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Excel, Access, VBA Senior Developer, IT Manager

Lakewood, Colorado, United States
May 19, 2017

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James M. Slavens

**** ****** **. ***. ***, Lakewood, Colorado 80214



Programming and development. Business Analysis. Reporting and Information Automation using Microsoft (MS) Excel, MS Access, VBA, Macros and Visual Basic development., .Net, ASP, ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#, and other tools.


Prefer areas of mission contribution. Target development areas: management, functional (marketing, production, finance), administrative, or technical. Focus on life-cycle development processes (or assigned components) to fit specific and global scopes. Effectively automate functional operations using advanced features of existing and new products.


Apply heavy business and technical expertise to deliver concrete information tools. Provide full SDLC service, adaptable and tuned to varying business scenarios, sectors, and departments.

Professional development of business software, -- MS Excel, MS Access (Includes macros and Visual Basic for Applications),, C# and VB technologies.

Fit all projects to organization goals, strategies, and resources. Set applications to the nature of the operating unit, organizational objectives, internal/external environmental effects, and resource limitations (including hardware). Effectively employ design methods for deadline completions.

Projects typically are built with re-usable automation during delivery. New developments are documented, stabilized, and solidified.


Instructor/Facilitator: University of Phoenix Information Technology 2001 to 2004;

Systems Analysis and Design, Visual Basic

Masters of Business Administration (MBA): University of Phoenix. 1999.

Bachelors of Science, Business Management (BS): Colorado State University 1981.


Synopsis: 18 years development experience. Performed fast, accurate, automated and innovative tool development for various, complex business systems using modern corporate tools; MS Excel and MS Access, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA or macros) (also Visual Basic 5./6 and VB Script), .Net, ASP, ASP.Net, VB.Net, and C#. Provided conversions from prior versions and manufacturer tools. Provided start-to-finish SDLC components for projects. Managed other developers for full SDLC projects. Created integrations among MS Office tools, such as MS Access and Excel. Provided RAD and formally-delivered projects in part and entirely. Related technologies used include ADO, ADOX, ODBC, and others.

Relevant Experience – Jim Slavens

Apps7 Corporation, Lakewood, CO -- 2005 to 2017 Excel and Access Sr. Developer

Developed and maintained a variety of tools using Excel and Access. Examples include:

Wastewater Utilities Software Company, Wheat Ridge, CO – 2017. Access Sr. Developer

Added two major new components to this established software tool based on an Access front end and SQL Server back end. The Access portion called for expert development and integration with SQL Server utilizing Pass Through queries and calls to Stored Procedures. Development passed stringent testing and approval policies. Stored Procedures were updated for a variety of additions.

Telecommunications and Conferencing Company, Thornton, CO – 2016 Excel Sr. Developer

Re-developing a configurator tool built in Excel for the company’s worldwide sales force. The tool utilizes Excel user forms in place of spreadsheet operations and provides a user friendly interface, replacing the need for engineering involvement for sales quoting for the company’s primary product line.

Online Commodity Company, Amarillo, TX – 2015 Sr. Developer and Administrator

Developed a tool from ground up which converts major organization operations formerly handled by a large Excel workbook, into Access. Providing documentation, training and other implementation services. Majority of work is performed offsite using email, cloud and collaboration software.

Land Company, Daytona Beach, FL – 2015 Access and Excel Access Sr. Developer

Re-created legacy tool originally built in Paradox, using Access 2013. The tool was built to record two major sets of data and several minor sets. Specific automations, reports and forms were re-created. Modern conveniences were added, including “click-out” to Web County and Google maps. Documentation is being provided in a 40-page document covering user and developer needs, as well as an operational video. Majority of work is performed offsite using email, cloud and collaboration software.

Travel Agency, Denver Area, CO – 2015 Access and Excel Access Sr. Developer and Administrator

Repaired Sales Management tool (previously developed) issue; protecting critical data and restoring tool to normal operation. Consulted on potential move tool into cloud environment. Majority of work was performed offsite using email, cloud and collaboration software.

Major Colorado Healthcare Conglomerate, Denver Area, CO -- 2015 Access and Excel Access Sr. Developer and Administrator

Administered and maintained 17 business critical automations built in VB.Net, Excel and Access including T-SQL interface for the accounts receivable division of Finance. Provided development modifications and upgrades as needed. Evaluated and provided recommendation for reverse engineering VB.Net into Excel/VBA, and built prototype. Also, consulted on utilizing other technologies to manage data and reporting requirements.

