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Process- Technican

Troutman, North Carolina, United States
40,000 to 50,000
January 24, 2018

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Prairie Packaging: Process-Technican May **** till November 2007

At Prairie Packaging we made food products like spoon, forks and knifes and plastic plates.

It was a high volume fast pace and short cycles. Had to make a-lot of product fast to make money. We ran polly pro and polly stiereen. I would help the packers as i could, and keep the product running.

Tyco Electronics: Process- Technican April 2004 to May 2006

At Tyco we made small parts for Phones, Computers and Electronics. At Tyco we ran several

high cavitation molds and we used several differnt types of Materials, Such as ABS, Polly Carb Nylon, Delrion and Materials with fillers such as glass filled nylon .

Acumma Corp: Process- Technican Nov. 2000 to April 2004

At Acumma we made replacement battarys for cars, lawn mowers, Towmoters and moter cycles.

At acumma i got enter duced to my first (PULSA training) and i learn alot from PULSA over the years. I am prety good at tight tollerance molding, I can move plastic pretty good far as size and

move to what ever direction of a bowe, make part smaller or bigger.

Collins And Acksman: Process- Techican March 1987 to Nov. 2000

At Colins And Acksman we made parts for the automotive Ind. and Automotive is very strict

high standards and i work with a-lot of differnt materials, we made parts for Chrysler, Toyota, Ford

and Saturn. and we made Ywmmaha Golf carts. We were (QS9000) certified.

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