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Project Manager Developer

Aurora, CO, 80014
March 09, 2010

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Rabin Limbu **** S Dayton Street, Unit#***, Aurora, CO 80014

Web/Software development Email: • Phone: 303-***-****(C)


Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Mathematics

College of Engineering and Applied Science

University of Colorado at Denver

Emphasis: Software engineer

Certificate: MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer)

Conference: Dev Connections 2008


Operating System (2-8 years): Windows, Linux, Macintosh

Programming/Scripting language (5-10 years): ASP.Net, ASP.Net MVC, Silverlight, WPF, C#, .Net Framework (1,2,3,3.5), LINQ,

WCF, REST, Workflow, SharePoint(WSS,MOSS), SharePoint designer, NetTiers, Enterprise Library, Guidance Automation Toolkit,

Ajax, JavaScript, JQuery, XML, JSON, ComponentArt, Ajax Control Toolkits, Liquid technology, C/C++, JAVA, PERL, PHP, JSP,

OpenGL, VB, HTML, CSS and Macromedia products (now Adobe)

Database (3-6 years): MSSQL Server, Oracle and MySQL

Development IDE (2-6 years): Visual Studio (2003, 2005, 2008) and Sun Studio tools but can adapt fast and learn other IDEs

System administrator (3-5 years): Configure web server in Windows/UNIX, hardware/software installation and LAN/WAN


Auxiliary knowledge (1-6 years):

- In-depth knowledge of SharePoint architecture and its object models

- Extensive Silverlight development experience from simple to complex application to 3D animation

- Document and Content Management System

- SOA/web services, MASH UP(Google Maps, Earth, Virtual Maps, Earth), Web 2.0/AJAX

- Near real time and multithreaded programming, Network programming, Wireless/GPS application

- Good understanding of Data Structures, Algorithms and Network protocols

- Write understandable, readable and reusable code. (Reference “Code complete” book by Steve McConnell)


Software Developer VitraSun LLC Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, CO 80226 04/27-Present

Design, Develop and Maintain:

- Next generation E-Commerce web application architecture using cutting edge Microsoft .Net technology i.e. WCF, .Net 3.5

API, LINQ, Enterprise Library and Sql Server 2005

- New payment system architecture

- Maintain and enhance existing content management system that was written in classic ASP


- Research about right technology and architecture for next generation application

- Research about good process to transition from legacy to new architecture

- Understand and document legacy application

- Create documentation for new development

- Work with internal stakeholders to create and streamline the delivery, on-going and new development process

- Share my knowledge to other developers by giving presentation about cutting-edge technology

Senior/Lead .Net Developer (Consultant) Aspenware Internet Solution Greenwood Village, CO 80111 08/06-03/09

Company: Aspenware Internet Solution Project: In-house project

Overview: Confidential

Developer position: Senior

Designed, developed and deployed:

- Intranet SharePoint portal for Aspenware developers

- Custom List, Content Types, Web Part, Field Type, Site Definition, features, BDC and Workflow rules for SharePoint

- Custom Master Page layout using SharePoint Designer

- Configure Search and Index on SharePoint Sites

- Configure Document Management, Blogs, Wikis, RSS and My Site

- Unit testing for .Net API and Web, Silverlight API and its User interface

- Error management using core WCF feature

- Scheduling calendar and other UI design in Silverlight

- Rest Service to send data in JSON format to Client

Company: National Jewish Project: Intranet/Internet Quitline and Weightline web application

Project Size: 7-figure Multi year

Overview: Call center intranet and internet application to quit smoking and lose weight. Personalize website for each client such as

Colorado, Montana and Ohio to name a few. Agent (call center user) can send document or free Nrt (smoking patch) to participant by

email, mail or fax. They can search participant, display entire smoking history, current quit steps, steps left needed to quit smoking

and myriad of other functionalities.

Public facing website for registration and other useful information

Developer position: Lead

Designed, developed and deployed:

- Multi-tier rules driven web application including content and document management using .Net framework 3.0, 3.5, WCF,

Workflow, NetTiers, Ajax, ComponentArt and CSS in Agile methodology (SCRUM)

- Ajax enabled Front-end website interacting to backend WCF service which in-turn to database

- Windows service to upload ordered Nrt patch to third party FTP server based on client and other required logic

- Web Service to transfer ordered Nrt patch to another third party Java web service

- SSIS package to configure scheduled appointments

- Workflow rules engine to configure Nrt rules based on required logic

- XML data transfer from National Jewish client to National Jewish system and vice versa in a defined schema

- Error management using Enterprise Library 3.1


- Communicate with internal stakeholders about ideas to add more value to our customers

- Work along with project manager and other developers to collect and clearly define requirements from customer

- Work with project manager to improve the process of delivering the project on time on a bi-weekly basis

- Help other developers to fix bugs and on-going development

- Make everything ready to deploy website to production server and solve any problem that comes up

- Work with operations to fix any bugs in live production site

- Discuss with other developers and project manager to improve development process. Strong advocate of writing good code

i.e. understandability, readability and reusability, so that it is easy to maintain and extend on an on-going development

- Share my knowledge to other developers by giving presentation about cutting-edge technology

Company: Health Trans Project: Intranet/Internet Health management and tracking web application

Project Size: 6-figure a year long

Overview: Health management application for its employees and its clients. Personalize website for each client such as BMW.

Health Trans employees or Client’s employees can search brand and generic drugs on nearest pharmacies. Different benefits and

service are provided based on employees’ membership.

