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Sous Chef

Indian Accent
New York City, NY
July 01, 2020


Job Title: Sous Chef

Reports To: Head Chef

Reported By: Specialist Chef, CDP, DCDP


Educational / Professional Qualifications: Degree / Diploma in Hotel Management from a reputed Institute / Bachelors Degree in any discipline or equivalent experience in Hotel industry at a senior level.

Work Experience: 8-10 years with at least 3 years as Sous Chef in a 5 star restaurant / reputed establishment.

Communication: Good verbal and written communication skills in English

Core Competency:

1. Has experience in more than one cuisine

2. Is well versed with the standard operating procedures and systems relating to managing a unit, international hygiene standard, safety procedures, etc.

3. Is actively involved in designing the menu

4. Efficient in dealing with staff

5. Is target oriented

6. Is fairly good with customer relationship and finance

7. Is good with operating MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Job Summary:

Is responsible for assisting the Head Chef for the smooth and efficient functioning of back of the house for all aspects, including food cost and systems and procedures which are followed.

Following are the key areas of responsibilities of a Senior Sous Chef:


1. Ensure that all recipes and product yields are accurately accounted for and reviewed regularly.

2. Ensure that all food items are prepared as per standard recipe cards whilst maintaining portion control and minimizing waste.

3. Make recommendations to the Head Chef regarding succession plans

4. Ensure that food stock levels within the culinary department areas are of sufficient quantity and quality in relevance to the hotel occupancy and function forecasts.

5. Ensure that all food preparation equipment is being used safely and correctly and that it is cleaned and maintained.

6. Is able to conduct audits on the systems and procedures which are laid down

HR & Administration:

1. Ensure that the Chefs who report to him/her maintain standards and follow the protocols.

2. To recommend initiation of disciplinary action against any subordinate in default to the respective body/ authority

3. To sanction leave for the staff members reporting to him /her

Standard Recipes

1. To ensure that these are followed and monitored through a series of audits

2. To assist the Head Chef in conducting market surveys at least once in six months to check on 1) Selection 2) Specifications and 3) The price range offered by the competitors.

3. To suggest periodic changes in the menus and equipment in use keeping in mind the latest trends and competitor analysis in mind.

Food Quality

1. To ensure that all preparations are as per the standard recipes

2. To ensure that the food prepared and served meets the quality set by the restaurant

3. To ensure that the food served is at the correct temperature

4. To ensure that the kitchen does a timely execution of all orders placed by the customers

Issue, Receipt, Storage and Transfer

1. To ensure that all issues done are as per procedures laid down and there are no excess quantities in circulation

2. To ensure that all food items received in the premises, including perishables, are of standard quality and specifications

3. To ensure that proper storage is done of all items. The containers of food items to have proper labels and dates of processing and shelf life of the item

4. To ensure that transfer of all food items out of the kitchen are properly recorded and done in specified containers only

Hygiene and Cleanliness

1. To ensure that all the highest levels of kitchen cleanliness and hygiene are followed in all kitchens

2. To conduct periodic audits and checks on these and correct any deviations that may occur

3. To ensure that all items are being stored properly and in the right temperature

Finance and Food Cost Control

1. To assist the Head Chef in maintaining the quality of food prepared and served by adhering to the budget

2. To work towards an economical food cost percentage, without compromising the quality of the food being produced.

Safeguard of Assets / Inventory

1. To maintain all equipment used in the development to its optimum maintenance levels and keep percentage of breakage low.

2. To conduct periodic inventories

3. To ensure that all scheduled and periodic maintenance is carried out as per the prescribed schedule

4. To ensure all the equipment / machines etc. have proper safety gadgets and devices

Key Relationships


1. Coordinate and cooperate for uniforms dusters and buffet setup with housekeeping department

2. Coordinate and cooperate for equipment maintenance, preventive maintenance and electricity savings with engineering department

3. Coordinate and cooperate for menu planning timely food dispensing of quality product, complaint handling & buffet setups with F&B service


1. Maintain cordial relationships with Vendors and Suppliers

2. Coordinate and cooperate ordering, receiving and systematic check of food quality

3. Takes orders and feedback whenever meeting any guest, and handling complaints

4. Ensure that any disgruntled guest is tended to well within time

5. Constantly work on improving customer satisfaction