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ADMS/SCADA Systems Analyst - Expert (9098634 - RTC

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Denver, Colorado, United States
November 02, 2019


ADMS/SCADA Systems Analyst - Expert (9098634 - RTC

Denver, Colorado, United States

This is a 12 month contract. This role will be responsible for aligning the overall implementation of ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management System)/SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) design with evolving Grid Modernization business requirements. This role will modify ADMS/SCADA configurations and add devices and device types to ADMS/SCADA with the continued evolution of the Grid Modernization program. This role will also assist in the implementation and long term support of several third-party applications essential for the ADMS platform.

Designs, implements, analyzes and modifies systems for various applications. Defines system objectives and prepares system design specifications. Responsible for interface problem solving. Responsible for gathering analyzing client business requirements in order to indentify and solve problems. Acts as communication liaison between business and IT teams.

Summary of Responsibilities

• Configures ADMS/SCADA communication front end processors to support communicating to 10,000+ remote field devices.

• Builds / updates configuration databases for ADMS/SCADA application communications equipment including front end processor (FEP) configuration as well as DNP3 and ICCP (Inter Control Center Communications Protocol) configurations.

• Builds templates (HMI screens) for managing field devices.

• Coordinates work efforts with other Xcel Energy teams including EMS (Energy Management System)/SCADA integrations team, Field Area Network (FAN) team, and corporate network communications Build / update and test ADMS SCADA integrations, such as EMS data imports into the environment.

• Assists with development of technical design for critical components and newly approved technologies.

• Performs SCADA system configurations (e.g., RTU, supervisory control, area of responsibility, alarming, tagging, and historical configuration tables).

• Creates, develops, and maintains tools and reports that are used for real-time database configuration management.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: (Submission Summary):

Bachelor's Degree required

Does the candidate have the required 2 years of experience working in the utility industry? List the experience here:

Minimum two years of experience building and maintaining device templates.

Does the candidate have the required 2 years of experience building and maintaining SCADA databases? Please give details of experience here:

9. Last 4 digits of candidates SSN:

10. Candidate DOB (day & month only)

11. Salary Expectation?

12. Must be a US Citizen or Green Card holder

13. Complete Current Address & Phone#