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Software Engineer Project

Glendale, Arizona, 85308, United States
May 25, 2010

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Objective To innovatively contribute to and excel in whatever I do

through hard work and persistence.

Functional Ten years (6 years in US) of professional experience in

summary Object Oriented Software Development in C++ (STL) C,

and C# on various platforms including Windows, Linux,

HP-UNIX and hard real-time embedded application

development on DEOS(RTOS) and WindRiver. .

Extensive experience in embedded Software development in

C++ for Level B and C airborne systems. (Honeywell

flight management system (FMS) and cockpit display

systems). Knowledge of DO-178B guidelines. Expert in

Software Debugging Techniques.

Experienced in server side and client side development

in C++. Experience with XML, XSL, XPATH. Hands on

experience in OO design development applying Design


Experienced in designing and developing Multi threaded

and multi process applications on Windows and Linux.

Development using various IPCs, Socket programming

(TCP/IP). Experience in developing applications on

multiple platforms simultaneously.

Experience in using various CM tools (PVCS, VSS, CVS,

ClearCase). Familiar with analysis using Matlab(Control

System Toolbox), Octave, Rational Rose for

representation and maintenance of design document,

Codetest for structural coverage analysis.

Comfortable in development using Visual Studio C++,

Eclipse. gcc, Emacs and gdb.

Technical Skills

Languages: C++ (STL), C,

Markup : XML (XSLT)

Tools: VC++, PVCS, VSS, CVS, ClearCase, Rational Rose

Networking: Socket Programming, TCP / IP

Middleware: CORBA

Operating Systems: Linux (Debian and Redhat), Windows

NT/95, HP-Unix, DEOS (RTOS).

Abstract of [2008 Jan -Present]

Professional HONEYWELL (Phoenix AZ.)

Experience with Sr. Software Engineer

roles and

responsibilities. Department Flight Management Systems

Duration Jan 2008 - Present

Technologies C++, Visual Studio 2005, DEOS(RTOS),


I am currently working at Honeywell on their highly

advanced next generation Flight Management System (FMS)

that will unify and potentially replace the legacy FMS

systems. My role is of a senior software engineer for

development of the Operational control component of the

core system.

[2007 July -2007 Dec]


Software Engineer

Department Cloud Infrastructure Services

Duration June 2006 - present

Technologies C++, C# .NET. on Windows Vista Longhorn


I worked as a contractor with Microsoft as a software

developer on their cloud services deployment and hosting

technologies. My main responsibility was to develop the

system test framework. I was also involved in

implementation of certain key system functions and

supporting tools.

[2006 June -2007 June] MICRON TECHNOLOGY

(Boise ID)

Software Engineer

Project Manufacturing Asset Management.

Duration June 2006 - July 2007

Technologies C++ on Windows, SQL(MS SQL Server),

XSLT, Perl

MAM (Manufacturing Asset Management) is a general

purpose manufacturing tracking system that is used in

nine areas of Micron's semiconductor manufacturing

facilities. It supports web, desktop and messaging based

interfaces with extensive reporting capabilities.

I was involved in the s/w design and implementation of

various enhancements to the system.

My tasks include

Feasibility study of proposed enhancements, requirements

gathering, design and implementation.

Maintenance and support including rotating on-call

support for MAM.

Providing support to the test and infrastructure



I was a Tier 2 software developer for the MAM team.

[2005 Oct- 2006 June] CAPITAL

ONE (Richmond VA)

Senior Software Analyst

Project Migration of Integrated Voice Response(IVR).

Duration October 2005 - June 2006

Technologies C, C++ on Red Hat Linux, XML(DOM), SOAP.

Capital one is involved in migrating its billing system

and account management system to a new vendor and is

currently involved in migration of existing customer

relationship systems (one of which is the IVR or

integrated voice response unit) to the new platform.

The new account management system is workflow based with

a web services interface. The whole code base for the

IVR is being re-designed for the same requirements.

I was involved in the s/w design .and implementation of

the system.

My tasks include

Designing the system such that the IVR application is

decoupled from changes in the account management system.

Coding and debugging the application.

Providing support to the test engineers.


I was a Senior software developer in the IVR development

team. The Team follows the AGILE model and hence I am

actively involved in the AGILE sprint planning and


[2002 Sep- 2005 Oct]


Principal Engineer

I was employed with the Honeywell Technology solutions

lab, India. (CMMI Level 5) I was involved in the

following Projects.

Project Flight management system development.

Duration March 2003 to October 2005

Platform C, C++, DEOS

FMS is a complex system that has automated the task of

the navigator in the cockpit. It when coupled to the

auto-pilot, automates pilot action guiding the aircraft

laterally and vertically. Performance and Guidance

subsystems are the core of the FMS software.

My area of specialization was Lateral and Vertical

guidance subsystems of FMS. Lateral guidance acts as an

outer control loop to the flight control system and

provides the roll command to reduce the positional error

and guide the aircraft along the flight plan. Vertical

guidance guides the aircraft along the vertical profile

decided by the flight plan.

For two years (Sep'2003- Oct 2005) I was at the

Honeywell Aerospace Electronic Systems facility at

Phoenix as software engineer for Honeywell's Primus

Epic(TM) Flight Management System (FMS). I was involved

in all phases of Development from writing High level

requirements to code implementation adhering to DO-178B

guidelines for all the activities.

My tasks included

Software Requirements and design development from

Customer spec.

Software feasibility study and development of new

features in FMS,

Analyzing, debugging and fixing reported problems in the


Providing support to the test engineers for Software



I was the Lead and Technical Focal for the Guidance team

of Ten members.

Project Cockpit Displays reviews Project.

