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Software Engineer - Cloud Development (011147)

Placement Services USA, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Not provided
November 09, 2018

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Develop, create, and modify software applications and integration solutions for core payroll management services and interfaces using Java 8, JavaScript and Spring Boot while applying Behavior Driven Design, Test Driven Development and Design by Contract principles. Validate technical design and solution roadmap with a focus on non-functional requirements such as performance concerning elastic, horizontal provisioning of microservices and communication between them. Examine technical design for extensibility in terms of a product-like approach to configuration and dynamic loading of policies. Implement full-scale transactional auditing on software applications using Hibernate Envers as well as custom multi-dimensional time slices. Relying on Cloud Document Builder and Payroll Innovation tools, design cloud-based framework for proprietary payroll management solutions that will be capable of supporting a host of payroll systems while ensuring transferability from the current SAP-locked suite of payroll management solutions. Develop a series of scalable microservices within the overall solution architecture that will be broadly accessible through the Cloud based on Spring MVC REST services. Incorporate specific client needs and business requirements into designed solutions. Design and develop test harnesses in Groovy allowing for the comparison of payroll run results across different pay periods and payroll systems. The comparisons should be based on Variance Monitor’s model of equivalence and allow for fine grained mismatch detection on a massive volume of transactional payroll data. Test and validate design specifications for new proprietary payroll management solutions to ensure proper addressing of business needs as well as to ensure conformance with existing payroll management solution processes and framework and with project scalability. Collaborate with product owner and architects to plan and design the NGP core engine module. Ensure future additions and customizations to the payroll management services project conform to company standards regarding scalability, process, and cloud accessibility.

Requires 2 years’ experience as a Software Engineer: developing Cloud-based microservices for payroll processes with a focus on scalability and configurability using Java, JavaScript, Spring Boot, Hibernate, and Google Guava; designing and developing secured REST based services with Spring MVC and Spring Security to allow for automated configuration management and scaling in response to load. Requires 1 years’ experience with creating test harnesses in Groovy with a focus on detecting variances in high volume transactional data, especially as it pertains to payroll processing.

Requires Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or Computer Science, or foreign equivalent

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