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Frontend Developer

Barangay 830, 1005, Philippines
July 26, 2021


We are looking for a Front-End Web Developer that will help us bring our product to the next level. You will be implementing designs and wireframes from our UX/designer and integrating with our back end via API's.

We are looking for enthusiastic and pragmatic team members that are keen on adding value in a small but ambitious team, where every voice counts!

Aigent is scale-up, building technology to assist customer support agents to reduce call handling time and increase customers satisfaction with faster and better responses. We're building the future of the call centre industry with exciting software to assist customer service agents handling complex voice calls. With real-time natural language processing and sentiment analysis we deliver call centre agents and their managers real-time support for handling their ongoing calls.


...iterate and do the smallest thing possible to get it out as quickly as possible:

We don't write large plans, only the first step. We trust that we'll know better how to proceed after something is done. We're doing it right if we're slightly embarrassed by the minimal result in the first iteration. In the beginning, it hurts to make decisions fast and to see that things are changed with less consultation. But frequently, the simplest version turns out to be the best one and you learn on real results and not assumptions and “gut-feeling” what’s next. This is explicitly not limited to software development but applies also to things like processes, security, partnerships, marketing and sales.

...are bold and responsible:

At Aigent we act bold and fearless and we don’t wait for others to take action. There is no ‘somebody else’s problem’ and if we see a problem, we fix it. Instead of asking for permission, we ask for forgiveness if our changes break something.

...are disruptive but seek harmony:

We are a diverse team not only in nationalities, but also in personalities and opinions. We embrace the value we gain through this. Everyone has the responsibility to challenge existing approaches throughout the company, nothing should be safe of criticism or questions. We value and welcome different perspectives, it’s what makes us authentic! This approach only works with empathy and patience. We assume only the best intentions from our peers. We make sure others understand what we’re trying to say, and ensure we understand others by using active listening.

...bring new ideas and use boring solutions:

The result counts! We use any means necessary to solve a problem; our toolbox includes anything from ugly solutions and dirty hacks, to using new technologies and coming up with innovative ideas. We keep in mind that technology is a tool, not a goal. We don’t stay in our comfort zone and learn (and try!) something new every day. We work smart, not hard.

...stick to the vision and listen to the customers:

Aigent’s goal is to help agents in real time during voice conversations and we keep this in mind whenever we work on our product and technologies. That means we are conscious on what we choose to work and on what we don’t work; we always strive to improve the experience for our end user with any change. We listen to the customer and the market to make sure we are adding maximum of value to our customers.

We are very ambitious and we have to move forward fast. We work on a variety of ambitious projects, developing services to stream and analyse voice in real-time and co-design our backend architecture to deliver a flexible and fast changing product. We challenge each other and have freedom to test, learn, improve and to be innovative every day. We look into new technologies, analysing in-depth state-of-the-art and experimental technologies to find the best possible solutions fitting our needs best. We are looking for you as a creative, passionate person who is ready to push the boundaries in all areas.



At least one year of experience - or a fully completed project bringing equivalent experience - as frontend developer.

Skills And Qualifications

Proficient understanding of web markup, including HTML5, CSS3

Proficient understanding of client-side scripting and JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery and preferably ReactJS

Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around them.

Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git / Mercurial / SVN

Good understanding of any one of advanced JavaScript libraries and frameworks, such as ReactJS AngularJS, KnockoutJS, BackboneJS.

Good understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and AJAX

Basic understanding of server-side CSS pre-processing platforms, such as LESS and SASS

Basic knowledge of image authoring tools, to be able to crop, resize, or perform small adjustments on an image. Familiarity with tools such as as Gimp or Photoshop is a plus.


Implement new user-facing features

Build reusable code and libraries for future use

Optimize application for maximum speed and scalability

Assure that all user input is validated before submitting to back-end

Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders

Ok. Last thing...

If you are still not sure, or still scared or feel that you don't meet 100% of the requirement, apply anyway! We don't hire off of keywords. We hire real living people who have voices; who are willing to learn what you need for your career growth. Yes, we want to hear from you! If you are ready, join our exciting and game-changing journey as a frontend developer/UX specialist

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