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Sr. Software Engineer

MillenniumSoft, Inc.
Birmingham, Alabama, United States
January 07, 2019


Position : Sr. Software Engineer

Location : Birmingham, AL

Duration : 4 Months Contract

Total Hours/week : 40.00

Monday - Friday 8 - 5


• Software Engineering is responsible for developing, enhancing, and sustaining software systems in a cross-functional team environment through adherence to established design control processes and good engineering practices

• MedMined™ services offer infection surveillance for the entire hospital that alerts clinicians to early signs of an emerging infection issue to target improvement efforts at the right place and the right time.

• Using data mining tools similar to those used by credit card companies to monitor unauthorized purchases, this patented technology automatically identifies patterns indicative of specific and correctable quality breakdowns to prevent and treat HAIs successfully.


• The design and development of applications, reusable software components, and database models that support internal and external processes.

• Be part of a team to plan and establish the system architecture for remote data centers.

• Be responsible for system integration and testing strategy as well as documentation.

• Define and implement HL7 related services for healthcare data translation and transmission.

• Conduct design and peer code review

• Provide estimates for project planning.

• Collaborate with medical experts to solve tough healthcare IT problems

• Develop and support software for data mining technology

• Develop new and unique approaches for products, procedures, and processes

What is expected of you for success in your role:

• Demonstrates working knowledge of software engineering practices, techniques and processes and basic knowledge of technology trends and domain expertise

• Understands and analyzes requirements for a single component

• Translates the results of analysis into design by Designing solutions to address a specific requirement

• Develop modules with moderate guidance


• Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in related field required

• A minimum of 2+ years related work experience required

• Ability to work independently and as a member of a team

• Knowledgeable in .NET and MS SQL server platform development

• Fluent in SQL and TSQL

• Fluent in database data model design

• Fluent in C#

• Experience with Angular

• Knowledgeable in Object Oriented design, programming, and testing

Knowledgeable in web application development:

• Knowledgeable in second and third tier system development

• Ability to learn rapidly (problem domain and new technical areas)

• Good communication skills

• Ability to work in a team environment