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CNC Machinist - 2nd shift

Tundra Technical Solutions
Conroe, Texas, United States
April 11, 2019


NOTE: 2nd shift ONLY. 6pm - 6am.

Set up and operate a machine center to produce a variety of parts utilizing machine processes, the application of mechanics, safety procedures, shop mathematics, metal properties, blueprint reading, proper cutting and measuring instruments and relative company standards for either production or rework demands.

Knowledge of Programs and machine Setup are a must.


· Ability to read, write and edit basic CNC programs (i.e. M/G-codes)

· Advanced knowledge of Fanuc

· Ability to set up and operate CNC machine tools

· Ability to read, understand and inspect features of complex orthographic blueprints (i.e. GDT print with multiple datums, multiple auxiliary views, etc.)

· Knowledge of basic tooling (i.e. the difference between CNMG, VNMG, DNMG, TNMG insert nomenclature)

· Knowledge of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GDT)

· Basic knowledge of hole layout (i.e. locations on bolt circles, angular surfaces, etc.)

· Ability to develop inspection procedures and inspect angles

· Knowledge of how to work with stainless steels, monels, bronzes, and 4000 series steels

· Ability to perform advanced shop math (basic trigonometry and algebra)


· Advanced knowledge of how to setup and use measuring tools (i.e. bore gauges, taper gauges, thread rolls, profilometer, etc.)

· Basic knowledge of machining processes (i.e. how to create a part feature such as holes, flat surfaces, counterbores, IDs, ODs, etc.)

· Knowledge of machine setup

· Knowledge of how to make offsets (i.e. how much, in what direction)

· Ability to produce the following part features:

· Tolerances including .001 or GREATER

· Surface finishes of 32 RMS or greater

· Tapered or angled surfaces

· Deep slots

· Precise location of holes

· Angle holes

· Milled pockets

· O-Rings grooves

· Limited complex features

· Undercuts to allow for plating or coating

· Advanced threads – Taper, Buttress, API, Acme, Stub Acme

Equipment (lathe)

· Lathe— understand how to use CNC Lathe

Company Policies and Procedures

Must be able to follow company policies, procedures and work process instructions including:

· Time Clock Policies and Procedures for Labor Recording and Job Closures

· Gauge Calibration Policies

· Follow Procedures for:

· Machine Setup and Run

· Non – Conformance

· 1st Article, In-Process Inspection

· All HR Policies and Procedures

· All Quality Policies and Procedures

· All Safety Policies and Procedures

Other Requirements

· Must be willing to learn and be trainable

· Must follow all instructions as written and explained

· Must produce high quality parts

· Must keep work area clean and safe

· Must be capable of meeting monthly production goals