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Azure Data Engineer - Hybrid

Annapolis, MD
July 05, 2024


Title: Azure Data Engineer - Hybrid

Location: Annapolis, MD, USA

Length: Long term

Restriction: W2 or C2C


Very long term project initial PO for 1 year with multiyear extensions *** Hybrid *** need 3 verifiable references.

The Hybrid Data Architects/Engineers will provide Data Warehouse Architect/Engineer services to serve as the primary resource(s) responsible for designing and building a data warehouse solution and working with conventional data warehouse technologies to devise plans that support designing data warehouse solutions in alignment with the Maryland Judiciarys initiatives.

Offeror may propose no more than two (2) resources. Offeror shall propose resources for which they have the right to represent. If multiple Offerors propose the same resource, the AOC reserves the right to make such investigations, as it deems necessary, to confirm the representation of anyproposed resources, and reject any Offerors proposed resource. After any investigations, if the AOC is unable to confirm the representation of any proposed resource, including a proposed resource who signed multiple right to represent letters, the AOC reserves the right to reject the proposed resource from all applicable Offerors.


Offeror proposed resource(s) shall be responsible for the following:

Participation in all aspects of DW and ETL process design, creation, and specification for components.

Providing the following services in coordination with technical, functional and management representatives from JIS and the AOC.

Source Data Model to DW Logical Design ERD

Understanding the general structure of the MDEC data and star schema models currently in use by JIS, and any related data sources identified as a result of initial planning and assessments.

Creating a logical warehouse data design.

Collaboration with platform administration team, design an ETL process to move data from the source system to the data warehouse, including, but not limited to, the following:

Outlining the ETL process, setting the borders of data processing.

Providing system architecture for each element and the whole data pipeline.

Documenting the requirements of the system, manage its development and facilitate necessary knowledge transfer.

Assisting in the actual development/implementation of ETL tools.

Conducting testing of the tools and data pipelines.

DW Schema

Developing effective DW model(s) representing the data entities of the logical design based on functional analytic, reporting and bulk data requirements.

DW Physical Design

Collaborating with platform administration to assist their efforts in creating a DW Physical design including technical considerations for data quality and operational efficiency.

Collaborating with business and technology stakeholders to ensure data warehouse architecture development and utilization.

All work completed by the proposed resource(s) shall be completed within regulatory compliance standards to protect sensitive data.

Reporting as follows:

Weekly progress report on programs and project,

Weekly report communicating project progress and status,

Weekly time reporting on JIS provided forms, and

Any additional reports as assigned by the supervising manager.


8 years experience

Database and analytical skills.

Ability to query source data.

Knowledge and experience with ETL tools, Visual Studio, and transmitting and reconstructing Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Structured Query Language (SQL).

Knowledge of scripting languages, such as Python, and the ability to automate repetitive tasks in Azure.

Strong analytical, consultative, and communication skills as well as the ability to make good judgment and work with both technical and business personnel.

Ability to:

Work productively and maintain effective working relationships with peers, end users, vendor development staff, and all levels of management and Judicial personnel.

Critically think and problem solve,

Provide excellent communication and mentoring needs,

Quickly evaluate, learn and prototype new technologies.

Write optimized SQL queries and manage databases, as Azure data analysts frequently interact with Azure SQL database and other SQL based services.

Experience with:

BI best practices, relational structures, dimensional data modeling, structured query language (SQL) skills, data warehouse and reporting techniques.

Dimensional modeling, STAR schema design, Snow fake schema design, slowly changing dimensions, confirmed dimensions.

Designing and building BI solutions by monitoring and tuning queries and data loads, addressing user questions concerning data integrity, data mapping, monitoring performance and communicating functional and technical issues.

Designing and implementing database models, schemes, and databases to support efficient data storage, retrieval, and analysis.

Monitoring and optimizing data systems, data lifecycle, and infrastructure to ensure performance, scalability, and integrity.

Designing and implementing ETL procedures for intake of data from multiple source systems as well as ensure data quality and cleansing is verified.

Normalization process

Performing the design and extension of data marts, meta data, and data models.

Ensuring all data warehouse architecture codes are maintained in a version control system.

Advanced experience with technologies such as SQL Server 2016 or above, as well as with Azure data factory, SSIS and stored procedures

Advanced experience developing codes, testing for quality assurance, administering RDBMS.

High proficiency in dimensional modeling techniques and their applications

Azures architecture in order to structure optimized data workflows.

The following tools:

Power BI


Azure Synapse

Azure Data Factory

Azure Blob Storage

Azure Databricks

Microsoft Fabric

One Lake