q ualifications

Goverment M edical C ollege s rinagar, U niversity O f K ashmir I ndia Graduated f rom M edical s chool ( M BBS) 1 999 Goverment M edical C ollege s rinagar, U niversity O f K ashmir, I ndia

P ostgraduated f rom d epartment o f A natomy/embryology ( MD). 2 006 Fellowshıp i n C ytogenetic a nd k aryotyping Department o f a natomy/Genetics A IIMS N ew D elhi, I ndia. 2 013 Major r esearch i nterest:

G enetic b asis o f r ecurrent s pontaneous a bortions i n w omen o f n orth I ndian p opulation; To investigate possible associations of P-selectin polymorphisms with idiopathic recurrent pregnancy loss ( RPL).

To study the effect of graded doses of estrogen on the histopathology of male reproductive tract of albino r ats.

Rate o f s uccess o f i ntracytoplasmic s perm i njection ( ICSI) i n p atients w ith k linfelter’s s yndrome Started to work on a research project in collabration with IVF unit Medical Park Hospital ( A controlled s tudy c omparing p atients w ith a nd w ithout p olycystic u ndergoing i n-vitro f ertilization) Publications:

Effect o f g raded d oses o f e strogen o n m ammary g land o f A lbino r at. Histo-pathological study of the effect of graded doses of estrogen on testes, prostate, liver, thyroid, and s uprarenal g land o n m ale a lbino r ats. Study o f t he p rophylactic r ole o f m etoclopromide, o ndansetron a nd p lus d examethasone

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