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Driver's Long and Short vehicle,project coordinator,management

Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka
$5,000 to 12,000
September 06, 2019



There is great opportunity I want you to take part with; working with ( Engineers Without Borders USA, N.G.O) so you can join the team over here in the USA Colorado.

The Engineers Without Borders Solutions Org, will be undertaking a project of a sub headquarters in your country and other nominated countries and it will be an open doors for opportunity for a green card to work and resident in America with EWB-USA. And the organization needs some external candidate other than the US residents from other countries that will be working with the Engineers Without Borders Solutions Org. team. Apart from other external candidates needed for the sake of the projects, you will have to come over to the US for enlightenment and coaching for two months training before you may be posted... as one of the team member for the commencement of the project, and these workers will be highly paid.

Departments of EWB-USA

Medical department

accounting department / accounts department

EDP team (EDP = electronic data processing)

Legal Practitioners

purchasing department

export department / export team / export sales department

Driver's with experience: Long and Short Vehicle.

administrative accounting

research and development team


import department / import team

IT department (IT = information technology)

customer service / service team

warehousing department



materials administration

personnel department / staff department / human resources

engineering department

public relations team / public relations department

manufacturing department / production department

secretary's office

technical support team

sales department

shipping department / dispatch department

Each worker will be receiving not less than $12,000 monthly, depending on your working hours including free accommodations in whatever station you might be posted to throughout the 10 months project of constructing a summer recreational camping activities in those countries, you are also lucky that your country is one of those countries where this project will be taking place. If you consider being among the project organizers, you should forward your application and get your application form and membership card of the Engineers Without Borders Solutions Org. and the organization working permit, and you will be vis

iting the organization for your convocation before the commencement of the project.So If you consider this great opportunity which the Engineers Without Borders Solutions Org. are given globally, you have to therefore contact the below person on the email address below for early application to work and resident in America with EWB-USA.

If you consider this opportunity working with EWB-USA; kindly reach me back on my email below:

International Community Program Director.

Contact person: Mrs. MELISSA MONTGOMERY


Address: Engineers Without Borders USA 1031 33rd Street, Suite 210 Denver, CO 80205

TELL: +1-800-290-2720