Duration September 2002 to March 2003

Location Bangalore, India

Platform C, C++, DEOS, PERL

Prior to joining the FMS division I was working on the

software verification and reviews project for Honeywell

Primus EPIC(TM) cockpit displays. This activity included

review of the software architecture/design based on the

DO-178B guidelines. It also involved debugging and

fixing of problems reported in the display system.

Honeywell Primus EPIC(TM) cockpit displays include two

types of displays- 13X10 and 10X80. The displays system

is responsible for displaying of the standard critical

data in the cockpit like the Primary Flight display

(PFD), the Multiple function display (MFD) and alerting

the pilot with visual and aural warnings.

This project was a training ground to groom developers

for avionics projects

My tasks included:

Reviewing the Requirements, design and code for the

cockpit display system to verify the completeness,

robustness and adherence to DO-178B. Development of a

tool in PERL to analyze the data flow and dependency

between various applications on the ASCB bus.

Roles :

I served as the team lead for the '1310' display

software review team of 12 members.

[ 2000 June-2002 Sep ] PATNI COMPUTER


Senior Software Engineer

PATNI (CMM Level 5) is one of the leading Indian

software services firm in based in Mumbai with a clients

including GE, HITACHI, etc. I was posted in the Patni's

Hitachi Business unit which is solely dedicated as an

offshore development station of Hitachi. I worked as a

software developer (requirement analysis, design and

coding) on the following development projects.

Project Development of NAS Test tool on Windows

and Linux

Client Hitachi Ltd., Japan

Duration 6 Months, April 2002 to Aug 2002

Platform C, C++, Debian Linux, Windows NT.

Protocols NFS for Linux and CIFS for Windows NT.

The aim of the project is to Develop Test Tool to test

and bench mark the performance of a Network Attached

Storage (NAS) system.

Test tool was to be developed for Debian Linux and

Windows NT. The tool had two parts. Tool A creates file

system on the Server based on a given data pattern. Tool

B simulates loading of the file system. It had to

support all possible kinds load generation. It involved

the study of Data Patterns found in existing file system

application. Simulation of the load was done by

simulating clients over the network that load the server

in a pre-specified pattern and send the results to a

centrally coordinating system. This project involved

extensive socket programming, multithreading and

extensive usage of IPC mechanisms on both Linux and


I was the group leader for Tool B and involved in

Requirement Analysis and Functional Specification of

both Tool A and B.

Design of the test tool (Both A and B)

Implementation, testing and bug fixing (Tool B).

Project Development of MI- XMI

Serialization for IR

Client Hitachi Ltd.,Japan

Duration 6 Months, Nov 2001 to April 2002

Platform C++, CORBA,TPBroker,MOF &

Windows NT 4.0

The aim of the project was to develop a product for

Integrated Repository (IR) which will serialize and

de-serialize the models stored in the IR server.

The product is a CORBA facility that represents the

capability of application independent data repository

framework based on Meta Object Facility (MOF)

specification standardized by Object Management Group

Inc. The model information in a MOF - compliant

repository can be represented as XML document according

to (XML Metadata Interchange) XMI specification.

Therefore, XMI file can be used to exchange the

information between a repository server and repository


This product serializes a set of elected Meta Model

Objects present in Integrated Repository (IR) and

represents them in a standard XMI format and further

allows the XMI file to be modified in such a way that

the modified objects can be de-serialized back to the

Integrated Repository.

I was a group leader and involved in

Requirement Analysis for the Serialize and Functional


Design and Prototype creation of the product

Coding and Bug Fixing

Project Development of IR- Browser

Client Hitachi Ltd.,Japan

Duration 6 Months, April 2001 to Oct


Platform C++, CORBA, TPBroker, MOF and

Windows 95.

Integrated repository is a server used for storing

Models and Meta Models. The models to be stored would

have to be compliant with MOF specifications .The Server

communicates with its clients using the CORBA


This browser is a GUI product, which allows the user to

view the MOF models stored in the Integrated Repository.

The user can modify the values of the created M1 models,

delete the M1 and M2 level models .The Browser is a

Client application that can connect to remote IR -

Server and help the user in browsing the models and meta

models present or registered in there.

I was a group leader involved in

Requirement Analysis for IR-Browser and creation of

Functional Specification.

Design and Development of the IR server communication


Testing and Bug Fixing

Project Implementation of Development and

operational Support Components for Integrated


Client Hitachi Ltd.,Japan

Duration 8 Months, July 2000 to Feb 2001

Platform HIRDB, Windows NT, C++,


IDOSCIR project was to design and implement development

and operational support component tools for the

Integrated repository server.

Support Component involves

Rose - To- XMI Generator

XML Metadata Interchange (XMI) Analyzer

MOF - IDL Generator:

Custom code Frame (CCF)Generator:

GUID Manager:

I was handling the development of XMI Analyzer that

allows users to register Models in IR Integrated

Repository Server. It involved parsing of the XML file

which contained the user model using the Hitachi XML-

DOM parser and then extracting information from the DOM

based on the XMI template. Finally the model is

registered in the IR server.

I played important role as a team member involved in

Design, coding, testing and bug fixing for XMI analyzer.

Preparing the Functional Specifications Document for


Designing the templates for the CCF framework

Preparing and testing program checklists for CCF

Performing Code reviews for CCF

Integrated Testing and Defect Fixing for XMI Analyzer

Education [ 1996-2000 ] Government College of Engineering,

Kerala University, Trivandrum, India

Bachelor Of Technology in Applied Electronics and

Instrumentation Engineering

Passed with First Class (73% aggregate marks)

[ 1994-1996 ] Sree Narayana College, Kannur, Calicut



Pre-degree course (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)

Passed with First Class (78% aggregate marks)

[ 1994 ] St.Michaels Boys high School, Kannur, Kerala.

S.S.L.C. exam

Passed with First Class (89% aggregate marks)

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