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Systems Engineer - ND #5132

Absolute Opportunities
Fargo, North Dakota, United States
November 14, 2018


Systems Engineer - ND #5132

Relocation Yes

Location Fargo ND

Job Summary:

Responsible for supporting the development, planning, monitoring and implementation of the network and server environment. Ensures the continued integrity of the Bank’s information resources. Assists in strengthening technical measures to protect bank resources and business electronic information. Shares backup responsibilities with the other team members on the Enterprise Infrastructure Services team.

Primary Duties:

• Assist the EIS team as needed to complete projects and provide additional support to end users. This is to include cross training between the positions for backup coverage

• Maintain systems with their necessary updates, patches, and backups, on a defined schedule

• Design and implement systems that fit into our disaster recovery plan and high availability goals

• Active Directory administration; to include assisting with operational, tactical, and strategic planning and implementation.

• Provide support services to end users having problems or questions with computer software and hardware, whether PC, Server, or Network related.

• Work with outside vendors for assistance in resolving hardware and software related problems.

• Provide elevated support for requests that cannot be completed by User Support staff

• Provide training for the User Support staff for software and hardware troubleshoot procedures.

• Must be able to work with minimal supervision to provide the necessary support for software and hardware problems or questions.

• Attend weekly team meetings.

• Demonstrate both knowledge and application of policies, procedures, and guidelines.

• Demonstrate good planning skills by ensuring the appropriate scheduling of resources including staffing, equipment, and supplies.

• Demonstrate the ability to take charge, take unpopular stands, if necessary, and face difficult situations.

• Facilitate and support change within the system.

• Demonstrate commitment to continuous learning.

• Demonstrate and apply continuous quality improvement knowledge and skills.

• Work flexible hours to maintain computer hardware and software within the infrastructure, to include after hours and weekends, as needed.

• Available via cell phone for bank related emergencies and after hours support.

• Familiarity with the advanced principles of ITIL

• Know by name and face as many customers as possible, calling them by name as often as possible.

• Perform related duties, as needed.

Job Skills Required:

Must have knowledge and skills equivalent to a two-year degree in Computer Science/Information Systems AND six years of experience. Course work in computer networking and business related courses are desired. A minimum of five years direct experience administering Citrix is preferred.

This position requires: in-depth knowledge of Microsoft server-based products (e.g. Server 20012 Std and Enterprise, AD, Clustering, and Terminal Services); a strong hardware background working with enterprise servers, enterprise SAN solutions and enterprise thin client devices; a solid understanding of networking and distributed computing concepts, including the principles of network routing and supporting Citrix client/server technology; demonstrated experience presenting technology recommendations from a business perspective, including disaster recovery, high availability, and security.

Bottom line requirements we need notes on with candidate submittal:

1. Knowledge and skills equivalent to a two-year degree in Computer Science/Information Systems.

2. 6+ years of experience in computer networking including Microsoft server-based products.

3. Strong hardware background working with enterprise servers, enterprise SAN solutions and enterprise thin client devices.

4. 5+ years of direct experience administering Citrix is preferred.