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Chicago, Illinois, United States
January 19, 2018

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Address: *** *, **** ******, *** 3S, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS-60615, USA.

Mobile: +1 917-***-****, E-Mail:


Experienced professional with Advanced Analytical Skills and Business Acumen.

Six years of Data Analysis and statistical modelling experience for real world business problems.

Eight Years of leadership role handling Product development, Project Management and customer engagement.

Experience collaborating in a cross-functional set-up with excellent understanding of individual business function (Marketing, finance, operations etc.) requirements.

Good communication and inter-personal skills. Capable of communicating complex information in a clear and compelling way with supporting data so as to achieve buy-in from stakeholders.

Good presentation skills, with ability to simplify and explain complex problems to different levels of audience including executives.

Work experience spans Technology, Semiconductor and High Tech Electronic Manufacturing industries.


Analytics Intern, Lotic Labs Inc, USA June-Sept 2017

Business Problem: Budget Risk Mitigation for Water Dependent Utilities from extreme weather conditions.

Developed a model for water dependent utilities to manage risk (variance in revenue and profitability) due to extreme weather conditions such as droughts, extended wet periods, and unplanned maintenance expenses.

The model dependent variable is the variance and the independent variables are the environmental variables such as precipitation, ground water level, surface water, snowpack, temperature etc. Developed a robust regression model that achieved an adjusted R2 of 0.9. which explains the factors that affect the variability in budget?

Analytics Capstone Consultant BeZNext Inc, USA Jan-Dec 2017

Business Problem: Performance Management of Big Data Systems Using Machine Learning Techniques.

Developed an Algorithm that dynamically recommends control parameters for Workload Performance (KPIs are Response Time) in Big Data Hadoop Clusters which helps system operators meet the committed service level goals(SLG) to each business units.

The algorithm uses Self Organizing Maps to learn from historical performance data and classify it to distinct anomalous patterns which are then labelled and trained using Boosted Tree and Neural Networks based classification model. The develop model achieved a classification accuracy of 85.6%. which helps in automating the programming of control parameters dynamically to known anomalous patterns without the need for human intervention.

Independent Consultant Jan 2015 -July 2016

Entrepreneurial venture to sell Internet of Things based Real-time Monitoring and Visualization solutions to Industrial Customers. Integrated Industrial Sensors to Cloud Based Services such as IBM Bluemix and Microsoft Azure and developed an application in Apache PySpark to detect anomalies for predictive maintenance applications. Excellent Knowledge of Industrial IOT Architecture from the physical layer to the application layer.

Lead Engineer, Cisco Systems India June 2010 - Dec 2014

Member of Tech Staff, Juniper Networks India May 2005 - May 2010

Leadership role in design and delivery of Networking Solutions (IoT/Big Data) from concept to customer delivery and EoL.

Have successfully delivered three networking products which generated revenue of more than $100M.

Worked closely with Product Managers during initial architecture phase to help finalize the PRD, MRD and complete Functional Specs.

Translate Customer Business Requirements/use cases into technology solutions. Capture the requirements in a Requirement Traceability Matrix using ReqPro and get approval from all stake holders.

Manage projects by working with cross-functional team comprising of Marketing, finance, operations, design, mfg. & customer support.

Prepared project plan, clearly defined scope, statement of work, deliverables, chalk out stakeholder roles and responsibilities, prepare schedule, resource plan and cost estimates. Executed the plan by scheduling program meetings to track deliverables and ensure deadlines are met, dynamically and proactively mitigate risks and periodically communicate progress to senior management at commit gates and review meetings and all the stakeholders.

Experience working in Agile /SDLC/ waterfall stage-gate process of product development.

Experience working with large teams, ODM Partners and customers spread across different time zones and geographies.

Helped resolve and manage epidemic failures by engaging on time with all stakeholders and ensured successful delivery of solutions to the complete satisfaction of the customer. This helped save critical business deals and was recognized both at Cisco/Juniper.

Staff Engineer, Cypress Semiconductor Corp India Sept 2002- May 2005

Senior Engineer, Tejas Networks India March 1998- Aug 2002

Responsible for Improving Product Yield of complex electronic systems and silicon.

Used descriptive and diagnostic statistical techniques to study product failures from console logs, analyze failure patterns in manufacturing lines, identify solution by conducting root cause analysis.

Designed Experiments to achieve manufacturing cost savings by minimizing process variation and reducing rework, scrap, and the need for inspection

Communicate findings across the organization and implement both preventive and corrective actions.

Excellent knowledge of Hardware/software architecture of embedded systems and electronic manufacturing process.

Helped improve product yield and reduce operational cost resulting in savings of more than $10M dollars.


Programming Languages: R, Python & SQL Programming (3 Years’ Experience)

ETL Tools Web Scrapping using R/Python, Data Clearing using Google Open Refine

Data Analysis Tools: MATLAB, Excel (with Solver Add-on), SAS RapidMiner.

Data Visualization Tools: Tableau Visualization Software, ggplot2

Productivity Tools: MS Word, Power Point, MS Project, LibreOffice, Version Control using GitHub

ML Platform Tools: Amazon Web Services EC2/S3 Cloud service and Floyd Hub.

Microsoft Azure ML Platform,

Google GCP, Big Query and Tensor Flow.

ML using Python Scikit-Learn.

Big Data Environments: Large Scale Data Analysis Using Apache Spark, pySpark, SparkML and SLURM.

ML Algorithms: Regression Modelling (Linear, Logistic & Ridge/Lasso),

Tree based Ensemble (random forest, boosted trees like XGBOOST),

Dimensionality reduction techniques such as PCA and SVD.

K-Means and Self Organized Maps for Clustering and Unsupervised learning.

Time Series Modelling using ARIMA/GARCH and Sales forecasting.

Recommendation Algorithms using Collaborative Filtering.

Classification Techniques using KNN and Naïve Bayes.

NLP and Text Processing (TF-IDF, topic modeling - Latent Dirichletian Allocation) using LSTM/RNN.

Deep learning and Image Recognition using Neural Networks in Keras Framework etc.

Experiment Design and A/B, Multivariate Testing Methodologies.

Business Skills:

Value Chain analysis for B2B, B2C Markets.

Financial Modelling (NPV, IRR, ROI) Computations, Business Model Canvas and Plan Preparation,

Competitive Analysis using Porter's Five Forces and SWOT Analysis,

Marketing Analytical Techniques such as Multichannel Attribution Modelling, Churn Prediction, Pricing, Marketing Mix and Channel Budget Allocation, Cross Sell Propensity and Campaign Response Modelling for effective implementation of the Go-To Market Strategy.

Decision Optimization using Linear and Integer Programming, Sensitivity Analysis using XL Solver.

Financial Statement Analysis, Security analysis and Portfolio Management.


Project Management Professional, PMI Inc. Certified PMP#1844761

Machine Learning Nanodegree, Udacity Inc.


Received Pondicherry University Gold Medal, Chief Ministers Prize for the Best Student in Master’s Programme.

Received Cisco Achievement Program Awards.

Received Certificates of Recognition from Juniper for successful resolution of customer issues at AT&T.


MS in Analytics, GPA 3.96/4 University of Chicago, Illinois 60615, U.S.A. Dec 2017

MBA (Finance & Marketing), GPA 3.1/4.3 Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode, India. March 2014

M. Tech (E&C), GPA 9.17/10 Pondicherry Engineering College, Pondicherry, India Feb 1998

Data Science Project Portfolio

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