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Entry Level Programmer/ Developer - New York, NY
SYNTEL - Feb 04
Entry level Programmer Analyst - Phoenix, AZ
SYNTEL - Feb 04
Programmer Analyst (Entry Level) - Boston, MA
SYNTEL - Feb 04
Entry Level Health Information Technology - San Diego, CA
SYNTEL - 2018 Dec 05

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Vijay Peterson Joined: June 05, 2018

The Syntel Inc. is a publicly held (NASDAQ:SYNT) global software solution company with wholly owned subsidiaries in US, UK, India, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, France, Ireland & Mauritius. Syntel Inc.’s gross revenues for year ending 2016 are about $966.6 million.

Syntel is an Information Consulting Technology company. Syntel, undertakes data processing needs for American businesses and adapt existing computer technology to fit each client’s unique requirements. It does so by providing businesses with unresolved data processing needs with exceptionally qualified Project Manager on a temporary contract basis to work on one particular project. We perform computer-consulting services for various companies throughout the USA. The beneficiary is Syntel’s employee and will remain as the same at all times.

Most recently, Forbes Magazine ranked Syntel as 90th among Top 200 Small Companies that contribute to American Business.