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CNC Specialist - 5561

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Sparta, Illinois, United States
November 01, 2019


CNC Specialist - 5561

Role: Technician / Maintenance

Relocation Available: No

Suggested Keywords to Search For: CNC, programming, setup, machinist.

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Illinois

Town / City: Sparta

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Performs CNC set-up, programming and documentation functions ensuring proper set-up, programming and administration of programs used on CNC machines to produce production parts that meet precise specifications.

1. Sets-up CNC machines to perform various required machine functions and prepares tools, utilizing knowledge of machine tool capabilities, properties of materials, programs and shop math.

2. Performs CNC programming functions to design and produce machined parts to meet precise specifications, includes complex and difficult parts. Manipulates programs when required for production runs.

3. Interprets blueprints/engineering drawings and applies a variety of geometric and trigonometric principles.

4. Selects and prepares appropriate tooling, feed and speed calculations while operating and monitoring CNC machines.

5. Inspects precision parts and makes necessary machine adjustments to maintain accuracy, utilizing precision tools and indicators. Performs measurements with standard inspection equipment.

6. Maintains proper tooling documentation on all CNC machine jobs. Completes all required recordkeeping.

7. Trains and assists staff with CNC machine operation and problem solving.

8. Oversees and performs machine tooling activities:

• Monitors tool life to maximize life and minimize tooling related scrap.

• Establishes cost reduction measures for cutting tools.

• Establishes and maintains complete tooling list database with recommended inventory levels, vendor information, tool holding, etc.

• Performs CNC backups on network.

9. Follows all established quality processes, procedures and standards and customer requirements.

10. Performs continuous improvement activities, which includes developing and improving machine processes.

11. Ensures the machine(s) and surrounding areas are clean, safe and well-organized.

12. Attends required seminars and in-house training.

13. Contributes to and supports the existence of a positive work environment through personal involvement by communicating, interacting and behaving in a manner that promotes productive relationships with coworkers, supervisors, customers, and others with whom such relationships are important to the success of company operations.

14. Performs other duties as assigned.


• High School/GED

• Two-year Machine Technology degree, or similar degree/certification and/or CNC Certification

• 5+ years CNC machinist and programming experience

Preferred: CAD experience; Completion of vendor programming and machine maintenance classes (Makino, Okuma, etc.)


Computer, Technical, Mechanical, Mathematical and/or Scientific Skills

• Basic MS Word and Excel skills

• Ability to read blueprints and hold close tolerances.

• Advanced knowledge of running/operating CNC Lathes and Milling Machines and 3 and 2 Axis Programming.

• Advanced knowledge of machining and tool selection, feed and speed calculations.

• Comprehensive knowledge of the procedures, policies, processes, systems and technology that impacts the CNC work area.

• Ability to perform mathematical calculations (including geometry, trigonometry) required to complete all principle duties and assigned tasks.

Communication Skills – Verbal, Written, Training, Presenting, etc.

• Proficient oral and written communication skills. Ability to communicate with all levels employees and management and with external contacts. Demonstrates the ability to convey technical concepts that are meaningful and well received by others.

• Ability to write basic to moderately complex documents, correspondence, training materials, manuals, etc.

• Ability to make effective presentations, conduct productive meetings, and participate in group discussions.

• Ability to teach and train others.

Problem Solving skills and Decision Making Skills

• Proficient investigative, analytical, problem solving and process analysis skills, demonstrating the ability to correctly identify problems/issues and their root causes and recommend solutions.

• Ability to participate in or lead problem solving sessions, examine various process variables and sets of data and make decisions as to how to solve basic to moderately complex problems, and to create or improve a process.

• Ability to look at data, circumstances, and situation at hand and make a decision to solve the problem/issue, while ensuring all required processes, procedures and policies are followed.

Leadership Skills and/or Project Management Skills

• Ability to provide guidance and train CNC machine work area staff.

Bottom Line Requirements:

1. High School Diploma or GED .

2. Two-year Machine Technology degree, or similar degree/certification and/or CNC Certification.

3. 5+ years CNC machinist and programming experience.

4. CAD experience preferred.

5. Completion of vendor programming and machine maintenance classes (Makino, Okuma, etc.) preferred.

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