Colorado Department of Human Services, Denver, CO -- 2014 Access Sr. Developer and Administrator

Performed migration for 8 Access databases to Office 2013 of which two were priorly developed (see ADAD) below. Updated VBA code, functional objects, and performed comprehensive testing of each database. Interacted with functional area managers and users for overall success of the project.

Raytheon, Aurora, CO -- 2014 Excel and Access Sr. Developer

Supported Raytheon GPS/OCX Satellite contract; providing VBA and Excel development. Developed several expert Excel tools which included VBA coding, advanced Excel features, and advanced functions. Examples: An Excel tool which extracted data from Eroom, modified the data, extracted multiple metrics outputs for personnel resources, and provided decision flags. An automation from within MS Project (Excel VBA in Project VBA) outputting a formatted Excel report, providing task information for all workers. An Excel Peer Review tool modification which expanded functionality and corrected current development issues. Two tools which combined accounting and project data sources for managerial comparison; one in Excel and the other in Access; both utilizing advanced features and VBA. Prototype work on a dashboard system with multi-layer metrics outputs derived from a variety of data sources utilizing Excel/VBA.

Baker Hughes, Denver, CO -- 2013 Excel Sr. Developer

Significantly enhanced two existing Microsoft Excel workbooks which required expert VBA developments requiring complex inter-worksheet and inter-workbook developments specific to the oil industry. Example enhancements included forms which contained selections affecting worksheets as well as text and graphical product configuration representations. Also, included was a stable transfer of data between workbooks.

Kiewit, Englewood, CO-- 2010 to 2011 Excel and Access Sr. Developer

Brought in to support an SAP conversion for a large construction firm. Developed a data validation tool utilizing Microsoft Access, as well as several conversion tools using Microsoft Excel. Also administered a multi-user Task Database developed in Access and delivered via virtual machine.

HDH Consulting, Lakewood, CO -- 2010 Access Sr. Developer

Developed a data gathering forms via the Web using .Net and utilizing a Microsoft Access database, for a political candidate campaign. The technologies were developed and implemented in a highly-iterative change environment -- successfully.

State of Colorado, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD) Denver, CO -- 2003 to 2009 Excel and Access Sr. Developer

Replaced 100+ page-based directory of Colorado treatment providers and institution with automated State web page directory -- developed using MS Front Page, linked to a full MS Excel (ver. 2000) automation of listings, using expert design, and VBA/macros. Work included Front Page customization using JavaScript and HTML coding. Tool operations were variously designed for multi-browser use. Normalized and converted two MS Access (ver. 2000) databases into full automation, including ADO, and ADOX commands for transfer and management of SQL Server tables. Implemented full security to HIPAA standards. Utilized 100-step process for MS Access data protection, including VB6 deployment.

Synergistic Software Solutions, Minneapolis, MN -- 2006 to 2007 Access Sr. Developer

Remote contract. Developed Access portion of MAS 500 Production Management Extensions for Light Manufacturing tool, utilizing Microsoft Access adp database front end to MAS500 (Sage MAS 500 ERP system based on Microsoft SQL Server, Transact SQL, Visual Basic and Microsoft Office) . This tool allows production managers to perform various automation tasks; among them to drill down to SQL records, release production line items and run MRP updates. A work center screen provides production stage coding and time sequence automations for line items, brings up a standard MAS 500 entry form from within Access, in addition to other automation visual conveniences.

NSO Press Inc., Denver, CO -- 2006 to 2010 Access Sr. Developer

Brought in to get a Microsoft Access (ver. 2003, 2007) tool working that was highly code dependant, appropriately replaced code with queries and new code (VBA). The tool collects data from an Excel order sheet on a daily basis, and also collects information from PDF files for order reports. The tool has been revised into another product for a

similar customer. Complimentary to the tool is a developed Excel Add-in which conditions the data prior to importing to Access.

Headington Oil Co., Lakewood, CO -- 2007 to 2008 Access Sr. Developer

Developed two tools from ground up. One tool was for well production measurements of over 100 wells, replacing three manual systems. The other tool was a prototype for rig management. Both tools involved highly-automated entry and reporting using Microsoft Access (ver. 2003, 2007), with in-program VBA outputs to PDF, and formatted Excel (ver. 2003, 2007) reports, including graphs.

Other references available upon request.


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