Developer position: Junior

Designed, developed and deployed:

- Multi-tier, service oriented intranet/extranet web application including content and document management using .Net

framework 2.0, C#, Java, JAXW, Hibernate, SQL Server, Oracle, Ajax, Component Art, CSS and Adobe Photoshop in Agile

methodology (SCRUM)

- Ajax enabled Front-end website interacting to backend JAVA web service which in-turn to database

Web Application Developer and Database Administrator StorageTek/Sun Microsystems, Inc. Louisville, CO 07/03-08/06

-Administer, maintain and control a web hosting server. The server include Apache web server, Internet Information Services,

MYSQL, MSSQL Server and ORACLE databases configured with PHP, .Net framework (C#) and PERL.

-Create Module in Visual Basic for further enhancement of list. The module will be used while preparing list for different

seminars/programs and events.

-Retrieve required data from Marketing Database (database controlled and monitored by the Corporate Marketing Teams),

Information Warehouse (database universe that resides in StorageTek ORACLE), Harte Hanks, Siebel database,

D&B, Hoover, Input, ID-Exec and SAP (Data Warehouses) for Campaigns, Seminars and other Programs held by the

Storage Technology Corporation

-Extraction, transformation and loading data from one database platform/data warehouse to another database platform by creating the

most convenient DTS packages

-Automate job to the highest level by creating complex trigger and stored procedure

-Standardize, normalize and cleanse data using Data flux software

In House Projects: Web application to facilitate the Corporate Marketing organization of StorageTek

Designed, developed and deployed Tools Set for Corporate Marketing that included:

- Zip code finder: The tool helps to find zip codes around given radius. MITT (Marketing Information Technology Team)

maintain marketing data warehouse that include Latitude/Longitude for all data consolidated from various sources such as

HH, DnB, Siebel, SAP, Hoovers, ID-Exec, Input and Ad-hoc. Users can look up zip codes around specified radius by filling

out the required criteria. The web application was built using ASP.Net (C#), MSSQL Server, ORACLE, JavaScript, CSS and


- BLOG: The tool helps to analyze StorageTek customers and prospects. The web application was built using ASP.Net (C#),

MSSQL Server, ORACLE, JavaScript and CSS.

- Opt-In/Opt-Out: The tool helps to opt out or opt in contact information from/to the Marketing data warehouse. Users can

download/upload opt out or opt in information from/to the live database. The web application was built using ASP.Net (C#),

MSSQL Server, JavaScript, CSS and XML.

- List pull tool: The tool helps to maximize the turnaround time. Marketing customers can pull sites and contacts of targeted

customers and prospects from the live marketing data warehouse. The web application was built using PHP, MSSQL Server,

XML, JavaScript and CSS.

- Maturity Model: The tool helps to track service provided to customers, prospects by StorageTek on specific products. Users

or administrator can build the agent to view the customizable report. The web application was built using PHP, MSSQL

Server, JavaScript, XML and CSS.

- Task Manager Tool: The tool helps to manage projects. Projects can be maintained according to its status such as

complete, incomplete, pending and in progress. Other administrative functionalities were also added such as update, delete

projects as required. The web application was built using JSP, JAVA, Servlet, JavaBeans, JDBC, MSSQL Server, Java

Script, CSS and Macromedia programs.

- List Request Tool: The tool helps requester to request desire list. Administrative functionalities were provided for the

requester to edit their projects. The web application was built using JSP, JAVA, Servlet, JavaBeans, JDBC, MSSQL Server,

ORACLE, JavaScript and CSS.

- List Posting Tool: The tool helps to post the completed project online. Various functionalities are available such as delete

records from program or database, update records, add new contacts for that program and download/upload new

sites/contacts of customers and prospects. The web application was built using PHP, MSSQL Server, ORACLE, JavaScript

and CSS.

- Administrator Tool: The tool helps to manage above projects i.e. list request, list posting, list pull and task manager.

Records can be disabled/enabled, fields in the database table can be added/dropped, records can be added/deleted to/from the

database and list posted in the list posting site is customizable.

- Marketing database (MDB) Web portal: The portal included all above applications and other useful intranet applications.

The portal was customized based on role model.

Developer Student Financial Services/Debt Management for University of Colorado at Denver 01/02-12/02

- Designed, developed and deployed a job posting and finding website using PHP, MYSQL, HTML and JavaScript

Developer Center for Academic Technology Denver, CO 06/02-01/03

- Designed, developed and deployed an inventory web application using JAVA, JSP, JavaScript, CSS and Macromedia


Computer Information Technology Assistant University of Colorado Denver, CO 01/02-12/02

- Setup, install and configure motherboards, hard disks, floppy disk drives, video cards, parallel/serial port devices,

and network cards (including setting IRQ jumpers and/or running setup software) of desktop and laptop computers

- Setup LAN/WAN and Wireless network


- Expertise and leadership, cross-organizational coordination and communication, as well as timely project delivery

- Strong emphasis on industry standards, and familiar with various software development methodologies and product life


- Strong written and oral communication skills, able to present and communicate complex ideas and concepts to technical, as

well as non technical audiences

- Self starter, demonstrate strong teaming skills, and willingness to mentor others


- Keep myself up-to-date with new evolving technology

- Strive to provide myself with good understanding of marketing, business and investment knowledge

- Share my knowledge with others who think it might be helpful

- Dream and think about the on-going future of technology

- Enjoy working out by playing basketball, soccer, golf


- Silverlight 3D animation

- Design, develop and implement using core WCF framework

- Get in-depth knowledge of restful service

- In-depth ASP.Net MVC

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