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Maharashtra, India
September 16, 2017

Designation: Waste Controller

Department: Factory / Production

Scope of Activities: Reduce the waste of production materials, reuse materials, review purchase of production materials and monitor and inspect waste disposal

Reporting to: Production Controller

Job Description:

01. Review / Check the sizes (length, width & thick) of joinery material (hardwood, softwood & sheet material)

02. Prepare the report to design, estimation department for the available size of raw material and consumable material sizes from the raw material. (consumable material report)

03. Read the Shop drawing and Compare with Cutting Sheet.

04. Analysis the cutting sheet with available raw material in the factory store and supplier.

05. Prepare the list of requisition material with sizes based on cutting sheet and templates.

06. Plan / Prepare / mark the final cutting mark on the raw material (hardwood, soft wood or any other sheet material) to optimize the waste.

07. Check off cuts and use and utilize from off cuts wherever possible same or other projects / jobs.

08. Monitor, measure and record waste disposal Prepare and update the waste control report (WCR) for every item / job / project.

09. Understand and follow Quality Policy and Quality Management System implemented in the company.

10. Provide reports to Production Controller and Follow any other instructions issued by Management.

Qualification & Special Skills:

01. Must have good knowledge in wood industry and should have full familiarity with all kind of woods, sheet materials, hardware, paint materials, etc.

02. Must have good knowledge to read and understand joinery shop drawing and cutting sheet.

03. Must have experience in receiving materials and checking the quality of products, moisture content, density & other characteristics related to woods.

04. Must have the ability to implement and monitor the Quality Standard of the company.

05. Proficient in Auto CAD (2D & 3D), Photoshop, MS office (work, excel, PowerPoint)

06. Good Communication Skill in English (Oral & Written).

07. Diploma / Degree in QA/QC or Waste Control Management

08. 2-5 years Gulf experience as QA/QC Engineer or Waste Controller specialized in Built-in Furniture.