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b_cause inc
Matsuyama Shi, Ehime Prefecture, Japan
November 06, 2019


Employment: Regular employees

Work location: Matsuyama city, Ehime, Japan

Business trips: Available Business trip area Indonesia

Business trip period: 1 week or more

Department: Interpretation / Translation Department

Overseas transfer: Yes

Assumed relocation area: Indonesia, etc.

Working hours: 08:20 ~ 17:20

Work information

Specific business:

•Interpretation at the destination. Interpretation work on site or interpreter translation at the office.

•In addition, there may be long-term business trips between the Indonesian joint venture and the Japanese headquarters.

•Main content of translation and interpretation is going to be held on Japanese Indonesian, Indonesian Japanese.

Application requirements:

Language: Japanese: Business level, English: Business level

Preferable conditions:

•Electric mechanical engineering, major knowledge

•For those who can work in Japan for more than 10 years.

•Depending on the circumstances of the company, there are business trips and transfers (both domestic and overseas).

PC skills:

•Persons who can use personal computers (Windows Office; Excel, Word, PowerPoint)

•Practical experience Interpretation / translation experience

Monthly Salary: 180,000-200,000 yen

•Extra payment as required by law

•Bonuses (paid based on business performance)

Overtime allowance: Available

Holidays: Saturdays and Sundays (holidays) Number of annual holidays 110 days a year


•Accommodations is available (10,000 yen per person)

•With VISA support

•Replacement expenses (airplane fee) payment

Insurance: Social insurance

Dormitory and company housing: Single dormitory available

Commuting means: Public facilities only (train, bus)

Transportation expenses: supported

Application method: Please send us your update English & Japanese resumes at: ()